The Buchardt S400 Review! Big, Badass Sound!

Taking the compact loudspeaker game to a whole new level…..

Music by: Karin Melchert – ‘When I fall in love’.

Music also by: ‘Bluegrass Mandolin Extravaganza’

Buchardt Audio S400 Product Page:

Thank you for watching this video. I hope you found it useful, entertaining, or both!

Electronics used during the evaluation:

AMR CD-777 SE (CD-Player)
AMR AM-777 SE (Integrated Amplifier)
iFi Pro iDSD (DAC)
iFi Pro iCAN (Headphone Amplifier / Linestage Pre-amplifier)
Vista Audio SPARK (Integrated amplifier)
Heed Audio Elixir (Integrated Amplifier)
Heed Audio Abacus (DAC)
MastersounD Box (Single Ended Tube amplifier)
Parasound JC2BP (Linestage Pre-amplifiers)
Parasound JC5 (Power Amplifier)
Parasound 2350 (Power Amplifier)


corner liston says:

How does these compare to the Amphion One series in your opinion? (Probably the best comparison since that’s what they look like.)

New Record Day says:

Alight. Time to fire off some emails, I want to party. Good job bro.

Bluuplanet says:

Gee, a thousand bucks.
Maybe I should learn to play a mandolin.

Ty Ger says:

I don’t like the towel… But your personality and dedication to hi-fi make up for it.

Scott Lowell says:

Burchardt! Gesundheit! I know, they are nothing to sneeze at. Check around. Find any other speaker under $4000 that uses a scan speak revelator. Probably none. The basic format is reminiscent of Tannoy, Zinghali and a few studio monitors but with more refinements, and reasonable cost.

Илья Основиков says:

As far as I could see there are no fancy parts in that crossover. But it seems to be good quality ballanced design.

J Doe says:

Thanks for such a great, great review. Especially the comparo! Well done, sir. Love your vids.

who cares says:

cheap crossover components i can tell

Huw chardon says:

Dome, cone, abr old fashioned technology. Silk dome, metal bass, polypropylene radiator, 3 different materials, 3 different radiating patterns, stone age shit.

Henry47 says:

Great job bro like always! 😉 if I put this with my TV what would I need to make them work?

Alvaro says:

There go my savings! $$$

rem says:

Great informative review, thanks.

G BRM says:

Another great review……any chance that you will be reviewing the SVS Ultra bookshelf?

Brian Steele says:

FWIW, passive radiators actually have to be a bit heavy to get low bass out of a small enclosure. The system’s resonance frequency goes down as the passive radiator’s mass goes up, and the smaller the enclosure, the higher that mass has to be to achieve a low resonance frequency

D Chron says:

Great review, Sean. I wish I could afford the S400 right now. Whew—frequency response: 33 – 40.000 Hz +/- 3db!

This is not an apples-to-apples question, but I’m curious: do you know how the sound of the Buchardt compares with the Definitive Technology D9 ($799) or D11($599)? These DT loudspeakers utilize a passive radiator as well (D11, total frequency response: 48 Hz – 24,000 Hz, 90 dB sensitivity, etc.).

Digital Philosophy says:

Great awaited review. Thank you. Please review Elac Vela. Please!

Marcus Latuske-Hearl says:

So….. SO very tempting…. I have been planning on potentially spending in excess of double that budget for either standmount or small floor standers…. But the ZERO risk involved is hard to overlook here…… Also good to hear you want to keep hold of the JC5… I have mine and its a keeper for sure… in fact its the prospect that I can take things a whole lot further with this amp than with those Buchardt babies may allow… Gonna take my time and enjoy the journey

Roberto Musitano says:

Great review. Love the look of these. It has left a really positive vibe with you. Nice to see you smiling. I hope I have an opportunity to listen to them

Doug G says:

Best review award.

MCFly says:

Maybe I missed it but how do they perform on the dekstop in a nearfield set up?

Bob D says:

Excellent review Sean! I have been looking at these speakers but my concern is bass in a small room and the floor standing speakers I owned overwhelm the room with too much bass. I had KEFLS50’s and even with the port plugged, the bass was boomy. I now have Proac Tablette 10s and they are sealed and the bass is tight and controlled. Since these speakers have a passive radiator will it have too much (boomy or bloated)bass if the speakers are 3 feet from the front wall and 2 feet from the side wall? Thanks for the great YouTube channel.

Bogdan Serban says:

“air coils are pretty expensive” uhm, no, even the cheapest crossover uses them.
“impedance matching circuit” – that’s basically what EVERY passive crossover should have, but sadly even the most expensive speakers miss this, and that’s why you get different sound with different amplifiers or cables and you think it’s audiophile magic.

J Doe says:

This thread for suggested amplifiers for these speakers. One reviewer got good results with an Emotiva TA-100. Any other suggestions? (Other than the Parasound JC5 – obviously.) Something where the synergy with the S300’s was good – works well with Buchardt voicing, say…

lars susannesøn christiansen says:

danish quality 😉

The Internetwanderer says:

Break-in time simply means “you’ll-get-used-to-the sound” over time. Further, with a sensitivity rating of 88dB, these are not “efficient” loudspeakers. Their impedance is stated as 4ohms so, in real life use, they probably dip below that at certain frequencies making them less than “easy to drive loudspeakers” The company also states a low end of 33 Hz +/- 3 dB. RIGHT! Let me see the graph, please.
I always take the review of audio equipment with a grain of salt if the reviewer salivates over the manufacturers claimed performance details. Again, show me proof, please.

Daniel Martin says:

Good review Sean. That;s high praise comparing them to the Tekton’s.

who cares says:

Looks the the midbass drivers are Sb acustics aluminium drivers.

Calaf_72 says:

Thank you for the review and soundclip. Do you know if they plan any floorstanders? By the way those binding posts look fancy enough to my eyes compare to what you usually get at this price range.

Stephen Howard says:

I know this is going to be a kittywampus question but can these hold a candle to The Double Impacts? I mostly listen to EDM. Which speaker sounds better for dance music?

william may says:

Great review, enjoy your comparisons on both speakers and the pros and cons of each, keep up the good work.

Scott Lowell says:

FWIW: I get tired of people whining about “bright” “analytical” or “forward” when the effect is REALISM. These achieve what klipsch wish they could be. Burchardt proves that engineering+great parts= superior speaker.

sudd says:

no matter how careful you are, i still think that a passive radiator is hurting the quality, but if you are not adding a subwoofer the extra bass helps. i would rather see a version with sealed cabinet for more quality and adding a subwoofer that we need anyways for proper bass.

i know they want to get their money back and it will sell better with more bass, but its not built for pure sound quality and that is a shame.

Andu Subtirica says:

Nice detailed review and thanks for comparing to S300.

Kasper Kwan says:

ATC SCM7 v3 is slightly less expensive and the reviews compliment it for its heart pulling effect. I wonder what the comparison would be like

Crispin Crunch says:

Great review. Checked all the items on the list I was curious about… and a small sound sample of these in action.
I am moving the Totem Acoustic Sky down the want list and moving these to the top of the list.
I also know it is only youtube sound samples quality but again, wow, that S400 pairing with the Parasound seems like gobsmackingly glorious B I G sound.
Buchardt should take a page from Zu Audio for burning-in the drivers a couple hundred hours before they ship to customers.

Nothing else compares? Hmm, wondering about the ELAC Adante… (2/3 the price I know)

terrywho22 says:

Nice review. Those are impressive speakers. -3dB at 33 Hz and 88dB from a compact 2-way? Pretty surprising specs. At 4 ohms, they probably need a high current amp to be happy though.

Pounce Onyou says:

Very good, thanks.

mitul venkataramanasamy says:

awesome review sean

MrBlur510 says:

How does this compare to dynaudio contour 20 or b&w 805 d3? Thanks

Jimmy Wallace says:

An Amphion copy.

Brian Steele says:

88dB/2.83V/1M and -3dB @ 33Hz from a 6″ woofer? Um, that sounds a bit incredulous. Reproducing frequencies that low is one of those situations where size really does matter, and a 6″ mid-bass driver can’t move enough air to accomplish 33 Hz at any decent volume, and if you try to tune an enclosure with a 6″ driver that low, you’re going to run into mechanical power handling problems at higher and more audible bass frequencies.

…and then there’s Hoffman’s Iron Law to consider…

Barney Wee says:

I think the reason other reviewers are acknowledging you, simply because, your difference is to make the product your single focus of articulation (besides your concise explanation and knowledge). Unconsciously the other reviewers are focus on their own knowledge, on how long they have been in Hi Fi, what kind of equipment they have experienced or acquired, their smart opinion about the product… In short, it’s about them (the reviewers themselves). People don’t care about the reviewer’s expensive gears or experience, they care about how the video content, as in how it helps them become smarter and decisive, period. Another great review Sean, I felt the intro to the mid point, too long. The history of the speaker can be shorten, of course, this is for just me, I’m sure others would drool over it. Thank you Sean for doing what you do. BTW, ordered the speaker 2 months ago 😉

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