3 problems with the cheapest Walmart Car Stereo

The sound system has been excellent for the price. But there are a couple issues. I use a sound spectrum analyzer to diagnose my problems.

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Sooshady says:

Mines went out smh

G maniac says:

hehe, cheap window tint…. personally i think quality dont make any differance of what price you get… it’s how you aply it! now i never tinted my windows, but i put some “non see through” stuff on my house windows, and just as they sayd, i used some washing up liquid the make it “movable” under installation, but i gues my washing up liquid reacted or something cuz it gave a nasty white sheen to the “sticker” so i redid it all but without using any liquid, wich is hard cuz once you touch the glass it sticks and can not be moved again. years later i saw this video and they did use liquid and “tinted” a whole car in like 20 minutes… if only i had theyr stuff.

Sage Grey says:

If I stream music from my phone to my cars stereo it sounds like ass, but if I play local files through Jet Audio Plus for Android I can compensate for almost any shortcomings in the head unit, or even my JBL Charge 3 speaker that I use at work. As long as the source has a decent EQ or enhancement, you ought to be good.

Mud Mower gaming says:

The speakers Have tweeters man they will be a lot louder

Cole1027 says:

you can equalize the input on apps like spotify

Mark Moon says:

Amazon also sells $20 car stereo..

Diogo_Kroeff says:

Sony its horible
Buy kicker and pioneer

Michael Hony says:

Add a nice preamp equalizer from a real car stereo shop.

Da' Mechanic says:

Unfortunately, your problem is not really the head unit. It’s your speakers.
Cheap speakers have a tendency to be piercing. I recommend those 6.5 pyles going in the door with a 20 dollar set of tweeters.
The other thing you SHOULD do, is save up 150 dollars and buy a Pioneer head unit, which should have an EQ in which you can drop the 2.5khz frequency to -1 or -2 to flatten out the sound.

CptSmoke says:

Did I see World of Warcraft?

TLoke Craze says:

You can turn off using Bluetooth for calls my broski

Dilan Gilluly says:

You should buy at least a halfway decent stereo system just to see how it compares to the Walmart system you have. I think it would be pretty interesting.

joe brawley says:

I don’t know what you would call me but one thing you could do is take the unit out or the faceplate off take all the screws out find where the mic is take a pair of wires resolder them right where the mic was and then solder the mic on to the wires then put the mic where people can hear you also while you’re at it one thing that I found that is better is to unsolder the USB port and solder a extension line to where you can put any flash drive on it and not have to worry about knocking it or breaking it just put the flash drive say in your glove compartment I don’t know it’s just a thought my help you might not anyways I’m out

Danny B says:

actually used this stereo to build a diy bluetooth box, worked surprisingly well

Harrison Sutton says:

Do a cheap Xenon projector upgrade or LED conversion!

Thodoris Vlasopoylos says:

Love you rob dahm

Ace Conklin says:

Cheap things to try: Shift knobs, interior LEDs, steering wheels, window tint, and seats/covers.

Shivam Patel says:

Make a video of The Pyle speaker

Daniel Gomez says:

Keep the budget builds going with some diys

Muranaman says:

Install an Garrett GT25 small turbo on a crappy econo car.

BrysNightWorld says:

Sadly that 1k peak you’re seeing? Its very common in aftermarket speakers. In bigger cars/suvs, its not as bad. But in a smaller one, its bad. The pioner d1720c everyone loves, were awful offenders. Though switching to polks helped ‘some.’

I dunno ifs its intentional, so you get a eq or a headunit with a decent eq/autotune. One thing that helps alot is the ‘adaptive sound’ most androids have. It plays a tone, and asks if you can hear it. That or an app with eq settings. But, that assumes you use a phone too.

TestChannel8855 says:

Imagine if you could have a MP3 player on your phone that has EQ….just imagi…ou wait you don’t have to BECAUSE IT EXISTS !
Use it damnit if you’re using Aux.
And that USB port is exactly for what it says, an USB thumb drive to play music from.

Damone McClinton says:

If you have any speakers you don”t want may you please tell me if possible.

Catholic C says:

Test a ROCKVILLE K9 sub and give a honest in depth review like u did here, those are only little over $100

Spunkmire says:

Word of the wise for audio….

Yes, let’s use a cheap ass microphone from a cell phone….
Guess what. 1khz fall right in the middle of human speech range.
Guess what those cell phone mics are usually tuned to amp freq. ranges for human speech.

I don’t doubt that cheap speaker brands sound muddy and like a can of tin but you are equally using a cheap ass mic (not calibrated for measurement).
It ain’t stupid, but it ain’t smart.

jbkibs says:

Nice vid, good info.
Bassnectar is sweet, so is WoW. Get on Warmane, Icecrown. 😉

agriperma says:

Working with audio equipment and electronics a long time, and I can almost guarantee this has little to do with the output of the radio itself. the radio/amplifier section will either be flat, or have pre-selected equalizer options that you can turn off.

many factors affect the sound, the interior of the car, and the space behind the speakers, create resonances. but in your case, I would suspect the speakers.

those little tweeters on them, at best all the manufacturer did was put in a capacitor, as a high pass filter. ( did not use a crossover ). this will create peaks at certain frequencies.

The easiest solution is to use a player on your phone that has a built in graphic equalizer, you can turn down the peaks. and flatten it out a bit. or tailor it for more bass and better treble ( U shape ) . as the highest highs and lowest lows are usually the part of the spectrum, that sound systems struggle with.

Mruca says:

I have a 500$ setup all new conponets and it has roof flex and in a truck at that but it sounds way better

Nathan Allen says:

you can switch the microphone on android, and on iPhone for Siri as well

Hobby addict says:

Check your settings for a mic gain. If you have that setting try increasing the gain.

Mr Awesome says:

U should do a high end build too in a different car!

I'm Bananas says:

not soldering the wires makes me cringe.

petrol devo says:

You could try to put her music through a program like I have on my pc, don’t remember the name of it, the program shows you the different frequencies and decibels per frequeny. The program is so good that it could remove and lyrics from sound tracks.

Boosted B Series EK says:

Yeah, the cheapest Bluetooth Boss head unit from AutoZone is basically the same thing.

Jeff DaChef says:

go to your app store and download EQs

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