BMW X3 2018 Harman Kardon Sound System – Music Test

Harman Kardon Surround Sound System in the new BMW X3. 600 watts and 16 speakers.

Resonance is coming from the microfone not the speakers, my bad.

Part 2:

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Leena Klammer says:


Mike Bafi says:

Im looking at buying the 2018 5 series 550i and cant decide if i should upgrade to the bowkins and wilkims sound system from the hardon kardom its a 6500$ upgrade which is crazy and wondering if it would be worth it i do care about music in my car and would like the best quality but it worth 6500$

Alejandro Martos says:

the bass is amazing

Orion Meeson says:

Please another video with more songs with this car please! This is amazing!

Real RockRolla says:

How much is the power of this sound systeme?

Gabriel21 says:

Songs names?

Mohamed Affan says:

Not only the music is good your car also looks clean

Anis Toumi says:

nice sound test , but next time drive the car with the music s on

Carlos Guadiana says:

The speakers dont distort over time? After using them alot, i ask because the portable speakers do that from harman kardon

Robert W. says:

Read a lot of the comments below. I have a 435d Grand Coupe with this system inside. Have been driving it for nearly three years and believe me, this video does not do it justice. I have two big Pioneer monitor speakers on my desk so most things on YouTube will sound good. Listen to this on your tablet or phone, then…………………… The system is amazing, especially when it’s put into surround sound mode. You have to hear it live. Having said all this, I take delivery of my new X3 in the summer. I’ve ordered it however with the normal BMW HiFi speakers. Why? Because the listening experience is very subjective. I have experienced both and the standard sound system in the X3 is very good. Lots of base, clear highes, good clarity all round.

Sean Stewart says:

sweet test. sounds amazing tbh

Olle Jaarnek says:

I’ve got the Harman/kardon sound system in my BMW and I’m very satisfied with it!

michael mason says:

What song is that bro? I rented this next weekend.. this ride!

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