The Powered Edifier S880DB Desktop Audiophile Speakers Reviewed!

There are lots of speakers you can plug into your computer or laptop, but almost all of them sound like they were off the budget or clearance shelf at Walmart. That’s why the Edifier S800DB are such a breath of fresh air with their huge, breathtaking sound and vast array of inputs. You can use them with your TV through an optical connection, for example, and connect your phone via bluetooth too.

Tech expert Dave Taylor of plugs the Edifier speakers into his computer and finds they deliver great sound. But there are some quirks with the design…


yii donger says:

Btw I have a cheaper Edifier bookshelf speakers too.. it sounds amazing all the time.. Edifier is definitely one of the top speaker manufacturer atm..

Rockindaxmike says:

Just bought them for my mac, can’t wait!

yii donger says:

Great review.. i can see that you did a lots of works and researches for this review.. I rmb watching reviews on ur channel but they were all short videos… Nice to see u step up the game

Jan K says:

Edifier s350db has probably the same small speakers, but it has also big subwoofer, and all for the same price as s880db, and i think s350db sounds much much better

Orpheas Hillbilly says:

i just order those.thx for the review.i will give results asap:)

Rum Chunks says:

You said we can’t change input if we lost the remote. I think you can change the input (as I know for some speakers) by pressing the volume knob. It says “volume/input selection” if I’m not mistaken. Thanks for reviewing this speaker. Planning to buy them.

SG釣魚新手頻道 says:

Best speaker review ever seen, clean and easy understanding, thank you!

miguel manuel says:

Hi Dave! Nice review! Those speakers look good for small spaces.
I use speakers with my pc. I can’t live without speakers. I only use headphones when is late and i can’t do to much noise :)!

Kal Hris says:

Good review. A couple of things though, you can change the source by pressing the volume button at the back! Also, isn’t it better to use the USB-in to connect your laptop? I would assume that the built in DAC is better than the ones in most laptops.

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