Avoid these 5 common Car Audio NOOB Mistakes!

In any hobby there are common mistakes that all newcomers make, what are five common mistakes in car audio? How can we better install our subwoofers, amplifier, radio, speakers and wiring? Avoid these five mistakes!

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The Ford Guy says:

I have a 2-door stock cab truck. Where would be a good place to put an 8″-10″ subwoofer

HTC148 says:

meh. i got an $80 all in one Dual amp/sub from wally installed in my 00 ranger. im happy with it im not an audiophile like my brothers. installed it myself. i like your vids the especially the fabrication ones.

Maktastik says:

alt and battery is a must see noobs all the time running no upgraded alt
my ride 04 subaru sti
240amp hairpin alt from singer
dc audio 2.0k
2 sundown sa-12srev3 d4
highoutenclosures custom birchwood box built to spec
sky high 1/0 awg amp kit and big 3
smd fuse holders
kicker cs speakers whicj will get replaced with sundown neopro v3s
jl 400/4 amp
skyhigh 8 awg power and ground
knukonceptz krystal 4 channel rcas
upgraded sealed battery under the hood
second battery coming soon
shca 80mil dyna mat trunk and door

phreak1118 says:

Biggest mistake? Not using ear plugs if you have it turned up all the time.

phreak1118 says:

+1 on wattage output. I had a JBL 50 watt amp that was wayyyy more powerful (and heavy) than a friends no name brand 500 watt amp.

CarAudioFabrication says:

New here? Here’s some of my latest project videos I think you will enjoy!

Custom T-Line Subwoofer Box Build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2VL_FHu9AY&list=PLmybwiwzi3MX7B6gE5Cl05UwEN5oKc5_y

Custom A Pillar Speakers build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neDSi4g1CeQ&list=PLmybwiwzi3MUS0iJXnS8xQpJ07R2zL8WA

How to tune your system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Rs2ZghGXEc&list=PLmybwiwzi3MUXqthnB52UKZeXIIXCjt8f

Jeep Wrangler Full Build and Install: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J30JWkw4Irw&list=PLmybwiwzi3MXtpGxREFmHIZ2ty4enauhr

Here on this channel I have car audio reviews, tutorials and build log videos and I love to help you master car audio.

I also love burritos.

SumDumGoi says:

hahaha #1. That explains my subs cutting out. Stinkin’ noob…. Good vid.

Geerladenlad says:

Improper matching a load from speakers to amplifiers.

Jermaine Huell says:

Where do you get 320k tunes beside ripping CDs? Most of us just pull tunes from YouTube

CalypsoRaz says:

Gain was definitely a mistake I made. At least at first.

Christopher Samolis says:

Guilty on mistake 2

Mr Hardy says:

MP3 @ 320 kbps… no! AAC @ 256 kbps sounds far better.


His teeth are so white Im blind.

Kevin Pollard says:

What is the antenna power cable for on the wiring harness its the only cable not connected to my deck everything seems to work fine do I need it connected and if so what one do I hook it up to the antenna power cable is blue thanks if anyone can shed some light

2koolforyou88 says:

Music and voice coming from the sub is the problem I’m having what’s wrong with this I already burned up 1 sub

Sam Hayward-Vernon says:

One that makes me itchy is a poor ground. People jut unbolt their chair and ground to there. Shiny metal is the best ground! Also crimp & shrink wrap. Not just electrical tape

rebel says:

About Mistake #3, i have only 128 Kpbs songs on my USB-stick, should i only have songs that are 320 Kpbs from now on?

joshcrosson says:

A few years back I had a 67 vw squareback that I installed 2 kicker 10s with a 400w amp. I had the headlight dimming problem and it would even cause misfiring of the engine. Unfortunately there is no way to upgrade the charging system on that car as it ran a generator, and it’s physically impossible to run a late model aircooled vw alternator. I ran a capacitor to remedy the problem. Would you still call that a bandaid?

Sean Burdg says:

I see what we at the shop call insurance voiders. We’re they run the power wire through the hood onto the passenger compartment threw the driver door.

ISEE YOU says:

always start with gain at max… 🙂

Nicholas Bennett says:

I’m guessing alpine head unit and an alpine amp with alpine speakers. I used a sony 12 in in a sealed box for a subwoffer

Jesus love you says:

that is me I put every nab on max lol now my speakers burning. cause the seller of selling me dagy speakers

Geerladenlad says:

I was under the impression that you can actually overcome limitations and air Space by adding more power.

Duncan Brown says:

But what if you put fans in the enclosure port pushing air into the enclosure

Jeude's Garage says:

Running all my wires together and having random thumping from my sub because of the ghost signals between them.

Electronics For Fun says:

FLAC files? ha! WAV files are where it wants to be.

The Dizzle says:

Bridging speakers that can’t take it

Nathan Storer says:

My mistake? Installing aftermarket speakers with matching amp and no sub. Turned the bass all the way up (sounded great for a while) but eventually blew a speaker, even with the high pass filter set to 50ish Hz. Suffice it to say, I am living with less bass for now until I can afford a decent sub + second amp for said sub. I think I need to upgrade the alternator and battery as well, but that will be a discussion for the installer (I am not competent enough to do this stuff lol). My priority is clarity first, bass second.
2 6 3/4” Infinity Kappa for the front (75W RMS 2 Ohm)
2 6×9 Infinity Kappa for the back (100W RMS 2 Ohm)
Infinity Reference 4 channel amp, 100W RMS/channel

Daniel Godlewski says:

I guess I got duped by the max output for an amp, and the capacitor thing…back in the day I had a decent system. I had a pioneer head unit and speakers front and back (6x9s), and a typical wooden box in the trunk with 2 Rockford fostgate 12” subs, 2 1200 watt amps, and 2 capacitors. That system was great, sounded super clear, and really thumped. Back in the early 2000’s it was certainly something to be proud of. Did I get tricked into buying capacitors? What about the amps?

tiporari says:

Silly. You want better sound? Examine what you have. Paper cones, 15w speakers and a factory head unit? Literally anything you do can improve it. Factory stuff is built down to a cost. Cheapest shit that has minimum acceptable performance.

#1 wire properly. Quality butt connectors (better than solder/heatshrink)
#2 Correct phasing. +/- on speakers matter. Out of phase means destructive interference and loss or cancellation of acoustic energy.
#3 Balanced. A 1500 watt 12″ sub and $40/pair Sony full range speakers will be imbalanced. Upgrade your main speakers to true RMS power listed high quality drivers and pair with a clean and quality head unit. Add a small sub to enhance bass response below 50hz. Tune crossover to limit to 50 and below. Adjust volume or gain of sub amp to match volume of main drivers.
Distortion isn’t good. Banging bass and rattling windows sound like ass. Balanced music. Balanced sound. Save your hearing.

6977mixman says:

In 99 I put 2 rock xlc 8″ subs behind my 89 toy seat and they hit harder then most 10s I was around. Air space is important

Nate Boykin says:

I have a sundown sa12 rev.3, and a Kenwood 1000 watt amp, to be honest, I have no clue what I’m doing haha. I need help

CreationsVibration says:

The mistake i made was buying an install from some shop when i should have done it myself

ISEE YOU says:

Storage is cheap.. and FLAC can do High reslution where the bitrate is over 7000 vs 320mp3. CD quality is 1411 in case someone didn’t know. There is also DSD with the Sony RSX-GS9.

VG Gaming says:

I heard dimming head lights and I was like:yup there talking about me

Warren S. says:

I like your no 3, people don’t get it. And your number 4. I love food mid quality equipment.

csb772 says:

Back in the day I would laugh at the guys who would hook their amp remote wire up to the amps power supply. The amp would run their battery down and the idiots could not figure out why. Some guys still do this today and it amazes me how dumb they are to not get a professional or at least do some research first.

Ed Saucin says:

I found this 40mm speaker in my house and made it a case for it and put it on the lid of a cup noodle. Why? who knows, but it sounded pretty good. It would sound better if it had an amplifier and not running if of an aux cord at max volume. now i’m planning on designing a speaker based on the ramen noodle cup.

Jesse Renn says:

after disconnecting the battery in my car while working on something else I couldn’t figure out why my subs were clipping so bad. turns out I forgot that killing power defaults ALL the settings in your head unit and not only was the clock wrong all my crossover settings were disabled causing my sub to attempt to play way higher frequencies than it could handle. reset the crossover and it sounds like gold again.

Linda Hall says:

Does anyone know if you have a BOOS system in a Miata can another brand of speakers work ? I have been told it would really mess up my system.

cloudyview says:

I never touched any of my electrical… Dimming lights 4 life!


Bryant Roscoe says:

I’m completely knew to audio. I want to go with an all Rockford setup for my F150 Crew cab. While looking for sub enclosures that will fit, all of them were either dual 10″ or dual 12″ enclosures. I ordered the dual 12″s box. Now I just need an amp and decide on which shallow mount Rockfords I will purchase. Amazon has a listing for 2 R2SD4-12 12″ 4 ohm prime subs with an amp for $240 subs are max 500 Watts per speaker with 250 RMS per speaker. The Amp is class D with 500 watts 2 ohm mono. Is this a decent combo or should I look for something else. I just want s good sounding system. It’s all RF Prime equipment btw.

John D says:

Slow clap on #3!

HD Tracks is an awesome source for FLAC and other high quality formats.

There are so many well recorded and high quality formats out there!

You’re right on with all these points. The electrical system is a huge step. When I see someone bragging on their setup and see OEM wiring under the hood…I usually just walk on by. Your steps for upgrading is right on as well.

dejar890 says:

brought a 350z. previous owner had cut off factory head-unit loom and used crimp connection for new head unit. had installed an amp to make factory sub work but they didn’t buy enough cable have it reach the battery so had run wiring as far as it would go. and also broke the RCA cable to the amp by having straight connector coming off the head-unit in a space to small for them. also need to replace the center console trim at some point as they broke all retention bracket putting the head unit in. one finger is all it takes to remove it now. also can use steering wheel controls as they cut them also.

StayFocused says:

I killed my first amp by turning the gain all the way up like it was a volume knob… I’ve learned from my mistake lol

Southern Rebel says:

Ignoring RMS and paying sole attention to WATTS

skunkmouse says:

I think ANY audio maker that advertises the power rating in P.M.P.O should get their D***s smashed with a hammer……(just my opinion).

Cudelato says:

spent 1,100 on 2 $70 subs and $200 amp with a $180 epicenter, did get a custom box and professional install but the subs and amp were way overpriced at this spot

isaac wilson says:

I’ve spend thousands Back in the day to customize my system to play The Return of the Jedi ” The Last Duel” and even with all the high end goodies I could never get it right. Now I’m stuck with Bose

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