Why an Audiophile Loves Airpods – 10 Months Later

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Back in May, I declared my love for Apple’s tiny, plastic and expensive pair of wireless earphones: the airpods. As someone who identifies as an audiophile, my praise and approval of the airpods came as a shock to many, leading some to question my credibility as audiophile due to the expensive DAC, plus cheap headphone setup I was using at the time. In the time since I created that video, I have acquired a considerably better pair of headphones, the ATH M50Xs. Additionally, I have begun listening to HiFi music, by means of downloading files from sites like Juno downloads. You might be thinking, that after exposing myself to true audiophile sound quality, I came to the conclusion that the airpods were indeed overpriced toys, and were better left for menial tasks like facetime calls and YouTube videos. The truth, however, is that I love them more than ever, and even sometimes prefer them over my audiophile set up. How could I still bear those allegedly awful prosumer sounding toothbrushes after I was enlightened by the majesty of true audiophile grade gear? I suppose you’ll just have to watch and find out.
My original video on airpods received a fairly large amount of attention for my channel. At the time of this recording, the video has just over 80,000 views and has a like to dislike ratio of about 6:1. A fair number of people praised the video’s quality, with someone even comparing it to MKBHD. However, there were also some who made the argument that my low quality “audiophile” headphones meant I truly had no high-quality point of reference; a fair point to be sure. I mentioned earlier that I now have listening gear that is truly audiophile caliber, but I still very much like the sound from the airpods. To answer this question we must first discuss the purpose of both the M50xs and the Airpods. The M50s are first and foremost monitor headphones; they are purpose-built to provide an accurate reproduction of whatever you are listening to. However, their sound signature is not completely flat like their bigger brother the M70xs, and because of this they are loved by many audiophiles purely listening for a high-quality way to listen to music, not mix music or edit voice over. I purchased them primarily for editing my voiceover tracks and YouTube videos, with musical consumption serving as more of icing on the cake. The Airpods, on the other hand, were designed solely for content consumption and are not accurate monitors for any form of audio editing. This, however, is why I love the sound they produce so much. To be clear, the sound produced by headphones is subjective to a certain degree, so my preference towards the Airpods is due largely to the fact that I primarily listen to indie folk, folk rock, and other more acoustic type music that tends to emphasize mid-range over highs or bass. The airpods have a very pleasant sounding mid-range, which leads them to perform exceptionally well on music focused mainly on acoustic instruments and vocals. However, I listen to some electronic type music as well, which sounds quite nice on the airpods to my ears anyway. I genuinely prefer the sound produced by airpods listening to apple music when compared to my M50x plugged into my iPhone SE’s headphone jack. This is especially interesting to me considering the amps found in iPhones are considered to be among the best in smartphones.
The argument that the Airpods and EarPods sound the same is simply not true, a point that I hadn’t fully come to understand when I made my original video. The Airpods have noticeably tighter bass, a fuller mid-range, and cleaner highs when compared to the EarPods. They are like an upgraded version of the same sound. However, they are not flawless and will distort sometimes on the highest sound levels. Also, contrary to popular belief, they will definitely not fall out of your ears running; as 10 months of doing this has proved to me. Sometimes I lose the case because it is so small, but other than that I have never actually lost the Airpods and consider that to be another overblown myth. I think there exists an unfair prejudice against these earphones, which is understandable considering Apple’s shady business moves like slowing down iPhones, but that’s a topic for another video. I prefer to judge the Airpods as an individual product, and in this sense, I consider them superb.

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zonkeymaker says:

I really love these things too. They go around with me everywhere

gxcad says:

My short review: Acceptable sound in a super compact package without being in-ear. Overpriced for the sound, but comparable to other bluetooth wireless ear buds. Would get them if they were under…maybe an upper limit of ~$100. They are good for what they are (size, buds, etc.), but sound quality is not competitive with higher end setups.

The wirelessness is surprisingly beautiful. No tangle, no fuss, works well. Ultra light weight and comfortable as a result. I would say they are a good product, just don’t expect the world out of them, and they are a bit pricey for the sound quality. Make sure you get them because you want wireless freedom for highly portable use. Oh, and for my ears, they won’t fall out no matter how violently I shake my head. Maybe if I tried to breakdance or something…point being they won’t fall out for normal walking/running, but they do fall out easily if I forget I have them in and try to take off my sweater or something like that.

Jason Latorre says:

Nice Apple employee metal thermos

Ch33ki DVL says:

Your a shit reviewer

Ijay Montemayor says:

Dude your video sounds so scripted. Do something about it

Treytappelsin says:

good video but your thumb gave me the creeps

Christoph K. says:

Wouldn’t buy Airpods because the battery seems not to be replacable which kinda is a no-go for me. A product must last for ten years minimum.

Jay G says:

Audiophiles don’t self proclaim that they are audiophiles 🙂 ath m50s, really?

Mr2pint says:

Good for Pod cast terrible for music- unless you have very Low expectations of your music. M 50x headphones are Ok but certainly not’ high end’ headphones.

micglou says:

A actual REAL audiophile doesn’t want to come near to Airpods… or any earbuds for that matter.

Andrea Mitrani says:

3 minutes in and you have repeated (over and over):
– I’m an audiophile because I listen to music on M50x (which I wouldn’t call “audiophile grade” by any stretch of imagination);
– But I still love my Airpods and I’m gonna tell you why (but you need to listen to me bragging for three minutes on the fact that I’m an audiophile).

I guess I’m never going to understand why.

Ramon McNally says:


Ryan Brown says:

I also own some m50s they are by no means HiFi at best they are really good headphones they don’t sound bad or anything but they don’t compare to my 2000 speakers

Greg says:

Blah blah blah personal preference I love AirPods. They will only get better

Laurie Haller says:

your atx headphones are not the true audiophile experience if ya want that ya need hd600 hd 650 hd6xx or better headphones

Amirul Roslan says:

Hi. would like to ask about Airpods. do they have delay(latency) problem when using for video call or watching movies? really appreciate your answer

gingaleanda says:

I love the convenience of them.
What is underrated is the dual balanced armature apple iems

DuShaun Sanders says:

Off topic but how does one “turn up” to indie folk music?  Asking for a friend.

theconman1395 says:

You can call yourself an audiophile if you appreciate hi-fidelity audio. But if your top set of monitors is just ATH M50’s, I can’t imagine what opinion you could have compared to the people typically considered the audiophiles on YouTube. While the airpods aren’t total garbage… They’re still just not good.

itzzviolence says:

does no one get his sarcasm?!

Yeo Joon Park says:

M50x and audiophile…don’t belong together in a same sentence. Not sure why people create content on a topic they have no clue about.

Rm MR says:

Hey I would love to be an Audiophile also. I own a pair of run of the mill headphones. Can I start calling myself an Audiophile also? Let me know. Thanks.

Augustya K says:

Like you rightly said the AirPods are good with Mids, and Highs but they sound muffled and they lack big time in BASS !! No Audiophile would use it for Content Consumption !!

Kevin Paul says:

AirPods is just so convenient to daily use and make calls, I love them!
Sound quality is better than EarPods but it’s nowhere near the audiophile quality.
I wouldn’t call M50X is audiophile.
Other than that, great looking video!

K. SharkyBot says:

Apple puts some decent stuff, consumer wise ppl wouldn’t notice, but putting the airpods next to the m50x is like me saying my jaybirds X3 or Jabra sport elite sound better than my Fidelio X2 or close, and I doubt anyone who has spend more than 300+ dollars in audio equipment would agree with this either, audiophile wise. Which is not the case, of course these two sound good to my ears but is nothing compare to my full size cans. I haven’t hear none of the 2 but I just don’t see how ppl can say a Bluetooth headphone just cause is 150 will sound as good. B.S.

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