The Headphones to Buy. Period. – HD6XX Review

These headphones used to retail for close to $500. Nowadays, they’re $200, and that makes them one of the most sensible choices in the category…

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choyazz says:

Hey Linus!!! Make a video about headphone burn in!!

Sharlimar says:

Guys there’s a Massdrop going on massdrop website only 70 HDXX left for 199$! Go get yours to make this fast

Mehran Mahdi says:

hhhhhh what the hell is “thumpy ass”

William Daniels says:

Sounded like thumpy ass- linus

Eric Ihnen says:

These are back up on massdrop as of rn

daber0ni blyat says:

the fact that the bose QC 35’s are the wrong way, triggers me wayy more than I’d like.

8Lec says:

Wait wait wait. What!!! They don’t look good! And Beats, Beats of all the headphones look good? Are you outta it friggin’ mind!!! Beats look like hot glossy garbage! These look amazing, not kidding, absolutely stunning. I’d wear them outside if could afford to buy a pair!


You should try Logitech Headset

MrMusicalee says:

I run my HD 650’s on a NJC Audio monitor 2 amp, and a music fidelity vac90 DAC.I prefer the 650’s, as my amp is extremely flat in it’s frequency response. They sound fantastic, especially with some melody gardot.

TopGear Stig says:

How do they compare to the momentum wireless?

WantoN says:

I keep seeing that headphone stand and I NEED to know where to get it!

junior anaya says:

I got about 5 hours to decide if I want the 6xx or the DT 1990. What do you guys think is better?

yusuf Misbah says:

Hd58x’s are better, and they’re cheaper.

SinnerYT says:

….Enters HD58x…

M S says:

It deal is back on mass drop

Duy Le says:

fuck massbulshit, ship date is fucking like 4 months

Damien says:

I think the hd6xx series looks good OwO

Andrew Nguyen says:

“super loud angry porn”

allnamestakenisnot says:

“Shit Audio Headphone Amp” 😀

Itz Syntax says:

Not a “fashion statement”. DEADASS imo they are mega sexy

FPSproductionsDff says:

And now they have been out-valued by the 58x Jubilee. Same driver as the $500 660s with very similar tuning at $150 brand new.

Walter White says:

How do these compare to bose quiet comfort

Carlos says:

Last time they went on sale, I decided against buying them, which I regretted. However, on you latest video, the the ad was for these headphones being available again. Couldn’t have clicked faster on the buy button. Granted, I’ll still use my main audio system about 95% of time, but it’s been about three years now that I have wanted these headphones. Can hardly wait for them to arrive.

Jordan W says:

You da man!!! Thanks for the info.

diregremo says:

Ray Liotta is trying to ruin YouTube.

Justin L says:

“thumpy ASS”

MooseTracks says:

Wow Linus chill with the porn jokes I’m in a room with my family

Clark Video Studio says:

does anyone know what microphone he is using? cheers

KixongGaming says:

Can I use this directly and plug it unto my Gaming Laptop? Is this good for Gaming? I was actually planning to buy the Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X but saw this one. Which is better for Gaming?

Skyward CSGO says:

I tried plenty of headphones but I never got to try the HD650, is it better than a DT990 Pro?

Lammiwinks says:

They’re the equivalent of Linus’s Grandad Sandals. His Grandad headphones!

Nick Donnelly says:

Open back headphones are the only headphones worth buying – (otherwise base is too boomy) – but then they are totally impractical cause they badly leak sound both in and out (using in an office is a non starter).

So almost nobody can buy them. Get in ear instead.

FoxAndRoses says:

58x Jubilee is better and cheaper, lol

Ron Rivet says:

Bought a pair for $300 CDN which included shipping and am very happy with them. Excellent soundstage, warmth and detail. The lack of bass is insignificant due to the fact that they do everything else so well as well as being very comfy to wear. And with that being said…..the bass is actually quite good. Highly recommended! Thanks for posting!

Celtic Wolverine says:

I heard the build quality of these headphones is really bad

Evarate says:

It bothers me at times how much I have in common with Linus.

Dayn Leonardson says:

HD 600 is known for having a neutral sound, which is the opposite of what you’ve said. It’s still considered by the majority to be the industry standard for mixing cans due to their flat EQ.

Leslie Solorzano says:

Hey man, are these good for rock and metal listening?

david029014 says:

Is this still a good buy for newbie with an ibasso dx150, or is there something better same price?

NorthLyfeHollywood says:

How do these compare to the Beyer DT990Pros?

sageosaka says:

Is it just me or was Linus pretty confusing when comparing the 6xx to the 600s and 650s, not making it very clear at all which he was talking about and going back and forth?

Abang V says:

what is the best headphones on 2018??

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