Upgrading to Audiophile fuses

Fitting a 250ma hi fi tuning fuse supreme


Esoteric Audiophile says:

Can you describe the change in sound? Tnks!

honestbob45 says:


IntotheFire says:

Snake oil 101

Bob Outélama says:

The snake oil level is unbearable.

1962Klaas says:

This makes sense! especially when it’s the weakest link in the system it does something with the sound. Of course the system needs to have the resolution.
In addition to this video, when you never have tried it you can’t say anything about it. Everything is important!!!

Alex Tomlins says:

If you use deoxit gold wipes they will help to maintain the gold plating on your plug. I swear by it.

Alex Tomlins says:

I also have hifi tuning supreme fuses throughout my system with AMR hifi fuses in my mains plugs. They DO make a difference but you need a system good enough to warrant it. Must upgrade mains cables first though to get the effect.

Dirk Klinkenberg says:

The f…ing fuse is in the AC which means alternating current, this means the direction of the current changes 50 or 60 times per second depending on were you live…so scientifically it makes no difference which way around you put this snake oil fuse. Changing fuses or power cords does not change anything to the sound of the device, whether it is an amplifier, a cd player, a dac, a record player, a tuner…..moving your speaker 1 inch around in your room makes more difference. Companies who sell stuff like this should be closed down and put into jail for the rest of their lives… And so called audiophiles should stop listening to their gear and start listening to music….. And do not come to me with the BS that my system is not good enough or my ears not trained, if you think or believe you hear a difference that is because your brain biased…try a real blind test and stop spending money on snake oil…do some room treatment instead, cost less and your sound will improve…..

Peter R. says:

What a load of pure B.S.

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