Amplified – Year end review. Favorite car audio systems and iPad installs from 2012, EP 86


Join Soundman for a 2012 year end Wrap-up. Watch all the best moments of Amplified. Hear news on the future of Amplified and s special announcement.
See all our favorite iPad and iPad mini vehicle Installations.
Have a happy and Safe Newyear!


victor garcia says:

What is the name of the song in the beginning

CesarConH says:

How about longer vids for 2013?

John Work says:

Sick!! You guys are dangerously funny love you guys

calvinblinkee says:

Should have done commentary instead of adding background music to the clips yo!

Eduardo Moreno says:

Hey!!! help me I can’t find the last song (catching clouds) any help??? I can’t find it, I’ve search all songs form Mark Nolan and David Redwitz, thank you in advance

E Puebla says:

Love the show guys! But, please less Ipad’s and more Android tablets

luis bou says:


Preludecartel says:

Rafa looks like hes ready for bed lol

RomaniaLove2Pac says:

Happy new year!

Chief says:

Love watching your show, wish i could find more shows like this!

Clay Teets says:

You guys do great work and you inspire me to do more with my own cars. I love the videos and its great that you guys are funny as hell.

Tommy Baker says:

hahaha you guys crack me up. proper laughing at 3.30am woops

dsmusher126 says:

I love you guys, wish you were on tv! showing love from NY!

Munur Yilmaz says:

damn cant find the intro song anywhere “wonkstep lee andrew david loopmasters kane dom”

John Work says:

Check out my youtube channel johnalenwork53
Please subscribe and like thumbs up Bass heads Unite

dboogiewoogieone says:

cool end of year wrap up! like many have said before, i look forward to you guys new episodes each Monday. I have to say, the featured ipad installs really do look good. I don’t see me ever getting one hooked up in my car, but I wanna give props to u guys on doing great looking work on them. great Idea on going around to other shops in the future. Sugestion.. how about sound quality installs on a budget episodes (with different levels of budget limits). keep up the good work in 2013.

corbin wirt says:

Hey guys I’m a huge fan of the show and I really love watching. You guys a extremely funny! I really love cars and really anything mechanical and electronic. I was wondering what website(s) you order your car audio equipment and tools cause I’ve been starting to really get into that type of stuff.

YAMIR360 says:

al final les sale su parte femenina jajajajaajajaj

iMarc518 says:

You guys do great work. Keep it up for 2013. You guys should definitely hit up Jersey when you go “on the road.” I’m still waitin to see an ipad install on a JK Unlimited. Lookin forward to the next video.

Max und Yannik treiben Schabernack says:

they look stoned as fuck

elice05 says:

18:00 was the best!

So did rafa put a hole thru the roof or not?

Mitch Matias says:

is the Q & A going to be on youtube?
and what about featuring some shops in hawaii?

Aaron Turner says:

Police you be out looking for YOU this holiday season? In Soviet California…


Love and support you guys…. hope to see more in 2013!!!!

cheesenips333 says:

thumbs up for longer episodes in 2013

luis bou says:

Drive sober or get bent over

Codeman says:

Just a Suggestion: How about a question and answer minute at the end of each video, ex. suggestions for installing audio equipment, audio myths etc.. !

CSR GMZ says:

hey man whats the episode where Rafa “drills” a hole through the car’s roof? lol

victor garcia says:

I’m talking about the them song

RossThompson says:

Make a hour ep 😀

Made in Poland says:

Dug you are good man, a miss Alan, Spoon, but now is ok too 😛
Ewryone happy new year 🙂
ps. Im drunk so sorry for my misteks or smoetchinks 🙂

WoodWerkz says:

What type of spray paint do you guys use to paint the dashes?

Joseph Flores says:

Éxitos, Saludos desde Perú…!!!

orewyler44 says:

What happened to Cody?

chicagobleek says:

Season 1 & 2 were the BEST episodes from Soundman!!!! I’m sad to say, but I only watched 2 episodes this season because it just isn’t the same smh… Hopefully in 2013, we will get that old Soundman vibe back as far as the show goes… Keep up the great work Doug and bring a Soundman shop to CHICAGO!!!!!! hahaha

vyse128 says:

I checked Rev3 first, episode isn’t listed.

420kushtoker says:

hey didnt you say you guys were on netflix, i went on and searched amplified, and i didnt see you guys.!! help.???

Thomas van Olderen says:

fuck off like whore

topnotchautoworks says:

“police you be out looking for YOU this holiday season.” dont know why, but this made me laugh even though its a simple typo. good video. liked seeing the wrap up of some of the ipad dashes.

nstabl says:

18:42 fucking classic.

ady7204 says:

Pure art

Jason Bellows says:

awesome work guys

Eric Mi says:

Why the green flashing @ 15:21? Trying to do some mind programming? 😉

LMFBO69 says:

how come the Play List isn’t in order, when playing ALL of season 4 from the beginig, projects seemed not to be in sync

sickjohnson says:

More Mule, come on, put it in already, we need some cruising time with BASS!


rebel0z says:

happy new year brothers from mexico :>

Davis Blamey says:

Can you please do an ipad install on a MAZDA 3


Y’all motherfuckers are hilarious n do great work wish u guys were up in the Bay Area to get some stuff done to my cars

PSE Mentalist says:

Happy new yrs guys . I love the mule would like to see more of that & more of using Alpine audio equipment again . Much love to you guys .

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