100$ double din gps bluetooth dvd player unboxing and review

6.2 2Din TFT Touch Screen In-Dash Car DVD Player with GPS BT Radio SD/USB RDS 800*480Screen Resolution.
runs on windows os windows ce 5.0

fallow me on twitter @ Mizta_shy

here is the link for radio



Larry Perry says:

Just got the same radio I am having trouble getting the time zone to stay set when I program it I looked it up on line and it showed me the steps to do it but it saids I need a pass word anyone know how to fix this? Thanks for any help

Craig Howarth says:

I have 1 of these and I do like it just struggle to get radio I brought from china and not sure if there is any settings that will be set wrong in factory settings any 1 no

Firstpo jkh says:

so did the tv atenna work ? also do you know the name of that type of atenna conneciton ?

David Reyes says:

what brand radio is that? Have you had any problems with it since you installed it?

Dave Naxet says:

Good day, someone knows that code or key is used to activate usb debugging in this type of car stereos

rhyudouh tat says:

do u have any ”static noise ” coming from speakers as I can not find a fix?

Temp says:

Is it possible to change the back-light color of this?

I want to match my car’s other buttons

Joel Murray says:

what brand/model is your smartwatch?

andrew moseley says:

I would have liked to have seen a movie been played in it. But other than that it looks pretty solid, it looks like it’s got some good reaction time.

Wang William says:

Do you have email ,I have some product for review ,thanks a lot.

calvin allen says:

can you plug a axillary cord to the cd player? I didn’t see the aux input

phil blessed says:

I purchased the same HU and having the same problem as Larry Perry. I cant get the time to stay correct. I read below there is instructions on how to fix this ? Anyone have this info ??

Amy says:

5:06 “No TV Sinal” I’m glad that I watched the up to that part because I’m skeptical of products with typos. I don’t know if I trust this electrical equipment to be connected to my car. Search Amazon or go to Best Buy. I think right now, the cheapest is $129 or $149 on Best Buy. I figure if they sell them, it must be legit.

Samuel Romans says:

bruh wtf, lol you filmed it and tossed in a bunch of hand gestures, then sped it up and dubbed over those hand gestures with your voice like if you were talking live? weird lol

espiripitiflautico agapito pelayo says:

Someone has been able to operate the steering wheel controls, or how they connected. Ha and another thing my gps is beautiful IGO PRIMO, but the problem begins if I have the gps and the music detects insufficient memory some solution.


Can you play BT music from Iphone? Like spotify?

Dan Antonio says:

Hi, by chance would you happen to know the 4 digit factory set / reset code for this unit?

Kyle Martel says:

how do I get the gps maps ?

Aza zel says:

Does it fits seat ibiza 6L?

vakho kharazishvili says:

what is factory code

ecahatch says:

did you get the dvd player working?

mine has an error says its not allowed..i dont have the manual, do you know which color wire to ground so that it doesnt show?

gordon says:

Hi.  Does the GPS give voice prompts?

pete Stockbauer says:

stick with android version yoi can do alot more

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