The Audiophiliac picks the best receivers and amps

He covers budget models all the way up to high end designs. Here’s the link to Steve’s photo gallery which has links to his product reviews or company websites,


dan dinhofer says:

“This is my REFERENCE amplifier blah, blah, blah, blah. And then my REGERENCE receiver, blah, blah, blah. This is my other REFERENCE speakers, blah, blah, blah. You honestly don’t sound any smarter or provide more insight than a pushy NYC high end salesman….

Sky Drummer says:

Thanks Steve. Great comments.


Steve ! please check PM

jeremy whittler says:

A Pilinius integrated (Used) will handily issue a beat down on any of these. Plus they have great phono section’s. The Yamaha integrated only scored a 30% SQ rating in independent testing. A Pilinius or Luxman 50-60%. Research all options for your dollar. It’s still a used buyers market.

Steve Guttenberg Audiophiliac says:

Guys, this isn’t a complete list of great electronics, it’s comprised of gear I’ve reviewed.

John-Edward Alley, Jr. says:

New link for the Emotiva A-100 : They just posted a new website a few weeks ago… 🙂

Tom Hirschel says:

Hi Steve, have you heard the( Lavardin IT)? French Amp……

AudiS4orce1 says:

Good list, which of these Amps do you suggest to power B&W 706s, in a small room?

1. Marantz PM7005 [Class AB, 60W, CS4398 DAC, SNR 104 dB, Damping 100, 22lbs]
2. Cambridge Audio CXA60 [Class AB, 60W, WM8740 DAC, SNR 102 dB, , Damping 110, Torodial transformer, 18.5lbs]
3. Rotel A12 [Class AB, 60W, Wolfson DAC, SNR 103dB, Damping 220, Torodial transformer, 18lbs]
4. NAD C368 [Class D, 80W, DAC?, SNR 98 dB, Damping 300, Switching Power Supply, 17lbs]


J H says:

Hello Steve, Are there any plans to listen to any Conrad Johnson amps or pre’s?

Eric Cartman says:

How in the world my 20$ lepay amp is not in the god dam list? You dirty audiocorruptphiliac

poop says:

ive been looking at a new yamaha s-r202bl or a refurbished onkyo tx-8020, anyone recommend one over the other?

Autumn Aarilyn says:

Technics receivers all the way with an Onkyo cd player driving Infiniti speakers or Koss or Sennheiser headphones.

Disionity says:

What about the Schiit Vidar? You seemed to like it in your review. Not good enough to make the list?

Tim Smith says:

Please compare Elac vs Klipsch vs SVS in a 5.2 setup

Gorgi Cvetkov says:

I have 3 receivers in my mind. Harman Kardon HK 3770, Yamaha R-N 803D and Onkyo TX-8270. In near future i will buy the Focal Aria 948. Do you have any suggestions?

Ted T says:

Interesting picks. I have to admit that none of these were on my radar but I will have to take a second look.

CM Kilcullen says:

I recently discovered that some receivers have not only have phono inputs while others do not – that some phono pre amps in the receivers perform better than others. I have a Yamaha receiver. It does satisfactory for me for the tuner and the cd player (yes I still do that) , but when it came to playing vinyl, it just did not perform up par as did other functions. My speakers were fine, needle and cartridge fine- but the phono was just okay fidelity -wise. I discussed this with someone who suggested that the pre-amp in the receiver might not be so hot and thoght that maybe I should get a new receiver. But I just got this receiver so I was not ready to shell out more bucks for another one just yet. Someone else suggested a better phono pre amp to plug into an aux line. I thought this was a little wierd, but I figured I would give that a try. So I got pro-ject MM . Though it uses up an RCA line I found that the turntable performed much better. I think that covering this subject may be useful. It seems to me that it is possible that some receivers may perform in varying ways with the fidelity it produces for different components. Granted the turntable I use could probably be better, but I did cover that in the conversation I had with the person who suggested a better pre-amp. Instead of spending another 500 dollars on a new turntable or more for a reciever, the suggestion to improve the pre amp seemed to help a lot. Any thoughts?

Justin Hunting says:

Another great amp is the Naim 250 (class A/B) that’s seen many incarnations and achieve cult status with Naimites in the U.K.

shaun says:


j says:

Line magnetic amps are terrific..despite the lower cost than most..

Jack Wright says:

Hey Steve. Great Channel! Yamaha R-S202 or Vista Spark for pure sound quality with a Bifrost DAC running into Kef Q100s?

Audiofilio says:

What’s a good budget DAC that won’t break the $300 budget?

Francis Rosselli says:

May I ask, when you mention driving Maggies (which I have and love, like you), which models are you referring to?

David Laird says:

I know you wern’t keen on The Schiit Vidar -but I run 2 Vidors to power my Maggie 6.1s and a Schiit Freeya Preamp -Much Better than the Previous NAD 316 BEE which Blew trying to Run The Maggies-Best sound so far

20thCenturyBoy says:

Steve, Thanks for these recommendations.

Greg Ruddell says:

Why does my Hafler DH220 (I recapped it from top to bottom) sound better than my Yamaha RX V1.

Walter Molina says:

Hi Steve.
Could you recomend a home teather under $600?

Applecompuser says:

Let’s see the items.

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