Sony MDR-1000X wireless headphones in-depth audiophile review + unboxing | DHRME #14

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We bring on a true audiophile to DHRME to help us review and judge the Sony MDR-1000x wireless headphones.

These $400 headphones might not be for everyone and it will depend on what you use them for. This video should help you decide!

Bowers & Wilkins P7 wireless VS Sony MDR-1000x:

Bowers & Wilkins P7 wireless (unboxing & review)

Sony MDR-1000X versus Bose QC35

– Isolate yourself from external noise with industry-leading noise cancelation
– Enjoy Bluetooth wireless connectivity and Hi-Fi quality audio
– Listen to ambient sounds quickly and clearly with Quick Attention
– Hear music at its best with Hi-Res Audio
– Listen longer with up to 20 hours of battery life
– Control everything by touch with Easy Touch control
– Catch important sounds with Ambient Sound Mode
– Listen to music without missing announcements

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shonen84 says:

Needs way more views, great fun review! Well done guys! 🙂 about the audiophile perspective: I also have the ZX2 Walkman (and also ZX1, Z and X) – it’s true that the wired sound is better, however I’ve found the wireless quality to be seriously impressive in real life. In a noisy street environment, these are the first wireless headphones that have a decent overall sound. Overall, I’d place these about on par with Sennheiser Momentums when wired and with Sony’s own MDR-1A when wireless.

Freckles the Fox says:

Interestingly enough I tried these wireless (PC via AptX) and wired (PC) and didn’t notice that much difference to be honest. If any. A great song to test is It Ain’t Me from Kygo (feat. Selena Gomez) for example. At 320kbs of course. Vocals, choir vocals, strings, nice deep bass beat, bright finger snaps and more. The Sony MDR-1000x is seriously impressive!

Hannah Joy Gregorio says:

I agree. went to an audio store and tried it out (bluetooth connection), it was so flat

TheTwsa says:

ehhhhh…. wireless they use sonys upscaling system whereas that is not possible with wire. This makes a kind of more thick, dense and fully rich sounds, which may for some be same as too flat, not muddy, but flat like as in squeesed, flattend, deflated signal…. I belive.

Abhi Muktheeswarar says:

I tried these headphones a few days back. As the audiophile said. The sound signature seems to be flat.
I noticed you wearing a Bowers & Wilkens wireless headphones. What about the wireless sound quality of Bowers & Wilkens headphone?

Andrew says:

As you said it was “pretty bad” wirelessly. But as for bluetooth is there any better ones?

Cassini says:

please help!!
i bought this set mdr 1000x, at the start, it shows bluetooth on my iphone so i connect with it and then when i look up into my mac, bluetooth was not showing there, i disconnect it from iphone but still no display of bluetooth connectivity at laptop. i forget it from iphone and now its not showing on any device what should i do ?

Chris Chris says:

Great vid best production yet!
Preventing death is a helluva selling point

josephman says:

That dudes beard is fucking gorgeous

Marcus U says:

What type of files did Andrew listen to on the Sony player? Lossless or lossy? If he listened to lossless files, those should’ve sounded pretty good because of the Sony player & the headphones supporting the LDAC codec.

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