Stereo – Amazing audiophile speaker for a good price? Buchardt S300 review

There are amazing bookshelf speakers with very deep and rich bass. Very reasonably priced for an audiophile level speaker.
One of the best speaker in it’s price range I have tried.
I have included remarks how this compare to the KEF LS50


Scott Lowell says:

Buchardt ! ….Gesundheit!

Simon says:

Thanks for another great review! The only problem I have with this speaker seems that to get the most out of it is to pair it with equipment five times their worth. I suppose the trick would be to find electronics that sound five times their value to pair with the speakers.

Csab says:

please dont cut them short i like long videos its interesting to hear your opinion!!

Carlos Rojas says:

I would have really liked to see the longer version. I like your videos because we get to see systems we can aspire to, AND it’s from the point of view of someone like me. Great job.

Have you thought about reviewing Electrostats? MartinLogan hybrids would be nice. I’d be curious about your thoughts.

glassblower1001 says:

Do you think that the Yaqin MC-13S will be able to drive the speaker?

Csab says:

the bass has to be good look at that rubber surround on that driver its huge so it can Handle power !!

cnhhnc says:

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your reply. I ended up deleting the original post because I felt it was too long and perhaps too critical! That was an interesting comment from the manufacturer that musicians are more taken with these then the average audiophile or listener. That is a positive. Thanks!

Ed Jackson says:

I’ve always gotten better bass with sealed speakers when they have a lot of depth to the cabinet like that. Probably part of the reason these are so good. Great video!

HH Scott says:

Just have to comment before I even watch. Congratulations on doing your first official review my man. And I’m very interested in their speakers. Especially the one they have with the big conical waveguide that almost looks like two woofers from a distance. I’m so excited to watch this one. Thanks man.

Joe N Tell says:

Very interesting speakers by Buchardt. I haven’t heard them myself, but I think their approach is smart. They went with a larger/deeper enclosure to extend the bass. To me, extended bass response, while remaining flat, really adds a sense of depth to the speaker throughout the entire frequency band. For example, if you were to cut off some of your best speakers at 80hz, they probably won’t be even close to as impressive. I like what they’ve done here and would love to hear them in person.

I like your videos Thomas, but as you might be able to tell from my videos, I’m more of a budget audio enthusiast. Would love to have you on one of my podcasts sometime to maybe talk about our different viewpoints. Maybe we can collab on a video sometime.

shaun ly says:

Great review Thomas! How would you describe the characteristic of these tweeter compared to aluminum ribbon. I’m curious because I would love to demo these out and run it against my Sonist Audio Recital 3. I love the airyness and fast response from these tower but would like more detailed and full body mid/sub bass.

The Internetwanderer says:

Bottom line…enjoy the music, not the equipment.

Simon Schneider says:

Did I just spot a Voxativ speaker in the video? Can’t wait to hear a review. I read that these are incredibly easy to drive.

Denis Lepine says:

when you think at the work that it takes to make a good xover and match the drivers etc… looks is second place, you listen to speakers not look 🙂

Csab says:

wow you deserve it your videos are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr Dashpuppy says:

The drivers in those speakers are Sb-Acoustics 🙂

Csab says:

also it is a deep box you need volume for good base and that is why it is a deep encloser.

Catch the Wave says:

Great review, thank you for taking the time and sharing your knowledge.

Scott Lowell says:

I totally disagree with your characterization of subs and use therof. All my systems have subs that are crossed over at the point where the main speakers roll off. LACK OF 1st octave bass at equal energy has no place in high end. Bass is 1/3 of the audio spectrum, and it doesn’t brickwall at 40hz. My systems can all convey the full weight of an orchestra without strain. That’s thanks to a foundation that goes cleanly down to 18hz.

moukie bengal says:

t’as vendu tes canton ??? vraiment surpris !!

Giuseppe Arcimboldo says:

Can’t wait for the kef ls50w review since they are on my wishlist. These buchardts also look great, but I want to go for active speakers. I wonder if Buchardt will one day go active

sowinism says:

Hi THomas.

You are the best reviewer in recent years , your reviews are accurate and sincere.
I live in Taiwan and these audio equipment are much more expensive compare to US and Canada.
Therefore your review are very useful , Hope you keep doing these.


My speaker is Kharma and driven by Goldmund electronic , Source are using Aurender and VPI TT.

Crazy prayingmantis says:

If you want to actually HEAR these speakers, check out Zeos, Z reviews on YouTube.

Someone who’s a little more “real world” and doesn’t use speaker cable that’s worth more than the speakers themselves.

Rich Wheels says:

Excellent review as always. Can I ask what tube amp you’d recommend for less than $1200? Whether it’s DIY or not. Thanks.

Henry47 says:

@Thomas & Stereo Great job bro thanks!

Andrew Crain says:

Thomas great job brother and I’m glad to see that your being noticed and your getting some company to demo some of there Gear…. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you will do a great job and you have good Equipment to get the job done also

Ashneel P says:

Your reviews and sound signature taste are very similar to Tyll Hertsens. Would be great if you’d review some budget amps to go along too.


Just at the right time. Thx.

Hasan Askari says:

Are those Target Audio stands at your Vintage friend’s place?? Omg i’ve been looking for a pair for years!

DTV says:

Sounds like my tablet

Mal Reynolds says:

I’m sure the S300 is very nice. But I still prefer the ELAC 6.2 for overall value. And I would always use a subwoofer with any bookshelf speakers. I have 4 floor-standing speakers in one room, and I still use a powered subwoofer. I find the subwoofer blends everything together on the bottom-end properly. Without it…. the overall sound-stage is not complete. I don’t need the walls vibrating, I just need everything balanced.

Jason Ong says:

Good review. It showed that you have good insight in speakers

John Aiello says:

Great review but I disagree with your premise that you could buy them and sell them later. Because this company has no marketing or track record the market for a used pair of Buchardt S300 will be extremely small and I will willing to bet that this $1200 (USD) speaker would only get $600 – $700 on the used market if you could even find a buyer.

hifi noob 2018 says:

Congratulations, great review but please don’t sell out. Your integratiy as a reviewer is worth more then the components they send you.

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