Unbox & Review of HiFiMAN HE-500 Planar Magnetic Audiophile Headphones – Amazing Sound

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If you have seen my ‘Nerd Cave’ tour video then you know that my displays are huge and I took it to the extreme so I decided one of my other neglected senses required attention; my ears! So I decided to start slowing entering the world of audiophile headphones. My very first set I just received is this pair of HiFiMAN HE-500 Planar Magnetic headphones that don’t use conventional speakers to produce audio which is very awesome. They are also my first open back pair of headphones and I realize why people love them. The sound stage (image) is breath taking, when you play a high resolution 196k 24bit flac music file the result is something incredibly realistic, sounds like you are there while they are playing and singing. Everything note is completely separated and you can pick it out.

The really odd side effect was that these are not just great for music, they are freaking amazing with Dolby 7.1 Virtual Surround enabled in games. I played BF4 beta and with these guys on coupled with my Xonar Essence STX I was able to tell where everyone was without any problems and the sound in the distance truly felt like it was far away and my room felt so much larger!

Obviously my video cannot do them justice but just read up on reviews and you will see how awesome they are. I highly recommend getting a pair if you come by a good deal. I picked these up on AudioGon in like new condition for $599 which was a great deal considering the condition and the extra silver cable they came with.

My Headphones:
– Monoprice DJ over ear headphones ($20) (Cheap)
– Motorolla Bluetooth Headphones (Bluetooth)
– Audio FX Pro 5.1 (Ben Heck Edition) (USB, Surround)
– Audio transducer is fun for gaming (hurts sometimes)

– Triton 7.1 Headphones (Surround Experience)
– Good for XBOX
– Lots of backgroud noise from amp (hissing) integrated amp
– Sound position not nearly as good as you would expect
– Sennheiser HDR-180
– Fantastic wireless headphones
– Light
– Good battery life
– Sound quality lacking compared to wired headphones
– Beyer Dynamic MMX-300
– Comfortable and light weight (relatively)
– Loud without a lot of power (doesn’t need an amp, works with iPhone and iPad)
– Integrated microphone (good quality mic)
– Does not give you separation of sound like the HiFiMan
– Mid range and Bass not nearly as good as the HD-500
– HiFiMan HE-500
– Need more power for same volume
– Reproduce sound perfectly (mind blowing)
– Sound stage is amazing, can’t tell your listening to headphones half the time
– Works amazing in games also and makes FLAC really shine
– Bit on the heavy side
– Not the most comfortable headphones This show is an independent production of Jerry Berg (aka Barnacules). Opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer, friends, or any companies mentioned in the show. Email business inquiries to Barnacules@barnnerd.com Help the channel by donating BitCoin to 1MfVZVMjfUUq8srg1d4RbgXR5e7JLw7R6P

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Ben Jamin says:

Regarding the heaviness. I had fatigue issues with the he-500s for a long time, they digged into my spectacles on each side of my face, and really made me aware I was wearing them. It got so bad I was shifting them and twisting them every few minutes, constantly readjusting. Almost sold them. In desperate need of a fix I tried sticking foam in between my glasses and the pads, which made things worst, the compression had increased!. The only solution was to change my specs to a pair with very flat and thin sides, and now I don’t feel the soreness above my ears as I did before. The fatigue whilst wearing thick glasses gives the impression that the weight is a lot heavier too. It can become a constant bother. If you wear specs try removing them whilst listening and see how you get on, if the fatigue lowers then you know what to do.

candoslayer says:

i just got a sennheiser hd558 running them off of a sound blaster zx which had a 600 ohm headphone amp in it. It is amazing and i know what you mean about hearing the hisses within the audio track anyway i love them no way am i going back to non audiofile headphones after using a pair of audiofile headphones. Anyway i am looking for a program to rip my music with but with flac files and get rid of them mp3’s yay no more mp3’s when this is done!!!!!!!!!, so what program would you reccomed for that?

NotOrdinaryInGames says:

I dunno… I always thought 96kHz is more than enough.

Also, no need to call yourself an audiophile, or being afraid to. There is no prize for entering the club, and no punishment by angering the members 🙂

dnalekaw says:

lcd2 bruh get on my level

Gigagamer74 says:

Did you try HiFiMAN HE-500 in a C-S 1.6 ? I got a Toshiba monitor headphones and i can tell you it was something. 

yilei gu says:

Actually the cups themselves are plastic.

J4CК says:

I dojt like opej ear cuz you need to turm that shit up to be able to hear, but then everyone hears it, i wajt to shut up my teacher

Michael Lesko says:

If you game, you dont use a huge screen, period. The smaller the screen, the more you see in one view, and the easier it is to change your direction of view.

Nik Hulstein says:

did you have problems with the build? i had my headband break after a month, which forced me to modified the HPs with the new stock headband, because i developed trust issues with the overall build of the new stock

kasimere edwards says:

you said theres not enough bass with the mmx 300, dude i think theres to much bass. by the way its because of you i purchase the mmx 300 and the hifi man he500. haven’t gamed with them yet but hopefully this week i’ll have my place and i hope they are better positionally than the mmx 300. do you have a blu yeti mic???

James Berish says:

Keep pressing 4 and 5 for the remix of this video.  You can thank my add for that one.

Alex Stent says:

Haha HE-500 are light. I own the HE-4 and they are really really light. It’s unbelievable. I don’t even notice they’re on my head 🙂 Even the LCD-2 rev 2.2 were fairly light tbh. 

CurbThePain says:

that intro

henry cheang says:


EZVern says:

Ear piercing treble- good buy!

Thofiman says:

What’s the song @ 7:27 ?

Kulet James says:

Hoping you can offer some in tell from your vast knowledge of headphones! I’m in the market for headphones no more than $300 range that I can use watching movies from my computer and on the go with my mobile phone. I do not want to have powered since I will be using from my smartphone. I do want blue-tooth/wireless and I am considering the Bose QC25 or Sennheiser 550-x or the new Urbanite. I listen to a wide range of music from classic rock to hip hop to house to blues but mainly rock n roll. I want a nice overall quality sound. Please provide input, I watched your videos and you have a lot of experience with the cans. Thanks..

Mark says:

How come we cant get a good review on the HE-560?

Atrax R says:

“…first thing you notice is the cable tying itself in paranatural knots…”

cj18 says:

Xonar DG si isn’t good enough?

Nick Morilland says:

!!! My computer cost $700 !!!

Cameron Kimner says:

Have you heard of Jaybird Bluebud X’s? I haven’t used them but they are bluetooth earbuds people say that the sound extremely good and they only cost around $100. 

FLOXshui Lee says:

Just bought one at RMB2799, around GBP270

Billy Johnson says:

Are these open back?

PonyBoy1up says:

dam they sounds the same level on ur head and off ur head , thats really open

Ben Jamin says:

A recommended amp to look into to synergize with the he-500 is Emotiva Mini a100. At under $200 it’s not going to break the bank compared to similar performing amps which can cost almost double and perform almost the same. Look up “headfi emotiva mini”

Dustin Fake says:

Now all you need now is a pair of Stax or Sennheiser Morpheus. Only once you own a pair of these treasures, can you truly become one with the music.


Hey jerry do more audiophile videos where the fuck are them

Nihilyst says:

You should check out the new models that fix a lot of the comfort issues with the he500s and 400s.

Lumzide says:

What’s the instrumental music playing at the very end?

Adrian S says:

Ear piercing treble… DELIGHTFUL!!!

Me 2 says:

where R you downloading hi quality music from?

bojak cates says:

what are the most expensive headphones that you currently own?

Axel Cortez says:

question how much sound do they bleed out, I will be using them in an office so I don’t want to disturb other people my HD 598 are open also, but they don’t bleed out much sound out.

Max Chee says:

Method to the Madness!

G D says:

Review Alpha Prime Headphones!

jr4chargers says:

I can’t afford these, so I have the HE400. They sound great, btw. Also, they can play on my iPhone, even though I do have a budget amp. 🙂

hypnos316 says:

Just ordered these.  Super Hyped.  

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