2017 Mercedes C43 AMG Burmester Audiosysteme Sound Test/Bass

Burmester Sound System in the 2017 C43 AMG

The optional Burmester Surround-Soundsystem offers music lovers an acoustical experience which has no equal in the middle class premium segment. Due to its 13 heavy-duty loudspeakers, frontbass technology and a 9-channel DSP amplifier with 590 watts of total output power, the sound system, which has been perfectly finetuned to the car, delivers first-class Burmester.

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Daniel says:

first song name plss?

Егор Лысенков says:

Ну такое)

Tim Bastian90 says:

What is the Song at 4:44?

vsboy 25 says:

Sexy car

Jay W says:

I just took delivery of a 2017 C 300 4 with the Burmester Sound and have to agree the Harmon Logic 7 in my 2009 C300 was better suited for Hip Hop and Urban music. Burmester is probably better suited for soft jazz and or classical music

Kool Acclaimed™ says:

Did you buy your car from Mercedes-Benz of Tuscaloosa?

Vangerino vangerino says:

Well that’s a pretty amazing stock system despite the lack of bass!

Peter Rabin says:

Kind of irrelevant when you start driving with all the vibration and outside noise

gamingbtc says:

What kind of idiot turns bass up to the maximum, all your credit out the window lmao

Dylan Truong says:

Can someone please give me the name of the first song he hs played please ? Thanks guys

Frederik Randers says:

God I am struggling with the basic sound system in my w205, I regret so bad not getting the burmester it in my car 🙁

Stefan Parisi says:

hahaha trust to play nuvole bianche

AllenonStage says:

The best

Gabriel Galanyn says:

Esses americanos ainda nao viram uma saveiro ;-;

Lavinia Alexa says:


f2227 says:

What is the name of the first song?*-*

Paum Gollnau says:

Thx, nice video

/ / says:

Is it mp3???Or another sound format?

Alex Korsh says:

Plz song 5:51

tomáš járka says:

i think bang and olufsen is better

Howling Mad says:

Could you please tell me the name of the first song?

SAM GH says:

Is it the same exact audio system in the c63s amg coupe ? How many watts is it ?

German Big says:

Makes Sense. Play music in a car, record it with a camera, load in on youtube and get compressed, watch it at home on your mobilphone…. YOU CANT MAKE SUCH TESTS.

Alex Korsh says:

Song 5:54 ?

Zakaria 63 says:

name of the song 4:55??


Sound awesome. Beautiful car

3V4NG3L10NN says:

you should have bought an C63 😉 motor sound is important, too

BenzVlog says:

Im def upgrading to a C43 next !

Dylan Wells says:

I’m surprised how well it came through on my bose headphones

Zyzz says:

This sound system is rubbish. No bass at all

Arjuna De Alwis says:

All the money in the world cannot buy the brain one deserves…

Mark Trujillo says:

I actually really liked this video and you’re the first person who chose the dark wood finish (I forgot the official name of it), which is what I would choose too, over the carbon fiber.

КоляSkA XD says:

5:51 music???

Harmon Tedesco says:

Blow-Future is one of the best bass songs….thumbs up

Paum Gollnau says:

Where did you found the first song ?

Péter Bató says:

Last song? Pls

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