This $88 system is a beginner audiophile’s delight

That’s no typo, for $88 you get a Lepai LP2020TI integrated amp and Dayton B652 Air speakers! Lots more info on my CNET review,





Mike Day says:

You still need a music source. Add the sophisticated Topping D10 dac for around $90. Or the excellent Behringer UCA202 dac for $30.

champer slimmerthannone says:

Polk t15 $51.00- nobsound $32.00 on my work bench & I couldn’t be happier!

BillyLapTop says:

I have the same system and feed one of my computers into it. Sounds great to me. In fact better than I thought it would. Yes, the price point is really great too!

Slosh Mike says:

Bravo Steve.  It’s refreshing to see and hear something like this especially after watching a video last night from an “audiophile” who was complaining he wasn’t “happy” with his $10,000 pair of speakers.

Featherboards says:

Any idea how the Topping TP-10 Mk4 compares to the Lepai? I’ve been using one for my PC driving Klipsch kg2s and have been pleased. Have a second one for my shop but am looking for a pair of speakers to go with it.

franzb69 says:

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ken cohagen says:

Steve, please give us some sound to go with these videos! Yes, we know that you will not be able to give us the full experience of listening to these things live and yes we know that anything coming over you tube will be distorted, but…. it would be nice to have some idea what they sound like. Then when you give us specifics about the amp or speakers we can attempt to listen for them. So please give us something beyond one man’s opinion, because that will always be skewed!

AudiophileTubes says:

The Lepai is OK, but for about 10 dollars more, you can get the Kinter K2020A+ Limited Edition, with a real internal heat sink, and superior output electronics. It sounds better than the Lepai, and frankly, blew me away when I hooked it up to my Magnepan MMG’s (yes, it drove Maggies), and sounded great!

David Walker says:

I just love a guy who has spent decades with high-end audio gear but still remembers what it’s like to be a 14-year-old just getting into music and wanting it to sound better. Mr Guttenberg, my hat’s off to you.

Bruce Gelman says:

Thank you for bringing sanity to audio.Most young people are being mislead into spending thousands of dollars for no good reason.

David J says:

I think Parts Express actually has a bundle with this setup. How do the 652 compare to the MK402s?

D. Paul Gladstone says:

I’m sorry to disagree but none of this is audiophile. It may be acceptable to listen to music, but that doesn’t make audiophile at all. I have a 100 watt/channel Cambridge stereo receiver, an AT LP3 turntable with a Vessel A3SV line contact tip, $600 Canton pedestal mount speakers, and a 150 watt Klipsch subwoofer. That is an excellent sounding system, but it is not audiophile quality. Your are using that word loosely which is strange with your background.

Bruce Morgen says:

The previously reviewed Dayton Audio DTA-2.1bt is a better amp, and its subwoofer output takes care of the bass deficiency of the B652 — there are plenty of passive subwoofers from defunct “home theater” systems available used on eBay for under $50 shipped, e.g. I nabbed a very decent Samsung for only $25 with free shipping and it worked out perfectly. Steve’s previous review states that the improvement of the B652-AIR over the original B652 is pretty subtle, so there’s an additional $20 savings that could go toward getting a better amp and/or a sub. That said, seeing as Parts Express offers free shipping on orders of $100+, spending at least that much makes some sense. E.g. a DTA-2.1bt @$68 plus the B652-AIRs @$49.88/pair comes to only $117.88 with free shipping, whereas choosing the original B652s instead would require spending a bit more than the resulting $97.88 to reach Parts Express’s $100 free shipping threshold.

Arthur Watts says:

iPhone – ~1K USD
Oppo UDP-203 – obsolete, but from memory over 1K USD.

Steve, I’ve called you on this before – unless your broke 14-year old already has a decent phone, this system will cost him/her more than $88. Even if you go with a Dragonfly Black, they still need a computer (something many American kids ARE likely to have).

SYSTEM = SOURCE+AMP+TRANSDUCERS and that could easily be a pair of KSC-75s out of an Android phone

Jeffrey Koenig says:

The audiophiliac

Michel Linschoten says:

I rather see this , than all that pseudoscience gibberish on channels like this .

James Mincey says:

What would be the next best option if I wanted a remote control?

MrTruth111 says:

Steve, now also buy the NFC $30.-
This thing baffles my mind, I cannot hear the ATPX compression, and it sounds 95% of my main $700.- DAC. And it is so much fun for browsing for new tracks.

Joe Santa Maria says:

If you’re a beginner audiophile, turn around and run away! It isn’t 1976, and, get this, the world is full of women, and if u wanna get one, it helps to not spend your weekends wondering which contact cleaner to use.

Dave Kazoroski says:

Yes, Parts Express definitely has some good stuff at reasonable prices. The B652 family are “legendary” low cost speakers. Not the best, but way better than you would expect for the money.

Wize Guy says:

Lame. He didn’t even let us listen to what it sounds like. Stop being a salesman and start being an audiophile!

Herb Wandrei says:

Reptilian hybid?

shortwaveboy says:

I bought that little amp for my 12-year-old son and hooked it up to some 30-year-old Sound Dynamics bookshelf speakers that I had in high school and added a cheap Sony turntable to it. It sounds surprisingly good. Miles better than any Bluetooth speaker.

RBastien says:

Steve – Can you believe it $88 ? Thanks for sharing that. You should consider adding your Amazon affiliate links to products that you discuss, both the .com and .ca. 10 affiliate purchases for this kit, gets you around $6…but it adds up !

Ali Bekir Kılıçkaya says:

Thank you very much for economy recommendation. It’s funny but it’s still expensive for me in Turkey because of the lower currency against dollar. I’m 24 and finished mechanical engineering yet I have no job(and most of my friends have not, because they offer minimum wage). And this package, with the shipping and taxes expanses it from Amazon to Turkey, exceeds the minimum wage in my country 😀 Thank you very much again for your positivity 🙂

Neil Leisenheimer says:

Dayton Audio is awesome for the price. I bought a Dayton SUB-1200 12 inch 120 watt RMS subwoofer for $148 to use with two Polk R10s I bought at a garage sale. $2 for the pair. Those are being pushed by a Yamaha R-S202 I bought on Amazon open box for $100.

My Thoughts says:

Is this video mirrored? If so why? Why is the clock in the background appears as if it is mirrored?

Porcelain Army says:

I have this lepy amp, a Teac turntable and a set of Polk speakers and it sounds fantastic

Tim Schutte says:

, UPDATE, as of 9-28-18 you can purchase the small Lepai amp from Parts Express for $24.88
the regular “old style” Dayton B-652 speakers are now on Amazon for $26 bucks, or maybe it was the B-452, but anyways, everything has come down in price.
a couple things to note about this system.
1. The Lepai 2020-ti.
purchase the 19 volt-2.1 amp power supply to get the rated 20 watts per channel.
2. you must use 4 OHM speakers to get 20 wpc also or use 4-8 ohm speakers wired in parallel to get your 4 ohms.
if you do those two things you will be much happier with the results. trust me!!!

Troy Bateson says:

I have these same speakers for my surround sound however mine are the dual 6.5 instead of single. Love them.

rabit818 says:

Will the tariff war with China affect these wacky prices?

Brian Marcou says:

I love how you find the cheap jems that arnt a waist of time and money for us folks with not a lot of cash to spend.

S C says:

budget systems are so cool!


Even though I’ve upgraded to Elac Debut B5’s, I still really like my Dayton B652 Airs. Great for those on a budget!

Jacksirrom says:

I’m going into public school teaching and I might try and stick this system in my future classroom. Yeah buying used might be a good bet for home use, but I don’t think it’d be easy or a good idea to leave a gigantic, vintage stereo amp/receiver in my classroom. I could stick that Lepai just about anywhere out of the students’ reach.

James McHugo says:

And Steve, thanks for suggesting these speakers and amp. I think this setup will fill my needs.

Radio Jet says:

There’s a lot of fun things out there, it would seem. Thanks, for bringing them to our attention.

hifi noob 2018 says:

You could use an inexpensive dragon fly Dac with this system.

Random Tube says:

Its hard to recommend anything under 100 dollars. Maybe 200.

i23intheplace2b says:

I have old Sony three way speaker s and similar amp, knobsound 50w x 2 and my games, music, movies and TV sound amazing.

PoptheBubble ChartLeaks says:

What’s the sound signature?

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