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Solobaric Kicker –
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Kicker Subwoofer – Solobaric L3 10in, 400 rms 2ohm 250$
Boss Amp 400rms 2 ohm 50$
Kicker Speakers 150$

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Common Questions:

-How I record? I use “recordable” for android. Then I use my HD
Roxio for console gaming. I use Fraps for pc stuff.

-Why is my screen so fancy on Minecraft? I use ultrashaders.

-When do I post? I post atleast every other day, my goal is daily, but that’s hard to do during school!

-What mic do I use? I use a Blue Snowball.

-What type of computer? A custom built pc. Link of it at bottom.

-Where do I live? USA

-How old? I’m 17.


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Tom Garcia says:

i picked up a pair of JL 10w6s and a hifonics brutus for 100$ on Craigslist

Aion Vibe says:

All weak

Divyam kumar says:

I have 6.1 system but bass is deep not vibrating what I will do

Osbaldo Lopez says:

i got a system in my room i got a 12in l7 kicker and a kicker l5 12in

RifleRud says:

just a few days back i got a set of audiobahn subwoofers 2x 12inch 800watt for only 50dollars, about 400nok in my country

UZS says:

Outro song name please 😀

Jesse Zelaya says:

Cool that you listen to Avstin James too!

Ryan .LaPlante says:

you could throw around 4-5 times more power at that sub and actually flex the trunk

DMAN22yeah says:

or you could spend ~$130, use a 300w inverter and a psw10 sub. 50wrms and 100w peak works nicely due to it being designed to use little power.

Fuck You says:

You still cant beat the Steve Meade Subwoofers

Dj Tony Guzman says:

Dude what song is taht

Apollo Smile says:

HELP: i am using a 600W Dual AMP (Dont Hate). So here is the deal. I am using this amp to make a 2.1 Audio setup for my desktop pc. (yes car audio system as a pc set lol). How can i ground the AMP since its being used on a table top for my pc mounted to the sub woofer? how do i ground it?

joel fennimore says:


Tyler Heard says:

Dude I have 4 12 inch pioneers and I paid $30 a piece and build my box to 36x30x16 and I have a 10 inch aero port that is 22 inches long, paid $77, and a cheap Sony xplod 1000w pair $60, and I have scoshe 6.5s and 6x9s and all together it costs $337. I ripped the metal in my trunk and I had a little spider crack in my windshield and it cracked it bad while sitting in the parking lot at my school so if that system costs $300 for an extra $37 you could be doing that so fr I don’t mean to hate but that’s not great for the price you paid.

Fluffy Doge says:

Is that subwoofer made by super cycle??? That logo reminds me of it

Jeff Jones says:

that 12 or 10 sounds blown

Timothy Benton says:

Hook a real amp up to that baby and it will really bump. You’re majorly underpowering that sub with a crap amp. Run a Rockford fosgate amp to that baby and it will flex your trunk. Trust me I had one of those it was a beast.


I got JBL for 59 dollars

Marshall Borges says:

How can you call this a “budget car sound” when you’ve acquired used stuff from family? C’mon, man…are you stupid or what? Besides, all these guys commenting didn’t realize that?!! At least change the title for your fucking video. Stupid click bait shit!!!

CrVeTroller says:

First yes!

TeamMatrix says:

Hey can i do en video with you?

Estin Flamand says:

I built a 2500rms system with 4 15″s brand new for only 600$

Jacob says:

$450 is BUDGET? dumbass

Ajjasper792 says:

how was installing that sub on the g6? did you have to remove a lot of the side trim to tuck the wires? and also where did you run your power cable to the battery? i have a g6, and had a few questions about putting subs in mine, thanks for the time.

Bruh says:

I think Kicker might be the best company in general for great speakers and subs on a budget lol

Premium Aphid says:

Recently added another sub! Check it out –

Eric Hernandez says:

Lol I had a couple of those l3 I ran a 800.1 mono Memphis amp to them and it pushed the shit out of them they are underated and can take double rms easy then I had 2 solo baric l7 ran a jl audio j2 1000.1 wired at 1 ohm and definitely getting over 1000 rms and they handle the power nicely so get a bigger amp and push that sub to its limits

Laquan c says:

what amp

I JumpShot says:

What about psi subs?

shaa professional car sound shaa car sound says:

jinsi tunavyofunga mp5 kwenye gari cheki

Premium Aphid says:

This subwoofer is fixed! The surrounding came loose and made an awful sound and let a lot of air escape, nearly 8 months after assuming the voice coil blew out

Matthew Lynn says:

look into boss audio subs, they’re less expensive. I have a 500 watt end (1000 peak) subs for $30, and the amp for around $70 and the box for $55

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