The Audiophiliac picks the best audio reviewers of all time #audiophile

The Audiophiliac picks the best audio reviewers of all time, Art Dudley, Jonathan Scull, Herb Reichert, Peter Aczel, Michael Fremer, John Darko, Ken Kessler, and John Atkinson.

The most influential reviewer of all time: Harry Pearson, watch the video,

The newly remastered Rolling Stones Beggar’s Banquet is today’s music review.


Joe Home says:

Steve, you forgot to mention yourself eg he makes watching paint dry exciting.

Andy M says:

RIP Robert J. Reina. His writing may not have been as flowery as some of the reviewers that Steve mentions, but he was concise, fun, and worked hard to give you comparisons to other relevant gear. More importantly, we seemed to have a lot of overlap in our musical tastes and he tended to review high- value equipment that many of us could afford. JV Serinus has thousands of words on a $50k CH Precision integrated amp in the new Stereophile. That may sell issues, but what I would really rather see is a round up of $2k – $5k bookshelf speakers similar to Car and Driver’s Comparison Tests. Now that would be useful.

Joe Curcio says:

Steve – this is supposed to be about the best audio reviews of all time – not the ones who influenced you. J Golden Holt is the original subjective reviewer (trailblazing against the Julian Hirsch’s of the day) and deserves to be #1 despite the fact that he may have precede your timeline.

Thanasis Manolopoulos says:

For me, Herb Reichert makes a lot of sense and speaks ‘my language’.
His video on a visit to the Munich HIFI show was superb and he seems to have the same audio priorities with me.
Great personality too!

Richard Wallace says:

Steve, please review the new ADCOM amps and preamp!

John Hanselman says:

IMO: Steve forgot to mention Steve Guttenberg and Gene DellaSala as exceptional audio reviews.

stephen legg says:

Are these all American.

andrew lucas says:

Herb! I first look for his articles, he buts flesh on the bones. Yes, a story teller, a natural!

Richard Zolla says:

I have every Stereophile back to the turn of the century. I sorely miss Sam Tellig.

keeferdog says:

Herb and Art are both, “the man”! Darko is great! That said, his choice in music, is like….WTF? Fremer? You mean, “I AM GOD” Ugh-an “acquired taste”

Jeffrey Srnec says:

My favorite writers are Thomas J. Norton, Herb Reichert and for videos and interviews, I like John Darko. Now that I’m a poor, retired old man, I have gained much interest in products in the under $1000 category and dream about products in the $2k-4k realm.

travis bastian says:

No reviewers? Srajan Ebaen! One of the best writers out there. Not afraid to explicitly share his thoughts regardless of the price or provenance of a product.

hifi noob 2018 says:

Thomas and Stereo is a great YouTube channel. Great source for real world stereo knowledge from a guy that’s not in the industry.

A B says:

I just stopped to watch the video to write this : Art Dudley is amazing. And yed he does tell stories… he can take you into his life, listening room and thoughts in a way no one does.


Steve’s shirt game is 2nd ONLY to Tyll.

Manard H says:

Art has a limited scope and focuses obsessively on things I haven’t been interested in. I agree that Herb is great. Over all the reviewers out there do an ok job – that’s all. I have been frustrated that the entertaining quality of products does not seem to be included like it used to be in the days of J. Gordon. I do appreciate the recommended components and music in mags and on utube.

Frank Black says:

John Darko does create pretty great review videos. I agree about the “…he’s gotten up to speed” part. His newer videos are quite outstanding.

andrew lucas says:

Yes and, MF. Mike writes on a higher level and I learn new things when he makes his side comments and I didn’t know these simple things. Thank you Mike, congrats on your award!

Route 66 says:

I always read The Audio Cheapskate AKA Sam Tellig’s column first.

IntoIt Reviews says:

I, clearly, am the most trustworthy…

Esteban Nemo says:

How about Srajan at 6 Moons?

Esteban Nemo says:

How about Srajan at 6 Moons?

andrew lucas says:

Last but not least, Steve Guttenberg, all around great knowledge and these shorts are great, look foward to them!

John Darko says:

Steve – thank you so much for the kind words. And yeah, it took me a while to be less nervous in front of camera but also to find a *video* review style that makes audio more relatable (and less of an ‘old man’ hobby).

However, credit should also go to camera operators Olaf von Voss and Line Kühl and – especially – Jana Dagdagan who is infinitely patient with my desire for the perfect edit but who is also keen to add her own layer of visual flair to the videos.

One point of order though: I won’t be 48 until 2020.

P.S. Herb Reichert is by far the most eloquent audio writer that I’ve read.

iliketoread Iliketothink17 says:

Tyll Hertsens

stephen legg says:

When beggars banquet came out in the uk it was the same cover as in America.

Doug G says:

Trust no one

blitzbbffl says:

I always enjoyed Sam Tellig’s work. Back in the day when my audio budget was very thin Sam authored a recurring series called The Audio Cheapskate that really helped me hone in on upgrades that offered a great deal of Bang For The Buck.

Nick Pantazi says:

And of course, don’t forget the one and only…., Steve Guttenberg!

UberPilot says:

Every notice how it’s all good reviews now. Almost all high end audio blows up or stops working within a year. Ask me how I know this………the more expensive the less reliable it is…….

Google User says:

Any Corey Greenberg votes out there?

James Machado says:

I miss J10

Steve Jones says:

Hey Steve, you missed Corey Greenberg. Is he still around? I used to love reading his stuff.

gullrock george says:

Have followed Art Dudley for a long time as I was a “Listener” subscriber and followed him to Stereophile. Not as big a fan anymore. He started to try too hard to come across as the smartest guy in the room a while back so I don’t pay attention as much anymore, but still appreciated his write-ups of his DIY type adventures. That said, I no longer subscribe to Stereophile.

Don’t care for Fremer much. I like his promotion of all things analog, but don’t believe his reviews. I think he mostly exaggerates the products he’s reviewing, perhaps to foster more support for analog products and companies. Another reason I don’t subscribe to Stereophile anymore.

I like John Atkinson’s measurements because to me it’s enjoyable to see how things he measures can correlate to the subjective aspects of the review. Not always corroboration and sometimes less than useful, but interesting nonetheless. One of the reasons I wish I still did subscribe to Stereophile.

Esteban Nemo says:

How about Srajan at 6 Moons?

Lisa T says:

While I love this channel & many YouTube reviewers listed in these comments, I’m so glad you’re acknowledging the writers! Writing about audio is a difficult skill unto itself. In my opinion, Steve you are among the best!

Paul Leonard says:

I vote for yourself’, Darko, Reichert, Fremer in no particular order. You all have an originality, vibrancy and perspective that I love, especially the modern videos. As a sound engineer I’m not so enamoured by measuring stuff that I listen to at home. It’s more about the enjoyment and passion. Keep on keeping on with all your great reviews.

Carlito Melon says:

Steve we appreciate your humility and willingness to review even the most humble gear for us.
I have enjoyed and trust Kessler, Telling, Colloms, Reichert etc over the last 35 years.
No M($)F®€#€® for me! (Creeper).
Thank you.

Lowtech51 says:

I am wondering about your opinion of Tom Gillett, aka Sam Tellig. I also looked forward to reading Corey Greenburg. What ever happened to him? Also, thanks for the daily vids and the cnet reviews. I look forward to both. Lowtech, aka Rootbeerbudget.

Larry Niles says:

I just came across OCD Hi Fi Guy who is very down to earth. Amazing reviews and great knowledge and passion.

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