$20 car stereo test & review – Dual XDM16BT

I found this car stereo at Walmart for just under $20. Let’s put it through the usual tests to see if it is any good.


xludan says:

Pretty clean on a bench supply but put it in car with alot of potential noise sources and you have a different story. Especially if you couple into noise from the alternator. Would be interesting to see how good the noise rejection really is.

wild knights™ says:

youre gonna whine about copyrighted music? lmao

Bullwinkle69 says:

Great review as always John…FYI that ribbon cable was probably causing your auto focus issue;)

Practical Guy says:

I’ve got the Drok TDA7377 2ch amp found on Amazon and it sounds so good. It has better imaging than a lot of my more expensive hifi amps. I’m going to get something with the TDA7388 to play with for a biamp setup.

ap senpai says:

im hope that weird audio tech guy will tell a story about snickers for a couple minute long, because i like cat and amplifier..
anyway nice car radio benchmark

83mike860 says:

Is there any way I can mod/delete/dim the LEDs .. looks like a spaceship in my car at night way to bright

TriniFirst says:

Bought one of these.
It got really, really hot, so much that I could not keep my finger on it for more than 2 secs – as this reviewer also points out. I was afraid it would burn down my car.
I added a heat sink from and old PC, and also a PC fan., that connects to one of the wires (the one responsible for the remote control).
Works great now.
I’ve noticed they modified the board a bit, so perhaps the issue’s solved.

Smoove King says:

can u try boss and pyle

MrBrymstond says:

Can’t you attach a external heatsink from a old computer or two to the back?

Steve Polhill says:

Can the USB port be used as a charging port?

Carl Jr says:

Do you recall at what level the volume was when the distortion jumped to clipping? Thank you.

Bill Ridge says:

I guess on the bright side you could use it for a Bluetooth portable system and build your own box for it you might have to stick a small fan back behind like a computer fan

Jason J says:

It’d be interesting to see how this compares to the even cheaper direct-import car radios which start at around $10, as they seem to be similar in specification.

picos1975 says:

Does it charge your phone with the usb port

CoolDudeClem says:

Good sound, MP3 player, Stereo FM, bluetooth connectivity … that all seems good … buuuuuuuuut … no tape compartment? Not even a CD slot? … Fail! also blue lights everywhere, that’s just so much modern wank!

ArribaLasChivas- says:

I already installed but it doesnt get all the radio stations I need help

Larry Keller says:

That’s tin not aluminum

Dave Kazoroski says:

Make a nice wood case and external power supply for it. Would make a nice home stereo. Maybe doctor up a heatsink to add to the back.Excellent FFT results – no real distortion at all. Class AB amps are still the best performing ones for music – Class D just dont “sound right” to my ears.Excellent $20.00 investment.

Aljiven Alejo says:

what im saying that the ic tda7377 unit i guess

Gizmo Thewytchdoktor says:

bodge in a small fan. run it off the amp trigger wire.punch a small hole in case… circulate a little bit of air.. 🙂
it’s nice to see that they DIDN’T use a digital amp. digital front end and analogue back end. nice for 20 bucks.

Johnny 1911 says:

It’s only 20 bro if you don’t like it go buy a 1000 car stereo

basshnter1 says:

I was blown away with this for the $15.79 I paid.
Bluetooth music streaming and phone call audio quality is very good.
This seems ideal for a beater car,truck or boat. Will have to see how long it last because yes this thing gets hot.


Just bought one @ 17 bucks and a coin for my 1987 MR2… Sweet!

Ron Shaw says:

Its amazing they can sell these things so cheap.

Mark Spott says:

Thanks for a VERY in depth review! Certainly wasn’t expecting to see the inside of the unit…thanks! Big Question for U or someone…You mentioned, you thought the unit run HOT especially being an in-dash radio. Question, will that HEAT cause
any damage to my car? My usual volume level is about half way, traffic 2-3 hours at a time. Don’t want to see smoke!

Karl Adams says:

I think we all predicted the eyeball-searing blue LEDs at 5:35, though I was surprised to see it deliver nearly half its rated power output – chintzy, but not nearly as horrific as I had expected.

Curt Chase says:

Nice thorough job! I’m impressed too. I’m looking for a good “mechless” head unit now to replace my older car stereo. I never played CD’s in it, since it has the thumbdrive option. I’m not looking to buy THIS one, but the DUAL here is great for upgrading a beater car, pontoon boat, old truck etc.

Dustin Mitchell says:


Lester Hilger says:

I installed it on my bicycle

Ronnie houston says:

OK He got it from there web site at Walmart there actually 50 dollars

Lucien Pan says:

John I usually like your informative videos. Thanks.

However in this case I think you are being overly critical. Meaning that for less than $20 what do you expect? One cannot even feed two people with a decent meal (stuff like McDonald’s or KFC) ultra low tech low quality junk food in the USA. Yet this fairly respectable and performing piece of electronics gets the comment “chintzy”? You must be out of your mind, or latently prejudiced. Please keep that in check as a friendly advice. You risk offending a significant portion of the population on Planet Earth.

From the cost performance ratio, the pertinent question to ask is what could you do for $20 ?

Glass epoxy PCB, surface mount components. Obviously ICs. Good quality build. Yet judged with prejudice due to the low cost.

You are better than that.

MrBrymstond says:

Yeah, you know a guy’s weird when he names his cat after a candy bar.. How generic! I subbed him a long time ago.

Randall Debow says:

4 or 5 thousand songs all bootlegged

DSMerkonmyface says:

2:41 that’s what she said lol

mikedrz says:

The incredibly cheap click sound of the buttons makes you cringe, each click probably takes 1% off the lifetime of the switch. I disagree with you about the remote though, for 20 USD, I would be surprised to even see a remote battery, let alone a remote. It’ll likely come in handy when the switches fail, and the remote is the only way to control it. j/k haha

cameronl62 says:

I saw this in the store the other day and am tempted. This video is perfect! I have to wait until tonight to watch, though. I currently have a no-name $20 stereo in my car now that has technical issues, but sounds good. We’ll see if this is an “upgrade.”

Erick Juma says:

Which make or brand is this car stereo?

ClassicRockDJdotcom says:

excellent review, Man ! It’s so good to watch a review that actually tests and reviews the product and it’s functions instead of just spending 15 mins “UNBOXING” a product..GREAT JOB!

Flavio Cano says:

You called it bro. It does over heat then shuts off. Its a peice of shit

Roger Onslow says:

For $20 that’s excellent value. And all those features. If that was made in the US it would have to cost at least $120.

Dan S says:

I really like that cheap plug… Not the cheap plug on the car stereo but the one for the ‘Weird Audio Tech Guy’ you got a thumbs up just for that! ha ha

Ricky Gomez says:

Installed in my Suzuki aerio I like it but the blue light is so blinding at night the only negative. Might return and spend the money on one that has a dimmer

BrOoKlYn JoAnNe says:

anybody know why usb,aux,bluetooth music is much more quiet than radio channels. radio is plenty loud enough at 25 but other sources have to be maxed out at 40 and still cant hear them very well while driving


Does the amp have different languages?

Steve Smith says:

What will you do with it ?

John Becker says:

Hot 12:15 is not good! In fact, it is a deciding factor for me. I was considering this one or the cheaper one from Walmart. The cheaper one has the added bonus of a SD Card but does not play AM which seems to come in a tad bit clearer in the hills where I live but I suppose I could always use Internet radio app. This one has AM but even without amps, which I am not planning on using, I don’t need anything more to go wrong with my car so I think the $18 XO brand might be input into my car.

Dennis Vanderben says:

Lol literaly the same 1 dorito quad rotor guy inboxed and few days ago lmao

JHRO813 says:

Just bought this for $15.67 at Walmart surprised it works so well and it paired with my phone quickly

basshnter1997 says:

How is the bluetooth audio quality for phone calls?

Brian Sterling says:

Do you think this stereo would get too hot for Texas summers?

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