Sennheiser HD 599 Review – The Audiophile Gateway Drug

Rtings measurement:

EQ Preset:
Preamp: -5 dB
30 Hz Gain 5 dB Q 0.8
200 Hz Gain -3 dB Q 1.41
3500 Hz Gain -3 dB Q 1.41
10000 Hz Gain -5 dB Q 2
12000 Hz Gain 2 dB Q 2

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Chase Chiahung Lin says:

I totally agree about the SHP9500 in comparison. I even liked the lower end HD 558s more. Kind of want to hear an HD 518. Z seems to like those.

I oddly still prefer the K240s more for the treble detail at the price point, but I’d recommend an HD5XX to others because the K240s are a bit weird and polarizing.

metal571 says:

Intro 0:00 Build 0:28 Comfort 2:50 Sound 4:07 Bass 4:10 Midrange 6:38 Treble 7:26 Soundstage 8:47 Isolation 9:20 Genre Pairing 9:53 Amp Needs 11:29 Conclusions 12:18 Accessories 13:40

sAmplify101 says:

wait… people think the shp have great soundstage? lul

Sky Lines Productions says:

HD 599 or Beyerdynamic DT770 ??!

pancon5 says:

Nice review, analytical as always.

grandmaster noob says:

i own both 599 as well as the 600s. i use a dragonfly red to drive them.
without eq i find the 599 noticably more boomy in the upper bass but the bass overall is actualy quite good and the subbass is nice. with eq i can get them to sound very much like the 600 though a little less detailed and clear. i also find them very unfatiguing to listen to, just like the 600. with gaming the 599 are very very nice. in overwatch i can hear exactly where the sounds are coming from and because their soo comfortable and light i forget im wearing them. the clamp is indeed a lot less than hd600 which are still a bit tight after a couple months.
i can really recommend these.

Bobby Brian says:

I want to buy my first open back and I’m between k712 pro and hd599 (they both cost the same around 250 here in europe) what should i buy?? Thanks

Voidform says:

do you think the hd599 are worth the 60euro difference from the hd598sr?

Alexander Jarvis says:

I think the HD599 is a great headphone, but not quite as much when you can get the SHP9500 for $50-70. I’ve only seen the HD599 for $250 so I’ll stick with my SHP9500 for now

djgromo says:

Real question: HD599 vs HD600? I was using HD555 for long 7 years, they looks like a shit now but works great.. I finally have some money to spare and upgrade but i am conflicted. I like low impedance of 599 and shape i am familiar with but will HD600 be that much improvement to invest slightly more?

Brandon Breuer says:

I like how you are the poor man’s Z reviews.

MosoKaiser says:

Uh, who even needs printed L & R markings on headphones like this, where you have the cable attached on the left side, plus the braille for “L” right on the left side yoke?

sailcat9 says:

Great review!

Juan David Pabon says:

I have read a lot of people actually thinking the 579 are better overall than the 599.

GoodBoyMIKE says:

I wish these were available in black color

Do Hyun Lee says:

Would u recommend this for classical?

The Lone Ranger says:

Thanks for your help! Love the channel

Sasa Nikic says:

Hello metal571!
Beyer DT 880, AKG K702 or Hifiman HE400s for acoustic and classical music?
Thanks! 🙂

Dino Suljković says:

Hey metal571! Looking for a special pair of headphones mostly for classical/jazz. Do you have any suggestion? Open back, 350$ max? I am looking for something reference, because it is very important for me to hear as real as possible! Thanks! 🙂

Israel Branco says:

About the extra cable: I have the hd 598se that came with it and the thing is that at work I have an amp that accepts 6.3mm plugs but at home I have a fiio e07k. I just bought a e09k, but until now all I had at home was 3,5mm compatibility. So, I guess as time goes by, more and more people are keen to spend 200 dollars on headphones, but not on amps. And regular laptops and pcs will only have 3,5mm inputs. So I guess this is a welcome addition since the adapter would bend after some months (plus the massive size).

Koji G says:

Hey buddy, great review, if money was not an issue would you replace the HD 650 with the HD 700?. There is a slight bleed from the upper base to the lowest mid frequencies which the HD 650, that really bugs me unless it’s pure metal am listening to, do the HD 700 alleviate this issue?
From all that I have gathered people either hate them or love them. there is no in between LOL would love your input

Archy Gogitidze says:

I see CB-1 back there. So…. what about them?

mauriciovzqs973 says:

Like so many people, the HD598 was my first open back headphone , this one has catched my eye for some time but i don’t think it’s worth the upgrade , maybe someday i’ll get to try them

Antoine P says:

Great review, I really value your opinions. Some of the other reviewers have introduced me to new music, had me rolling on the floor laughing, and infected me with cable-OCD, but you actually describe the sound well, which is surprisingly rare!

AdeelZero says:

Metal, Is the Audeze El-8C worth $340 used? I’ve just bought them from eBay because I couldn’t resist the price lol

katalysis says:

Most reviewers so far have preferred the HD 579 over the HD 599. The former was also on Massdrop for $99.

Carlose B. says:

I’ve been searching everywhere for a 599 review! and couldn’t find it! thank you for the review!

Gary Griffiths says:

Hey great reviews. What would you consider best headphones for black metal?

Mridul Joshi says:

Metal, are there any headphones that beat Beyer Dt770 Pro 80ohm under $150? Should i consider these 599 as well ?

muntintin says:

Have you been looking at the new Beyer DT 240 Pro? They look pretty legit…

Tim Garcia says:

The color of these ‘phones match your walls almost perfectly.

thrashfan666 says:

Hey metal571, have you listened to any mrspeakers headphones?

Particularly any of the ethers or alpha prime?


Dave Zito says:

If you can afford HD600 or HD650, don’t even mess with any HD5??. Sennheiser needs to come out with a HD625. Something between the 600 & 650.

Or…… A HD675 more colored 650
Ohhhhhh yeah

HD700 sucks

HD800 is too expensive and good for imagery soundstage, detail. But super analytical.

600 or 650 are Sennheiser bread and butter

Carlose B. says:

**Can anyone plese help me, thank you.** I currently have HD600, and I am using Creative Sound Blaster Zx’s amplified headphone jack, I can say music is pretty impressive and I love how they sound with music, but the problem is when I tried paly games with HD600 I felt disappointed in their performance for gaming, and I am well aware of the fact that HD600s are not made for gaming so its perfectly fine for them to be not suitable for gaming, now my question, friend of mine has HD598 and I tried playing Crysis 3 with his headphones and the sound was amazing! so realistic the storm the voice coming through the head set of the character, the gunshots and how they echoed in environment, I tried buy HD598 but here they said the HD598s are not being made anymore and the HD599s have replaced them, so are HD599s good for gaming and movies as the 598s are? and some people have said the dt990 and dt880 are better for gaming, I would like you opinion on this too, and is the Sound Blaster Zx’s amplified headphone out put good for driving these headphone, it got me worried when you said they are easy to drive and should be matched with a amplifier that is not high in impedance out put (Zx can drive up to 600 ohms and this worries me) Thanks in advance any help would be appreciated.

Alex Kon says:

Which would u prefer in terms of sound qualify compared to the HD 579?

treybeantown Trey Davis says:

Another top shelf review brother , ive never seen these cans under $250 tho , at least not brand-new

Silentsky says:

I think you are the best headphone reviewer on YouTube (thumbs up)

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