Stereo – Amazing audiophile speaker for a good price? Buchardt S300 MK2 review

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This is the MK2 version.
There are amazing bookshelf speakers with very deep and rich bass. Very reasonably priced @ $1200 US for an audiophile level speaker.
One of the best speaker in it’s price range I have tried.
I have included remarks how this compare to the KEF LS50


ben maguire says:

Hey Thomas .. I Like the way you tell the truth as you see it .. as a home diy studio person .. I have been disappointed by the philosophy .. ” by flat response speakers by flat response headphones .. then your mix will be changed B4 it reches the public anyway .. This I do not understand .. I do not think Abbey road .. or Royal Albert Hall think this way .. i want to hear good sound in my studio .. I already spent money buying good quality recommended .. Powered Monitors etc .. But I remember when Vinyl wa King & a good amp & spkrs were more important than wide screen t.v. .. I will look back at other reviews etc you have made .. Thank you & bye for now from Old Muso in Ye Olde Englande ( Scottish ) keep up the good work ..

Angelo Michel says:

I would definitely like to hear them now that I’ve listened to your review. Almost sounds too good to be true.

tigerbalm says:

Heard gud things about this brand..but too $$$ for me. I have Prioneer Atmos (movies) and HTD (music) bookshelf speakers. Interested in JBL speakers. Just heard about the new Elac Debut 2.0. My issue is that my Pioneer Elite Receiver is not strong enough. Can I add an amp or something to add more power? When I turn up vlume, the Atmos clips bad. I wish that speakers had more colors like red and white.

Ardy Hagen says:

I also like your style video

Trey Haynes says:

What is a good amp to pair with these less than $600?

Darrin Buchta says:

THNX THOMAS– good info. i will not buy this speaker – i will look else where and i really like your channel. this type of info helps the listener to understand their goals. very intelligent. this video was not too long.

Carlos Dasilva says:

What is the actual diameter of the speaker woofer? Cone only don’t include the surround as opposed to the 6″ (six) claimed. I bet its way less.

L Brize says:

Thomas, I just found your channel, just started this review and, yes, most of us audiophiles are happy to listen to someone talk about speakers for 30 mins. 😀 Keep up the great work! Now, on to the review….


I liked the video because it’s a good channel, enjoying your reviews, great work. S300s look nice to me, amazing bass, spec wise, for bookshelfs. White is the new black, that version has a little more pizzazz. 33Hz is -3dB too, not EAI whatever -10 spec where don’t really tell you what the roll off is. Not sure that depth will fit on every bookshelf though.

Wu Jack says:

Thanks for the videos in your channel. I learned a lot from them. And this one really makes me want to buy.

Scott Lowell says:

NHT makes several speakers starting with the superzero that sound and measures very well. All under a grand. The zero and one do not try to make more bass than they should. The mids and treble are excellent.

aishwarya ganesh says:

your reply most valuable for me please

Johnny JP says:

i like bass sound but with detailed image, these S300 or the newest S400 i am sure would be what i am looking for but i can´t afford this price so what are my options for a 500€ speakers ?

Steve Costello says:

I believe I already left a comment Thomas but I’ll say it again I love you reviews you are so honest and real and trustworthy I would take your advice anytime of the day please keep up the good work we really need you out there PS I would love to be one of your friends you come to my house and we listen together..


New Sub ,OH No. Reviewing products This is where a lot of YouTube Channels lost all their Credibility and Respect from their viewers Its a very fine line

BarfyMan362 says:

believe it or not this is one of my favorite looking speakers.

aishwarya ganesh says:

hello very nice review ,dont cut videos ..i need help from u whats the perfect amplifire for Buchardt s 400 speaker? i mean yamaha WXA-50 like..i buyed BOSE 30 Soundtouch but not satisified i need good amplifier with upgrade (wifi,Bluetooth….etc Thanks the lot Reply @ up +91 98 94 97 91 47

Marco dos Santos says:

Nice, thanks for the great review!
Any plans to review the 400 model?

Tomasz Cz. says:

Great review! Will they work fine with the Yamaha R-N803D amplifier? I have also some vintage stuff Technics SA-104L.Can I put them on heavy oaken RTV cabinet? Can I put them in horizontal position?

Will Wright III says:

@Thomas & Stereo. Hello. IF I may recommend – Give the NHT C3’s ( 3-way bookshelf – Now $1000USD) a Try vs these speakers. OR – The 2-ways can now be had for under $500USD!!! Love to know how they fair & what you think of them. ( BTW- I own an older pair of NHT SB3’s ) Thank you.

genesis777 says:

A product needs to sell for 5 times what it costs to produce
when sold through retail channels due to the number of hands 
in the pie…Direct to consumer should in theory give you a much
better product for the same price or give you an equal product
to typical retail at a much lower price.

pennfootball says:

What kind of stands are you using? they look great with the wood on top

Garvin Kelly says:

What is the difference between a bookshelf speaker and a loudspeaker? I’ve heard these speakers described as both and I would have thought they were loudspeakers because they are very similar to my Roksan loudspeakers in size and construction

393stroker says:

I absolutely love the way you structure your reviews. You give a real world honest insight of the products you listen to. The added opinions you get from your friends whom have, what I consider ludicrous systems, helps round out (along with you) what is a sum total of very experienced listeners. You bring advice and opinion that even the most inexperienced person can understand.

DTV says:

I love standmount speakers.

jjm5982 says:

Sorry referring to totem ember

Squall Law says:

What do u think compare it with PSI A14M? THANKS!!!

kbudagian says:


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