AudioControl DM-810 DSP – INSTALL & OVERVIEW

When you require total control and optimization to achieve great sound quality, AudioControl’s DM-810 Processor is the solution. Let’s take a look at how to install this Digital Signal Processor ( DSP ) into your vehicle in order to take complete control of your car audio system. The DM810 allows you to control your Crossover settings, time alignment, features a 30 band equalizer and more!

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TrillasAdventures says:

yeah anyone that wants to send me one of these.. i appreciate that


Hey Guys n Girls, With this processor can a 2ch input be output to all 8 outputs? (e,g) My 12″ Android TAB to input then Output 1xHigh, 1xMid, 1xFull, 1xlow. Thanks 🙂

Roy Abercombe says:

if I use the dm-810 do I need to use crossovers?

Sammy Bobadilla says:

Hopefully you see this and can reply to me I’ve seen tons of your videos on YouTube, great content by the way, I had a question for you hopefully you have time to respond I’m almost certain you’ll have the answer so, I’m trying to get the parts together to start doing my car audio upgrade I’m trying to retain my factory head unit and am aware that I will need a line out converter. I want to amplify my door and rear deck speakers and also wire in a subwoofer, I’m wondering how to wire them. If I get a four channel line out converter for the door and deck speakers where would I wire my subwoofer? Also do I go with a four or five channel amplifier? I understand a LOC as being the inputs to the amp via RCA and running wires from the amp to the door speakers for my outputs but where do I get my output to my sub. If you could respond or make a video response that’d be great.

Ryan Olson says:

Do you have a video explaining and showing the connecting done from 2:05 to 2:22? Tapping into speakers and running back to DSP? Are those all new wires you run to each speaker? Thank you!

H O IR i IZ O N says:

Can you play FLAC 24/192 that is the question?

Jeromy James says:

bit of a newbe to the audio game but i was wondering if i have an epicenter and a crossover would i still need this unit or no

Cookiezmonster says:

My Alpine pxa-h800 laughs at this x))

ISEE YOU says:

Is there left and right EQ or EQ per channel? Only 24db of slope? Audio Control is pretty weak on DSP power.. more of a midlevel tool. JL Tweak88 because it has 10 bands of parametric per channel and more slope is a stronger DSP.

H O IR i IZ O N says:

The funny thing about DSP’s is that so many of the people that have them, are all like it’s not fully tuned right now so it doesn’t sound great! Lmao everyone says this. Has anyone ever heard a system where the guy says it’s DSP is tuned perfectly? So until I can hear a so called DSP tuned perfectly I will never buy one.

newguy56 says:

Why is it that you always need an equalizer / sound processor to make the soud curve flat and balanced? When you buy a good head unit + amp I would expect the sound to be good already, yet it never is. You never buy an external equalizer for home hi-fi, why is it that in a car it’s a must?

kereboy22 says:

Can a tablet be used to make adjust within the software for the DM810

David Rubio says:

Does this DSP allow one to use the factory steering volume controls when using the factory head unit?

Roy Abercombe says:

What is the best way to set my amps when using the DM810?


awesome video review Mark…what would be cool tho is a device that will tell you how many watts you’re sending to any given speaker and exactly what frequency you are sending to them. my electronic crossover is the old school Sony XEC 700, which I think is analog. I could really use that type of info when tuning a system.

pluh187 says:

Great video!!! Just bought a DXDQ Audio control DSP and even though it has a few less options then the one featured, I can not wait to install it. Have had a system in every car Ive ever owned but the sound has never been perfect so I am hoping this does the trick.

D Rogers says:

not to get off subject, but you seem to be more of a genius in audio system than me in 2017. years ago i could understand what you are explaining. I’m installing a system in my 18 wheeler & was wondering if you would be willing to give me some dimensions on ported subwoofer box, thanks in advance. or if there’s a app i can download on my phone

Scott Miller says:

One thing I always wondered is can you connect aftermarket speakers(or even factory ones) into a dsp like this so your whole system has the same eq?
I have my front stage set up with component speakers running active. I disabled the front center speaker on stock wiring. I installed rear speakers for some fill when I have passengers but left it on the stock wiring.
Can you run in stock amp wiring then output the RCA’s back into the ran speaker wire I did for the rear doors?

Sal r says:

do you tap into the factory speaker wiring after the amp(going to the speakers) or in between the head unit and factory premium amp?

Alpha Omega says:

Yours for only 700 bucks 😀 Buy two!!!

amdomag says:

Very informative video presentation. Is AccuBass exactly same as the Bass Restoration Processor? Thank you.

Goal Digger says:

This is how you make $$$

Raymond Dyke says:

could you please do a video on the Audison Bit ten?

madbikeboysins says:

I still have a bunch of AudioControl product from the 90’s – EQT’s still brand new in the boxes. Loved my AudioControl RTA (it got stolen in a burglary along with a bunch of Orion NT amps and a couple of 3558’s and Juba’s). I used to love the packaging – this way up, don’t deep fry or saute, someones sounds gonna sound great with this stuff… @AudioControl, do you need a NZ and Australian distributor?

TonyTube407 says:

I’m an old-school Audio Control fan from the 1990’s, also just happen to be their neighbor here in the Pacific Northwest. I just bought a DM-810 and I can’t wait to get it hooked up!!! 🙂

Home Phone says:

I know women that have “great turn on”. Nice feature


Wonder what’s the difference between this and the jl audio twk 88

Michael Sione says:

How to wired eq to amp which outputs goes in to what

Johnny S says:

What’s the different b/t DM-810 and JL Fix 86?

vwertigo says:

I know this is an older video but I need some more info. You mentioned that the unit will not allow the change of crossover settings between your presets. This will certainly prevent me from doing one major thing in my intended setup. What I need to be able to do is basically run the rear door speakers as a midbass reinforcing speaker for the front stage by setting it to a specific range/volume as not to pull the imaging back for centering on me driving. I ALSO want to be able to select a preset that will cross those same speakers higher and center the content to the middle of the car for multiple passengers. If this unit will not do it which on the market will or can Audio Control add that flexibility…I take full reponsibility if I happen to blow a tweet. It just seems like they put some unnecessary training wheels on this unit.

Kamil W. says:

If you are a perfectionist:
If you want to align the time between the speakers, do not do this by using one meter.
You should measure the distance using sound. Yes, using sound to measure the distance 😀
The distance between the speakers and the distance between the centers of acoustic speakers, are two different things.
You can use for example ARTA program, which measure the distance from the tweeter to the microphone, and the distance from the woofer to the microphone.
Small differences in distance affect the soundstage. (Example I have 20cm between speakers, my colleague has 8cm). Is a huge difference. In his car with this same speakers as I have, soundstage is more realistic, localisation of instruments is much better. The speakers used in the home, a fights out for every 1cm to align the acoustic centers. Check home audio constructions Troels Gravesen. He goes back tweeter to the woofer to align the acoustic centers, and aligns the time coherence.

Sorry for my English: D

Jack Shyt says:

A real time configuration would be nice. Maybe with a set of 2 or 3 ways in front, and a set of 2 ways or a woofers in the back. Hell why not add a sub or 2 too.

Scott Miller says:

7 months later and still no left/right eq

JohnBee says:

Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these – I’m told the Bluetooth module and app are due out this summer. Running this on an android tablet will be nothing short of sublime imo.

autobotguy says:

Seems like an awesome piece of audio tech! I’m sure this would be useful in SQ setups, but in DB and general thumpin setups all the effort would be lost. It would be money wasted that could go towards a higher quality sub or amp.

drzflyest4 says:

can you recommend a more budget friendly dsp?

mikka333 says:

That cable use to run high level signal is looking nice, very clean.

Eric Jones says:

Very nice product. Sadly this unit is out of reach for most people in terms of cost. I enjoy your videos but most of your videos are for rich people.

nasar mangaf says:

Hai boss I am requesting you make Royel Enfild baik wayaring

Jason Gaudio says:

Can you use the dm-810 with the lc-6.1200. I plan to run 3 way active up front and 2 subs.

Jack Shyt says:

I’m about to build my first real audio system. I should be receiving a DM-608, which I think is basically the same as this 810 except for the number of input, and output channels, in a few days. I already have the amplifier, “Rainbow-Germanium Four”.
Out of the settings on the amp four different modes of operation are available:
Broadband, (Front and Rear)-all frequencies from 1.5Hz to 50kHz are processed and amplified without preference.
Highpass, (Front and Rear)
Lowpass, (Rear)
and Bandpass, (Rear)
Considering the amp is the last device in the chain, (before the speakers,) I want to assume that I should set the amp to Broadband mode because any other mode could/would cripple the potential of the dsp. Any input, (no pun intended, hehehe,) would be appreciated.

Greg Keyes says:

Do you prefer DM-810 or big ten?

Justin Flevarakis says:

Hey I have a question. My DM-608 will no longer connect to my computer. I see that it’s now available for Mac, so I downloaded the software on my Mac and it still won’t connect. The blue light indicating the usb is connected won’t come on. Is it possible the usb input on the unit is bad?

A Dude Doing Stuff says:

@CarAudioFabrication CarAudioFabrication Mark, did you say in the video that the DM-810 has a separate 30-band EQ for each channel pair?

Luis Fernando Polydoro says:

Great review, as usual you’re always adding value to the car audio fanatics and DIYers. Excellent product as well.
A suggestion for audiocontrol: The line RTA is very welcome, but the unit should also have a mic for autotune purposes. Most DIYers don’t have a full RTA at home and/or don’t want to take the car for a shop to tune the audio system. I’m using a JBL MS-8 right now specially because of that feature, replacing an audison Bit ten D. Thx

Chad says:

Great video! Subscribed and liked! I’m about to put one of these in my ’16 Wrangler Unlimited that has the Alpine system pre-installed. I really want to try and see how much more I can get out of the Alpine system before I upgrade the speakers/amp. I’d like to dedicate 8 channels to the 4 pairs of components and use the last 2 for subwoofers.

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