2016 Volvo XC90 – Bowers & Wilkins Premium Audio System Review

How good is the top tier audio system in the new 2016 Volvo XC90? Hope you’ve got good head phones or a good audio system to really get the best out of this video!

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Guy Luyckx says:

This is TOP man .. keep up the good work ! Thanks

Henrik Forsman says:

If you use Spotify the new native Sensus Spotify app is now released. If you decide to get it a review would be nice 🙂

Patryk Superficial says:

next time dont use sampled shit pop music!

Константин Прваров says:

Full sheet? It is harsh and bright sound Next time try dynaudyo

Robert - GarantiPuts says:

Try “Abzolut” from Spotify/youtube … a Zlatan song !

Yello is also a classic when testing car sound

Leif Johansson says:

listened to the B&W cm 10s2 a while back and they sounded good. they also have the nautilus.

David Carvalho says:

what is the name of the song?

Aakash Narang says:

Thank you so much for this video! Its a great system, enjoy it! 🙂

gonwan1 says:

Is the sub hidden?

Danial Haziq says:

in my country xc90 isnt equipped with b&w cuz they want to cut the price,so sad i dont have a chance to hear it

Hedge Hog says:

Its a £3000 option in UK.

soulerflare7 says:

man, I’m so envious. B&W is my favorite sound system. When I was reading motor trend and they just briefly mentioned the b&w system in this vehicle like it was an after thought. Just goes to show you that some people don’t know a super premium sound system when they hear it.

Stevan Tosic says:

I envy you lucky man behind the camera 😉

Austin P says:

I have an older XC90, and I recently upgraded all of the interior audio components to the “Premium” (amp, speakers, center speaker and factory sub) and did the software upgrade at Volvo. I am quite content with the audio that Volvo offers, and will totally have the Bowers when it comes time to get my new XC90 in a couple years.

Martín Piñeiro says:

Would love to listen to Morcheeba in that audio system! 🙂
Thanks for your review
Greetings from Argentina

totizedger says:

Sounds really nice 🙂 i have the B&W 685 S2 standmount speakers and the sound is great. Compared to speakers in other cars it’s a huge difference in sound, that Volvo got B&W technology is awesome.

Hikinit says:

My T8 will be in next week from Baltimore. I upgraded the sound system. Can’t wait to hear it.

Stevan Tosic says:

One more. Did you try that apple car play in your car ? Cause it’s a damn good thing and u are missing out with that samsung

akshay rahate says:

any sound leak you observe with high volumes from cabin?

David Garofil says:

The intro song name please?

WalkerWhite says:

wow it sounds just like my macbook pro speakers!

Mr Macmurray. says:

How many watt??

hk15 says:

Whats is the intro music name pls?

Stevan Tosic says:

Shazam it Vashek 🙂

Scott Irons says:

Are you listening to MP3 files ? If so in my opinion you have just wasted your money on the sound system as MP3 files are clipped at hi & low range.. I bet you couldn’t tell the difference between this system & the Norma system in an XC90

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