Steelseries Arctis Pro Review: A Gaming Headset for Audiophiles?

Get the Arctis Pro here:

The Steelseries Arctis Pro with GameDac has just about everything a discerning gamer would want in a headset, including HiRes audio. But does it live up to the hype?

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Carlos Guzman says:

can i adjust the game/chat audio on the PS4 or is that just for PC???

99 Patience says:

i have these headphones but my game dac is bigger, why is that?.

MrRhysStocks says:

Anyone got any EQ settings for these for FPS’s (bear in mind I have the wireless ones so only 5 settings can be tweaked).

I’m an absolute noob with these things but right now footsteps are kinda getting lost despite what I do.

Kyle Saunders says:

Does it come in white?

László Kovács says:

I’ve got the flagship of the previous “series” (got it???) thats the SIBERIA v3 prism. It’s able to produce from 10Hz to 28KHz.

SalutationsNeighbor LGTB says:

You seem like such a nice guy and i love this video.

Jack-Spicer says:

Real review here for ps4, I bought them with the mixer and guess what the mixer does nothing, I tired every single setting and changes were so minor that it made no difference, returned it right away, that’s the problem with ps4 the $100 mics do the same job as the $300 ones what a let down.

Erik Joyner says:

Just FYI I ordered the extension cable for the Arctis 5 headset off the steelseries website, and they work perfectly and it adds another foot at least to the cable length.

Nand Ahuja says:

I use an Arctis 7. It’s got pretty good sound and even with my big head it still feels great.

CryNGameR says:

This headset is not loud but the quality of sound and immersion is phenomenal. Iam enjoying them. I may reach out to razer’s to sample the nari ultimate.

Ryan Montgomery says:

Plantronics rig 800lx all day over these

Shane Meadows says:

I have them and use them on xbox I love them but I have no color to them ,I have the bigger amp box with mine

Backflip Frontflip says:

So if you are on ps4 you cant get any light up color?


Whats the difference between the pro wireless and the 7? I dont see one

Minesweep says:

Earned a sub

CountCarbsNotCals says:

I found the a) too small for my head and b) too quiet

Leandro Correia says:

Make one review about asus rog delta headsets

T H O N K I N G I N T E N S I F I E S says:

Im literally listening to this video with these headphones

chardmb says:

DAC is Digital to Analog Converter

etur0 says:

I bought the wireless one and I love them went wireless because I broke my old ones by tripping over the cable and sit about at least 6 feet away from my TV and yes my PC is also hooked up to my tv

RTS_Zanic YT says:

I have them and I recommend you to NOT BUY THEM! They are trash.

[Focused] Bas1c says:

I got the wireless one for christmas

Finn Horgan says:

Good review! Although i will say, ive tried these out in store, you can get a better sound quality for a cheaper price!

Marios Alexandropoulos says:

Hey nice one Jason!Can you please review Razer Nari Ultimate?

Ghola Tleilaxu says:

I’ve bought this headset 2 days ago and trully, there is one word to describe it: painful. Painful ears. The inside of the earcups are painfully pressing against my adult medium-small sized ears. The headset is precious but I can’t live with its earcups. I’m returning it today. SteelSeries Arctis Pro is for children and other people with very small heads and they should have warned me about that before buying it. Now I’m gonna leave a bad review on Amazon and that’s a shame. *SteelSeries, please MAKE THE EARCUPS BIGGER AND DEEPER* , so they can also fit ADULT human ears ! 🙂

Thomas Reinbach says:

I´ve been supporting SteelSeries since the beginning.. But this Arctis 7 Pro really changed the game! Keep up the good work Steelseries!!

Jamie Owns says:

How do they compare to Audio-Technica ATH-M50X? or others in the range? You can also get microphone for the ATH-Mxxx attachable or use other mics. just put in mic input.

WimmieDK says:

I bought those a couple of months ago and I simply love them I use them also to listening to music audiobooks and of course gaming so yeah I think they are all the money worth

ZainTT says:

Bought the GameDAC version and the sound was horrible. I adjusted t he eq immensely trying to get them to sound less hollow. The treble was always too piercing. The size adjusting was useless as the steel bad would rest on my head and hurt after 5 minutes. The clamping force was so much so that it felt like it was cutting off blood supply. I’ve gone through several headsets and never felt my head was large. I guess it’s cause I don’t have V head. I returned the gamedac version and bought the normal pro version and it sounded the same. Very hollow. The high ends sounded overbearing than any of the other parts. Would not recommend. They look cool though.

Allen Hasbun says:

Can you use high res Audio on the xbox

Tasnima Ahmed says:

Hiiii, what would you say is the best Gaming headset for PC atm? It’s a gift for someone

olec 01 says:

is there a big diffrent between the wired and wireless version of the Arctis Pro ? besides the cable, so diffrents in the soundquality for example

Insidious Crypt says:

Hmmm paid review ?

Minesweep says:

I have these w/o game DAC and I love them, they sound great definitely worth it

Philip Soerensen says:

Well done SteelSeries.. I love my Arctis Pro more than any headset I´ve ever owned!

Elias Benhamu Azuaga says:

How is the bass of these compared to for example a razer kraken driver they are the most common amongst gamers , and have really strong punchy/deep bass

Kyle Saunders says:

Never trust an audio review from someone that listens to Apple Music.

Lo Reap says:

I’ve ask other reviewers and also steelseries customer support, and all of them said that the mic DOES work in hi-res mode.

im SiX says:

HyperX cloud alphas has the high res audio certificate as well

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