Android Radio 4g Head Unit Car Audio 2-Din Review

A review of my new Android head unit, and its awesomeness.


lee healey says:

Where’s this from?

Gary Walker says:

hey on the reverse camera. did your car already come with a camera ? also if not does it automatically switxh to cam when u hit reverse ? any special wiring ? like i dont see how it knows u are in reverse…

Donald Lord says:

hey i bought a radio its a rk-a701 its an android ok im having touble keeping my wifi on even tho i have it on hotspot like when i go to work it loses connection can u help me out

Pier Luc Côté-Rivard says:

How have-you make the connection of your parking camera?

Saaif Khan says:

Hey, does this unit support steering wheel control? Have you hooked yours up?

Freddie hinton says:

whats the model no?

Michael Faulkner says:

Ouku Model TH8581GA

thestreetaffiliatful says:

How’d you run the rear back up camera

Antonio Wilcher says:

How did you hack your mobile hotspot using the s6. I have an unlimited plan as well

Juan Montoya says:

puedo saber donde encargaste tu stereo ?

Durv Viswanathan says:

the band is good yo

D.j. B says:

I have a few questions 4 ya.what is the exact modle# for that double din head unit? trying to find one that has wifi is mind bogling!!! please get @ me.iv looked at many double. din head units. but it seems I would have to pay extra for needed features like wifi Dongle & dongle for Internet so, 1 that comes with everything I need would be NICE!!! Also u mentioned hacking a phone, I need someone who can but mite Wana speed about that on pm. but what’s the difference between that radio vs a 199 double din on ebay?

Michael Cantu says:

and you didn’t have to add anything extra?

Ashleigh Wooddell says:

were you able to use the factory mic ir did you have to use the one that car with the head unit?

yungTedDebeosi says:


Roger R. says:

does your YouTube videos work when using the app? I got same one but when I use YouTube app only audio works no video.

gordon says:

Will your DVD player work while you’re driving?  I understand that some will only work while in park.  I have a small Volvo, and a granddaughter in the back seat who likes to watch Frozen.

JustRandoms ! says:

yo how did you “hack” your phone to not pay for tethering?

Alejandro Vázquez says:

Hi scantron. Very nice explanation!!! Please can you share the exact model of head Unit car or where to buy it? and dask kit unit too. Thanks for all.

broderp says:

Google maps let’s you download areas for offline use. My son drove from Colorado to Ohio with no data use.

diego dante diaz says:

disculpa tiene  ? ,,,, obd2 y tpms ?,,,  saludos

thestreetaffiliatful says:

How do you program it to show the chevy symbol on start up

Donald Lord says:

yeah I mean I tryed everything but like when I leave for work I have wifi on my double din but when I leave for work it just loses connection

Lance Riplett II says:

I don’t have the same head unit but here’s my question! I bought a similar system with back up camera, I talked to a tech at Mickey Shores about the after market wiring harness, and he stated that I HAVE to buy an additional module for $129 due to the fact that the vehicle has on star! Did you have to purchase an additional module or did you just use the standard after market harness?

thestreetaffiliatful says:

I can’t get volume to work anything I’ve done wrong none of my speakers work but radio powers on

derek hardy says:

If you take radio off wifi, how much is it to connect to Internet source I like the google maps features

Mushu Puma says:

Now that it’s 2017, how is it running?

I’ve read a lot of people saying these things poop out after a couple of months.

Luis Fermin says:

where did you buy the radio and frame, because I have the same car but I dont know where to get a radio and a frame compatible with my car.

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