BEST 2DIN Android Car Stereo 2017 ! Installation + Review !

Looking for a cheap and good Android double DIN car stereo ? Then checkout the new XTRONS HIFI Systems:
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EgoShredder says:

The only thing preventing me from buying something like this, is that car thieves target cars with anything fancy like this.

Thomas M says:

great video steven. what about flip up stereos ?

mayiandjay says:

Wait until you see my new 10.4” tesla style radio and replaces factory AC controls to touchscreen


bravo Stefan….you remined me early 30’s…when i was struggling to put a chinese crap to my octavia I…..the backcamera was pain..cause octavia has the plates up on the hacht back……the first camera worked for about a year….the second almost two !…i must get a new one !! the tyre sensors are realy a good feature to have…..the torque is ok …but if you see some reading on it ..usually its not a good thing !! and you cant realy do something unless you go to tha garage !! anyway…enjoy the new toy !!! and happy new year!!!

Budget Bucket List Cars And Bikes says:

I have had 3 Xtrones head units, and all of them were great value, and worked well 🙂

BTW if you get an old metal coat hanger and cut the ends off, those make great tools for removing the old head unit lol

_ DEVSTER _ says:

The first nut that was threaded on to the valve stem stem should be tightened up against the back the the sensor. So apply nut, screw on sensor,, then backup nut against back of sensor to keep the sensor from loosening up…. Good luck!

Stefan Schacher says:

nice car

Labinstein says:

Did you sell your Vectra?

Lars loves Tech says:

so you can finally tell people that you got good head…LOL….so this is what you were doing the other day when i contacted you…nice

Jeffrey Dubinsky says:

thumbs down for that background music!

Johann Sebastian Bach says:

Mine bitcoin with your car

TheBaz568 says:

You should check out the app headunit reloaded. It allows the head unit to act as a android auto device.

Bradley Hayes says:

Dude this should be a new series! Call it techauto! I’ve been looking for something like this!

crysisownz says:

Wow alfa romeo is cheap to maintain in ur country???In my country the parts are more or less like audis or worst the Porsches in price

Emily says:

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Pascal Bir says:

Seid ihr von Österreich?

Ante Radić says:

Wait, you have a Alfa Romeo 147? Does it have 3.2 engine, it is a beast with it. You probably don’t have 3.2 engine because you said Android radio was more than a car

fudge Amin says:

This was really interesting keep up the good work man

ChrisViral says:

The velve caps look like they’ll fly off at high speeds

Alpha Omega says:

The boot u killed it.

mao says:

where did you bought the tire pressure sensors?

PatfischXD says:

Awesome, great job!

Is this legal to use while driving? Because using the phone while driving is normally illegal?

Greetings from Germany 😉

Keith Gatlin says:

I like his Remus exhaust LOL

stili774 says:

Android Auto ?

Banana Joe says:

more bitcooin !

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