2015 WRX Stock Sound vs Harman Kardon OEM Sound

It may still be hard to hear the differences but I hope this helps to those deciding on whether or not to get the upgraded audio. Like I said in the video I would get it because I am somewhat of an audiophile but to the average consumer it may not be the best spent $1,000. Thanks for watching!


Shawn Cicione says:

And for 1,000 dollars you can buy a Focal 3 way component set for each door and an amp to actively by-amp each driver. Much better than a 120 watt “premium system”

Chai Sun says:

Hi, I just got a wrx sti which come with basic audio system, 6 speaker. Now I am looking to upgrade to HK package, Can I get them to from any dealer to ship to Cambodia ?

Daniel Vicaretti says:

Big difference!

MtnXfreeride says:

The best way to compare these is to use a set (not auto) gain recording device and assume anyone who cares about audio quality has either a decent set of headphones or computer speakers… then we can hear the difference in sound quality at various volumes ourselves. Your camera mic doesn’t do either justice. Using a db monitor doesn’t help much either because an app using smartphone microphone cant detect the full range of sound (bass and highs – which the Harmon system will excel in) and they often have auto gain as a non-removable setting. This comparison also doesn’t factor in sound stage location.

my plus says:

Haman Kadon It’s really great.

Zhang Andrew says:

Oh man, “hifi sound” is fake and just piece of junk, and AUX is suck as well. Go get a normal stuff with USB in plz…

Obalit says:

You listen to shitty music

Joe Rasmussen says:

Thanks for sharing, I could really tell the difference between them and I’m not even a big stereo system person.

Now my “build your own” 2016 WRX is only $1500 less than the base 2016 Focus RS making the choice even more difficult.

Riley Logan Pelletier says:

Thank you!! helped a lot!! 🙂

George Michael says:

Thanks for doing this detailed comparison. I have a 2016 with the standard radio and I’ve never heard a worse sounding stereo before in my life, I’ve heard AM radios that sounded better. I wish I would have been aware BEFORE I bought the car… now I’m kicking myself in the culo.

Kevin Chu says:

thanks this video is helpful. sound doesnt translate well through youtube but get general idea

Shux says:

Dude, The Harman Kardon sound much more better than the stock sound system.

Happy Poop says:

i love bass so is the harman kardon good at it?

Dylan Verkler says:

Oem is better

Oscar Orozco says:

what app you use

Francisco Cano says:

do any of you guys know what song is used in soundtest 1

dsonyay says:

I don’t know how you could say that the HK stereo is not worth it over the stock. There’s a huge sound difference between the two. The music choices you used is absurd as well. I will agree in the aftermarket world, you can absolutely beat the HK upgrade, but without upgrading, the HK setup is far superior.

Mateus Farias says:


Hunter Van Dam says:

All I have to say is my friend has a base 2016 wrx and his audio is alright and I have a 95 ranger standard cab with custom speakers and even he admits that mine are better and I only spent 100$ no amp I just get better bass quality and clarity

Aaron Yi says:

I’m going to miss the Inifinity Sound System in my Optima SX =(

ricky stewart says:

yea the new Chrysler Pacifica van has the harman kardon speaker system 20 speakers wow

Gregory Krisa says:

by having two people in one car and one in the other you are changing some of the audio your body’s are absorbing and bouncing the audio differently. so a+ to get everything the same till that. but also I haven’t seen the speaker location of either but I’d guess harmon kardon has tweeter locations higher up giving clearer vocals base is as they say unidirectional so that can stay low. I wonder if they seal the speakers like they do In the Lincoln’s.

MurderTnT says:

hey, what is the title of sample 1? artist – song?
thank you and best regards

hayden gammel says:

“my lg g2, which has hi-fi audio” lol

Mystery Xoxy says:

the 2 sound system suck to hard !!!!!!

theuncanspan says:

+projectWRX15  what is the app you’re using?

ArtūrsM says:

Louder Doesn’t Mean Better!

kifla420 says:

lol stock sounds better and more bassier
maybe it’s just the mic

Jay J says:

Adjust the bass using the custom built in equalizer

Mystery Xoxy says:

Had a sub please and this like ok

paul stingel says:

the premium sound system was so much better it was a lot clearer and had more bass and the stock sounded tiny like it was being played through an empty tin can

Kacicka999 says:

You compare speakers based on volume ? Are you serious ? how often are you going to listen on max volume ? Its quality what metters…

Namith Dhas says:

Harman Kardon has more clarity… stock sound system sounds cloudy.. the only things the car with Harman Kardon system needs is an amplifier and a sub-woofer

Alex Juliao says:

the new subarus dont have USB ports?

djcooldm says:

this comparison is garbage you use the worst mic(s) and of course the harman system would outperform the stock model because harman kardon is one of the best company’s for audio products.

DuJuan Richmond says:

Hey how did you set your camera up like this?

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