Sennheiser HD 1 Audiophile Headphones: Review

Not quite flashy, not quite retro, and excellent in sound quality, the Sennheiser HD 1s are just right for music, gaming, and even talking on the phone.
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Random Guy says:

ad stops at 2:20

Néo Bourgeois Christum says:

So yuuuge like wearing a hat.

Spöket Laban says:


Operaton Creation says:

why are you a news company, if you are more akin to a hooker being bought and sold for her time. ffs man up bloomberg

Phil Frydman says:

BT range can’t be like walking round the block. 10m max range and generally less. Did he really use the HD1 ?

Konstantin Deak says:

I bet the Bluetooth cut out when the elevator doors closed.

Pedro Pinto says:

+Bloomberg I have these ones and I find them rather interesting than the HD1s.


Hoang Viet says:

Have them. Easily one of the best purchases if you can afford the tag.

Victrola 1925 says:

i have a problem if i bought these, i dont own a cellphone i own vintage analog technology and no i hate apple because dell for life and playstation

Benjamin Hasselgren says:

I bought the Jabra Move Wireless – totally different price segment (55 euro). But they work really well. Try them out 🙂

Eito Sinclair says:

Please what is the difference between the wireless momentum 2.0 over the ear and HD 1 over the ear wireless ?

Ciro Amaya says:

Im sure the quality is great but it looks lame.

Ted Clayton says:

sennheiser is a great brand. been using the hd 280 pros since 2010 (two pairs) – maybe earlier.

elevengiant says:

wireless headphones are shit. the battery always die fast and cant be replaced easily

MKA Murad says:

Sad times bought a £3.99 pair from ebay one headphone doesn’t work. Saved up a while for that

TheGarvito says:

suits giving an opinion on products… classic.

I Love Apache Nutch says:

adblock not working can anybody help?

anthony says:

anyone know headphones that have good bass and speakers, I’m tired of my speakers blowing out cuz I put bass boost on all my songs.. any help is appreciated thanks!

Asarcus says:


Sajid A says:

it’s Sennheiser momentum wireless?

Justin Huang says:

Sony MDR 1000x are really good. Noise canceling can be turned off. Sound quality is good, and very good when wired. Less expensive also

Chung Lee says:

So big, so ugly, so unreal walking with that on your head

Ken Lee says:

Dang whippersnappers! All ya need is two cans and some string!
I love my Studio grade Sinnheisers.

Vytenis Škarnulis says:

wait a second. he walked for a block and did not loose BT connection? wtf?

yxteng says:

woah, bloombeg is also in the biz of tech review now.

Matija Atelšek says:

Sennheiser momentum 2.0 wireless are much better buy considering 200$ lower price

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