Sennheiser HD 800 Enthusiast Audiophile Headphones Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

I never thought I’d get a chance to unbox these. So excited to try them!


Ernie Kim says:

They sit on your face…

Leonard R. says:

HD700 vs HD800?

Secret_Armor says:

Can a Yamaha mg10xu power this headphone without amp?

TimTalksTV says:

Little linus

[Demonetized] [Demonetised] in my [Demonetized] says:

Why do I want to fuck those headphones?

wgaggen says:

You’ll find 600 ohms of impedance in beyerdynamic t1

emile visser says:

one day…..

Cobus Greyling says:



Web crawler says:

The SteelSeries 7H is the worst piece of shirt heatset ever created. The PC350 is like 1000 times better.

eltigre0320 says:

Wow my onboard audio can now drive my DT990 250ohms. Five years ago it was a whole different story…

David T. says:

what high end audiophile headphones are there today? Because I checked on amazon and there are only 2 left.

KyleTheOtaku says:

All these people bitching about it being 1500 dollars, cry me a river, if you can’t dish out the cash than don’t hate on it, my sound system in my car cost 4,000 one of my amps alone cost as much as some peoples rent, it’s either you get em or you don’t end of story, it’s arguably the best headphones on the market besides the Orpheus so quit your hating

Kane Lee says:

I can’t believe how much smaller they look while on your head opposed to in your hand

joseph becher says:

Much wow, such old, very tech tips.

Bboy Gaming says:

I wonder how good the sound quality hmmm i want to give it a test

Jordan Hempelman says:

“I can’t imagine how big your ears would have to be, for these headphones to be too big!”-Linus 2011

disadadi says:

600 ohm headphones aren’t so difficult to get. You can buy most basic Beyerdynamic headphones either 32, 80, 250 or 600 ohm versions of those.

Alberto 9324 says:

you think the ZTE axon 7 can run these?

Matthew Clark says:

Where the fuck is the next part to this video I wanna hear the headphones. He should not have left me hanging like that and not have the video anywhere to be found.

Prosperity Gruesome says:

these are so old

beastsy says:

hd 6500 better

Mr B says:

Are the Sennheiser HD 800 good for gaming?

For games like Battlefield or Counterstrike, will they give one of the best surround soundstages?

Random Mechanicus Guy says:

Lol, real life sounds way better than this

1shamz1 says:

Carying case is more like suit case

PneumaticFrog says:

I prefer Status Audio..

Kyle Wit says:

Just ordered these used. I’m excited to listen to noises I’ve never heard before

Johnny mahsrow says:

They look cartoonist. Too big.

rusza j says:

RIP bank account

Peter Kadlečík Jr. says:

I don’t know, but seeing both HD 800s and 7Hs in one vid makes me smile 🙂

Hi-Fidude66 says:

my $150 amp can drive these, it can drive up to 600.

KevinR3i says:

Yes, I always see sound engineer mixing and recording high quality using one of this Sennheiser, I am a pianist and hearing myself I can tell you it is by far the most beautiful sounding and accurate, also affordable for serious musicians. so good.

Marcel. says:


Those headphones are soooooo cold and analytical.

[Demonetized] [Demonetised] in my [Demonetized] says:

Meanwhile me and my soon-to-arrive steelseries flux white (actually sims4 edition but same thing and had no better choice where I live)

Tom says:

Wow that intro took me back

Scott Lowell says:

Easy analogy: full size pickup truck needs to tow a horse trailer. A small 4 cylander won’t do it. You need a big V-8 to move that mass. Smartphones max out about 50 milliwatts…far too low for 300 ohms.

ToXiCRising 99 says:

If you dont know why youd want the you probably don’t need them

Best quote ever well done Linus

Ghost 94 says:

well i m jealous

Jordan Hempelman says:

“I can’t imagine how big your ears would have to be, for these headphones to be too big!”-Linus 2011

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