BEST 2DIN Android 8 Stereo with Full Car Audio System Installation – 2018

Looking for a cheap and good Android 8 double DIN car stereo ? More Android Headunits here: – Huawei Fotochallenge:
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S gill says:

Hmm does not look like you even grinder off the paint where your installed your ground cable

Everyone Is Equal says:

i know this aint yor thing…. 2 things never run your 12v power wire on the same side as your rca wires you will get noise pollution also wherever you ground make sure you use wire brush or better sandpaper and sand down to bare metal these are very important…. im just letting you know bud…. howsw the xtrons im thinking abot getting one does it have android op system…. how much are they? ty

Maxi H. says:

You never should it hardwire the Plus without any fuse

Markus Haier says:

WOAH damn that intro is SICKKKKKKKK


shit sistem

bkaczmarczyk says:

never use underpowered amp. It will break subwoofer if used carelessly

Wteevt says:

that little wire in your rca cable is a grounding wire, not a remote wire. you can use it as remote wire but it can produce noise to your sound system. anyways, this was good video

S gill says:

If you were smart you would run that amp down to 1 or 2 ohm and the amp will be enough power to that sub no problem

Laurin O. says:

Why a mono amp?

radialblur says:

Titles the video: “BEST 2DIN Android 8 Stereo” mentions it for 20 seconds, that’s 18 minutes of my life gone.

Gus Halter says:

Awesome video. Loved the intro. Do you know if those headrest dvd players are also available as blu ray players ?

musta pekka says:

omg you ground wire position!=!=*!?!?!?!?!

Jen Baltasar says:

Well done HD screen in front and screen in rear using av not even component legacy connections

Stefan Schacher says:

10€ for those LED’s ? thats awesome. give me a link.

André Philipi says:

The steering wheel controls work on this Android?

Outbreak 956 says:

(Gayrog)??? I believe it’s (garage)

Bradley Hayes says:

Also sickest video intro ever!! If only your tech vids had such a lit intro! 😛

Corey Drachenberg says:

bass is to much for him LMFAO!!!!!!!

ReapZz | Leader of Return Clan says:

Englische bezeichnung für Chinch ist RCA 🙂 so btw. 😀

BootlegScarce :0 says:

if your head unit is rooted try viper4android it really makes a difference in audio quality

_ Marshell says:

JBL Bluetooth speakers are awesome but the woofer is crap

Kourkutas2 Kutsukuta says:

You didn’t show the bass

Pulak Trivedi says:

Awesome Intro!!! Loved it!!!

Double Strikers says:

that is how you kill your battery and alternator

Eckhard Seibert says:

Another model with DSP?? Really!!?? That’s sounds SO great… I hope it will be something available for my old BMW (with DSP) as well…


stop talking bad about your car. I love it, i love alphas soo much! we dont have them here in canada, just a few 90′ alphas.

Winston Dalva Aditya says:

Are you gonna giving away the old kenwood sub ?

Zottjes says:

Are you Dutch?

Ante Radić says:

YAY More of Alfa 147

Chop Heka says:

Iv got jvc amp like that cranks my 2 12s easy

Prakash Digwal says:

Which is your mobile modal ?

BF4̛ever͟fly͜♛ says:

Das dritte Video in dem du sagst, dass es das beste 2din radio ist

Michael Gorospe says:

I have my alfaromeo 147 model 2008…. This is perfect for my car if i will upgrade my head unit… Cool dude thanks.

Bradley Hayes says:

Intro Song: Bubble by Raven and Kreyn

TechMagnet says:

Here a video with more info on the headunit and installation:

Eric Messer says:

Great video. Very helpful. Thanks!

Dillan Maasdorp says:

Get a better car.
Your car is ass.

godzillasballs says:

It’s a good install. Love the velcro tape idea.

ThatGamerGuyNL says:

love the alfa 147, was my first car!

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