5 CHEAP Sound Improvements you can make NOW – Car Audio

With a custom car audio system we can upgrade our speakers, our subwoofers, or amplifiers, and our install, but these things take time and cost money. What are 5 things we can do RIGHT NOW for low cost or free to improve our sound? Let’s take a look!

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Jed Petersen says:

Wow! Droppen some really
BASS-IC knowledge there? Not HIGH-FI at all? Are you running out of things to make videos about or you just so busy you just re-uploaded the first video you ever did on audio? Not trying to be a dick mark but come on man your audience expects more from you!

MrCtown8 says:

Dang man, charge your phone!

Tammy Forbes says:

My subs are recessed into the box and there super tight so I know there not leaking plus I have the rubber ring on them to.

Se Laurence says:

Your videos are always informative. Thanks a lot for the education. Always look forward to new ones.

Dj ScottEB says:

Out is in. In is out. Dang it Mark! Some secrets are nice ya know….lol

Adam M says:

dude i been using pandora for like 10 years never knew about that.

Pimphand Gamester says:

One of a kind amplifier huh?

Aaron Atchison says:

Did not know about the pandora shenanigans thank you

ADR says:

the larger terminal is usually positive speakers as well

also a large, old quilt is great for consuming holes and cavities in the trunk/hatch area for a super cheap sound deadening

i would also recommend cleaning your battery terminals and retorque-ing them as well as making sure the grounds are still solid and free of corrosion as a quick and cheap way to potentially help out your system

great video mark

carlistillu says:

hi! Can I use a line of butyl instead of speaker gasket tape?


Whats a good component setup front and rear doors for a JL AUDIO 300/4 V2 first time upgrading my mids . anyone thanks.

A P says:

Custom karate

Kevin says:

I like lasagna…

Ivan Lesca says:

I already applied 2 out of 5 things. Spotify in extreme quality is like NIGHT AND DAY!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Dave Taylor says:

I was always told you want to direct more sound to the opposite side of the car to set the sound stage in the middle of the car

Corey Van Leeuwen says:

Love your videos always tons of good info… Quick question for you. When you install Cross overs do you suggest putting them closer to the speakers or closer to the amps. The only major differences i can see would be Easier accessibility near the amp but much more speaker wire is used.

tryhardnoob says:

For finding rattles, the best trick I’ve found is to get a free tone generator app and move through the frequencies until you hear rattles and can locate them.

Kevin says:

I really don’t understand why people rip music off of YT, crap quality every time, just download flac and be done with it….

Tapio Tukiainen says:

Hi Mark. How about a rewiew video about mobile apps. Like different kind of equalizers, audio adjusting tools, Android app called Neutralizer, RTA apps for phones etc.

Russell Borrego says:

Always great videos! I bet there’s audio shops everywhere that hate your videos for stealing their install fees. Lol

Krkan D. says:

tip nr.6: close the car window… xD

a807511 says:

I’ve never gotten why everyone wants fade set up so sound comes from the front…? I like to tune all my stuff so that it sounds like it’s coming from the moliddle of my head… When faded and balanced just right it’s like having headphones on and you can’t tell WHERE its coming from. That seems to me like the better sounding way. Tried both, never felt right coming from in front

kabronplay says:

But applemusic sucks tho they dont have what i like to listen plus youtube has unknown artist that have great content

OrygunChainsawMassacre says:

Quick question. Putting 2 amps in trunk of a car. How important is it to separate speaker wires from power, remote ect ect.?

Whitefox2298 says:

If I go with an active crossover network where should each driver meet frequency wise?

For example subwoofer 80hz mids 80hz up to 3.5khz and then tweeters 3.5khz and up?


Chris Rehbein says:

Number 5 is 90% why cheaper systems die, shitty audio source.


Polarity is phase phase is polarity they make little test toners that work great that will tell you if it’s in or out of phase !:)

Domaudeo says:

And don’t forget to NOT use the earphone jack of your phone if you’re using it as the main audio source, you get a major improvement when using digital USB audio coming out of the charging port or either Apple or Android device, and most stock car audio system support it natively.

Thomas Haws says:

I installed a four channel amplifier under my passenger seat there are air vents under there if I have the heater on do you think my amplifier will overheat

rockboyESP says:

Is USB better than AUX cable?

Manjul Walia says:

Flac and wav codecs are amazing with 24bit DAC
But still nothing can beat pure analog like an acoustic guitar natural sound 🙂

Bob Danyluk says:

Rope caulk if FAR better .

Daniel Private says:

MP3 made sense back when memory actually cost real money. Not anymore. MP3 sounds like dookie. The better your system, the more apparent it becomes. Thousands of dollars in speakers, sub, amp, head unit and all the install materials…all so you play degraded files? A 128gb flash drive is $30 and will fit over 100 WAV Lossless albums. Treat yourself and your ears.

CHARM B says:

Great video I have a question I want to put in a new amp in 95 jeep grand cherokee it has a factory amp in truck how do I bypass the factory amp

happystar1000 says:

ah the fab kitchen

Evo Ninetys says:

More videos like this !!!

StonedV Television says:

Not to be a dick but all this shit is total common sense…. good video though because look at all these idiots that literally don’t know shit.

BrysNightWorld says:

So I’m in a pickle relating to that last tip.. I’ve a pioneer avh3100 headunit. Plays mp3s great, no flac. I’ve also a note 4, plays flac files great.

Using 320kbps mp3s on the pioneer with the better processing dac vs the note 4 with lossless files. ‘All my cds ripped are flacs’

Obviously the best sound would be to use cds or upgrade the headunit. But nope!

v8soarer1991 says:

Im glad you tested with a 1.5/1.2aa battery and not a 9v. Manufacturers use 2.83v to do speaker testing.

Jo Louie says:

I find that Fader/Balance doesn’t work like actually adjusting the speaker timing. I wouldn’t even suggest it to newbies.

Shawn Jones says:

How to adjust rattling door panels on the outside/inside of car? I can find the outside but not the specific location on the inside.

sqpapa says:

the ideal location of the center is in the center of the soundstage, equidistant between far left and far right. I have never heard a car where that location was correctly in front of the steering wheel. Some may want it there, but it isn’t “correct”.

ErkotheTechno says:

This is the same stuff I’ve been trying to teach my son. Thanks for the vid. Good stuff!.
I still would like to know if there is a pattern for that 3d printed wire holder for soldering that you had in your last video. Thanks.

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