ZenWave Audio Interconnects and Speaker Cable Review

Ron from http://newrecordday.com review the ZenWave Audio D1, D2, DD, and D4 Interconnect as well as the “litz” SL Speaker Cable.


FloppyHares says:

Cable voodoo.
You forgot the chicken blood..!

Sahdin Khan says:

hmmmm. they sound so yummy. yum yum. so yummy that i ate the technical data sheets.

Vic Chan says:

Ron nice Diy rack! It will be great to make a video on how to build one for the benefit of viewers like us!

Julian West says:

My RCA’s are made of full silver, with platinum plating, Eagle feather insulation twisted and blessed by a priest of the solar temple for better induction from the star of Sirius. No noise, unless induced by the gods of turntables.

NosTubes58 says:

You’re more then welcome……., and then some.

Ionescu George Alexandru says:

I bet you can’t pass a blind test between those cables. The speakers are the limiting foctor in the detail department. A good cable, not limiting anything, can be built very cheap. Nice build quality though.

bglasss says:

Great review, thanks for taking the time to review these IC’s. I currently use the Zenwave D1 ICs, but after watching your review I think I will invest in the D3’s; I am a detail and resolution freak as well 😉

Keep up the good work, I look forward to more of your reviews!

quinonezes86 says:

Are you going to review the audience 1+1 speakers? Thanks..

Truc Do says:

No wonder why i like BLUEJEANSCABLES.

Peter May says:

May I ask you, for your most expensive cable, what is the lumped inductance, and how would you define “resolution” for that cable?

mr awesome says:

all you need is gauge and distance period

Kurt Kwast says:

I see you updated your equipment rack about 8 months ago from the boards and cinder blocks (which I use) . Is it homemade or commercial?

Kevin Thomas says:

If your sound system is a soundbar connected to your TV then none of this is for you!

Mark Johnson says:

great job. what would you use for rca R and L for a Parasound Halo sub out to a 12 inch ported Klipsch sub?

Alter Kater says:

Have you ever thought of using solid copper tubes instead of wires.
Would give your system a nice steampunk look.

Igor Panov says:

Where are audio tests?

Peter May says:

New Record Day
I posted a comment about a month ago, do you intend to answer It?

Lord Colin says:

Do you believe the bullshit you are spewing?

Yippie says:

Can you tell me what record player isolation platform you are using? Thanks. 

Martin Bernstein says:


Roy Rudkin says:


NosTubes58 says:


It’s nice to see that you’ve finally done a proper audio stand/rack. Way to go.


ianmedium says:

Really digging the new intro Ron and so glad to see a new review, thank you!

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