Z Review – PS:Audio Sprout100 (Canadian Audiophile Approved!)

[https://amzn.to/2NvbYP8] — SPROUT100 Finally on Amazon!!
[https://www.psaudio.com/products/sprout/] — Sprout Homepage
[https://amzn.to/2lmmRXP] — Mackie MRS10 Sub
[https://amzn.to/2yp0tGk] — U-Turn Orbit Turntable
[https://amzn.to/2lpWmkl] — Micca Speaker Cables

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Jim C says:

Its white. I had to look up how to disable the boost.

M S says:

You are the best and only good audio YouTube can you do a budget build for people with low incomes

Don Vittorio Sierra says:

your AT cart is not very high gain explaining why your vinyl is quiet. Use an ortofon for example and the vinyl would get louder. I am assuming the sprout doesn’t have adjustable gain for the phono preamp section.

Milton Crosbie says:

As a hp amp, how does the Sprout 100 compare to BeyerDynamic A20 hp amp?

Kevin McCoy says:

Enjoyin’ digital control ideas for analog devices! Voice/keyboard control to projector?

Lil Saf says:

@Z Reviews can you please review the Mackie CR5BTs? I actually have a problem with the left speaker don’t know what it is though.

Jimmy Wallace says:

Review is all over the place.

Eric Mollenthiel says:

Motion sickness

Anfang says:

It’s not a good looking unit, it looks rather boring, a bit new Canadian if you want.

twitch_ shep3oh says:

I have some shp9500s for gaming on pc. What the cheapest dac i should get that is decent

1959Berre says:

Your camera movement gave me a bad stomach after two minutes.

alexandsimba says:

For $600 they should give you 2 optical in. I rather buy a 5.1 receiver, if they are going to charge that much for 2.1 DAC.

TheWretchedWorld says:

you need a subsonic filter

Gary M says:

It’s actually a nice little amp, but PS Audio is so full of snake oil and Paul is so full of shit on his channel that I wouldn’t give them a penny of my money. Looking at their facility, and considering they are a relatively low volume company, I can’t imagine how astronomical the mark-up on their products must be. Have you thought about reviewing the Vista Audio Spark?

Andreas Zetterqvist says:

Man I love your reviews, keep up your awesome work!❤️
What about making a review about Sound blasterx ae-5 ? “The ultra-low 1Ω output impedance drives 16-600Ω headphones perfectly.” Combo it with a Fostex T50RP MK3(with Shure HPAEC1540). Again, thanks a lot for all the work you put into your reviews!

ktlewis42 says:

I have to ask I know you listen to a lot of soundtracks but what other genres of music do you listen to with a lot of the music that you play on your videos I really like it I like different kinds of things but unfortunately you don’t always say well this is what I played and this is you know where you could probably hear it just curious like the musical selection very much

jamesb7777a says:

great amp but vastly overpriced at $600, Id buy one for $200-$300

Noah says:

Alexa, stop that vinyl!

This line made me laugh far more than it should have. 5:35

Alf Ma says:

Please review Focal and Tannoy speakers

GengarTV says:

It probably sends a pulse to sub to snap the sub out of sleep mode.. I don’t real think it’s necessary tho

Ciarán Leòghann says:

We had Schiit and now sPROUT…. hmm… sounds too much like “prout” which means “fart” in french. Can’t display that on my french desk sorry.

Balcky George says:

okay.so can you help me with this?4-8 ohm amplifier and 4-8 ohm speakers.how does this goes on?

Rene Stanneveld says:

Tought all PS audio was made in Boulder USA since 2007 guess they where lying.
Oh hold on gotta run out and by a $999.- powercable,.
Anyways since they gave u it for a review i take it with a grain of salt. its entertainment.

Keystone says:

This or CMA 400i ??

C AaAaX XaxaA says:

listening to audio reviews on my monitors built in speakers

Kanga Empire says:


Tahsin Alam says:

Edit your videos pleeaaaseee

i raul says:

PS Audio is 50% snake oil

MAELOB says:

By the way PS audio offers full msrp trade in up to 30% of product value. Price are probably inflated to account for that but still a good deal. And they have good customer service.

Hua Spirit says:


akila219 says:

get the nuprime ida-8 instead of this

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