BEST 2DIN Android 8 Car Stereo 2018 ! Installation + Review !

Looking for a cheap and good Android 8 double DIN car stereo ? Then checkout the new XTRONS HIFI Systems:
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demonico123456789 says:

Does it have HPF (High Pass Filter) I need that so I can push bass to subwoofer and save cabin speakers from bass destruction.

Martin Gasser says:

Man kann einstellen, dass das Radio in den Deep-sleep-Modus schaltet sobald du den Schlüssel ziehst. Funktioniert wunderbar und bevor die Batterie leer ist schaltet sich das Radio komplett aus.

Jeffrey Chung says:

May I know what the model no of your Android 8 head unit ?

ULEN says:

Does split screen youtube/Google maps work in this unit?

tankdog03 says:

just root it and use a custom rom.. there is root for these now!

MrJochen Vienna says:

Der Alfa ist jetzt das doppelte wert…

Lew775 says:

out of topic …but as continental europe how do you view the British ?? +TechMagnet

tankdog03 says:

u don’t need an extrinsic obd2.. you can buy any from ebay for like $5..
I bought like 6 of them a few years ago and gave them to my friends for Xmas gifts..

Ing. Petr Studnička says:

How Xtrons can sell 2din Android units in EU without homologation (E-mark on the body)? It’s illegal to sell and to use.

kevan tice says:

Great video. question though, can you install Android Auto on this head unit?

CoolRaul says:

no android auto in 2018

Atlas says:

Got a 2017 Honda Accord Sport, think this unit would fit if I used this?

darren peters says:

Is there a remote we can buy for these things

Tin Vračević says:

You post nice content. I have subscribed to your channel 🙂

Marco AchilleZ says:

Guten Morgen, echt super Videos die Du erstellt hast und dein Englisch ist überragend – Glückwunsch! 🙂

Schon klar, dass Du die gesponserten Produkte von Xtrons empfehlen würdest, aber welches Android Radio würdest Du unabhängig dessen empfehlen? Was hältst Du vom Pumpkin?
Liebe Grüße und weiter so, Du hast es echt drauf!

Andrea Mitchell says:

4:10 i have a cheap elm OBD BT adapter it works ok but like you say these things have no power off , that is not good it drains the battery too bad they do not make it with a wire you can connect to the switched ignition wire so it only comes on when you put the key in

Rune Boritz says:

Are you sponsored by Xtrons or just stupid? Don’t buy this and spend the extra money on a proper brand like Pioneer or Alpine….

Mihai Stanciu says:

Use double sided tape on the back of your license plate.

Rezkaermanda Mrezka says:

the technology is very steady and makes it easier for the driver

FubarMike says:

why the f*** do they not just software update the existing unit. I see this so often with android stuff especially tablets. So android is not free it’s the cost of a new nearly identical device

Fuzkyn FK says:

why you didn’t specify anything? head unit model? extra things you used…

Roy says:

How is the sound quality? would it compare to a high end double DIN pioneer?

Travis Cole says:

Love your vids.. thanks!

Dawid Ogiegło says:

That Space Anal app on old unit… 😀

J⃟O⃟N⃟A⃟T⃟H⃟A⃟N⃟ S⃟C⃟H⃟U⃟L⃟T⃟Z⃟ says:

Can you mirror your phone onto it?

GoldPlays says:

Ein Wiener 😀

Said Oubenyassaf says:

hello double din can work on volvo s60 2004 please ?

Nick Bruce says:

You also should try stereo from ATOTO. They have 2s reboot and Dual Bluetooth.And it is more affordable .

AutofanTSI says:

Deiner Meinung nach das beste Doppel Din Android Navi?
Kann man es auch ohne das ganze Zubehör kaufen? (reifenanzeige, kamera etc.?)

StopaskingformynameYouTube says:

This head unit is shit.
You can’t have a touch ONLY head unit in a car, it’ll take your focus away from driving.
You need physical buttons for volume and songskipping among other things.

NiNe6SiC says:

Does it have a built in dsp?

Stefan Schacher says:

Great video. System more worth than the car ? 😀 but who cares

Banana Joe says:

How much is it ? I wanted to buy a pioneer but its 899€ lol

joy santod says:

No more cap? Lol

wdonders says:

On my Joying Android unit (intel / android 6) , boot time is a non issue.
It remains in sleep mode when the car is turned of, using only a few mA of current.
If you leave your car off for a couple days, it automatically shuts down. Only then you have to wait 40 sec for boot-up when starting the car. Normally waking up from sleep to working order takes 2 seconds

Mariusz Klos says:

Did You check if this model works with f.e. TomTom Go app navi ? I get little older model of Xtrons but actualy this app is no more suported :/

tankdog03 says:

just root it and use a custom rom.. there is root for these now!

dalva aditya says:

Are you gonna sell the old unit ? Because im interested in buying it

Pasi123 says:

Nice, you have an Alfa Romeo 147! I have a 2005 Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 JTS sedan which is technically really close to the 147.

mayiandjay says:

Opppsss at 12:07!

Lars loves Tech says:

awesome…just upgraded my soundsystem on the mini cooper pushing a phat bass tube and awaiting some tweets and mids..just have a single din sony head unit which i got on the cheap has NFC and connects via bluetooth and their app works supprisingly well on android didn’t want to chop the mini up with a 2 din unit as installing one of those or even getting one that pops out and converts just isn’t viable in this car a single din is enough for me as all i am interested in when driving is extreemly loud music…especially the bass…HAHAHA

Roman Kolinek says:

Hi there, greetings from your Slovak neighbour! 🙂
Just few comments:
PX5 is a type of CPU, it’s the 8-core version, there is also a lower-end version with 4 cores that’s called PX3. It’s mostly in Android 7.x headunits – probably even in the old one you were replacing.
Also, this headunit should have deep sleep feature as mentioned in the comments below, like the Joying units. It’s probably somewhere in the system/car settings menu. That should shorten your boot time to like 2-3 seconds until the music plays. And no batt. drain. This feature was already in Xtrons’ units with Android 6, so I believe they also have it here. Xtrons was actually the first “brand” that introduced this in Android stereos.
For the rear camera, I would suggest to get one that fits to that license plate light, they also keep some LED, so the plate is still lit up, but there is also a camera. I hope they make one for 147 too. Or maybe based on dimensions, you can fit one for a different car. And so you can have “normal” license plate holder/frame.
And one last tip, they now make Apple Carplay/Android Auto adaptors for these units, so you can control your phone/music through your stereo screen, Joying actually makes them integrated in their headunits, so you don’t even need the adaptor 🙂

And btw, Austrian 3G/4G prizes are high?! They always compare our data tariffs with yours, because yours are extremely cheap! 😀

Bigrich 439 says:

You should have gotten the stereo from Joying they boot up fast and then go in deep sleep mode so it won’t boot up every time you turn on the car.

Stuart McGuire says:

Velcro for number plate!

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