Bose engineers 4 tiers of car audio

Bose has designed four new levels of custom factory car audio solutions that take full advantage of its engineering expertise, the same stuff that makes its headphones and Bluetooth speakers so wildly popular. They start at the affordable Small Car Series, and pile on dollars and drivers until you reach the ritzy and awe-inspiring 34-speaker Panaray system. We heard them all, and we can tell you firsthand that they sound solid and, for many, are worth considering the upgrade … if one is available to you.





j parks says:

lol Bose. I just test drove 2 2017 Volts. The Bose system sounded like cheap crap. The cheap system actually sounded much better. Bose – total ripoff.

Billy Carter says:

cheap $30 Walmart speakers sound better than that. I should know because that’s what my dad use to have in his car and it sounded way better than the Bose system in my uncle’s Silverado. this Bose car audio is just as overrated as their home audio.

Lochlan Hughes says:

I have bose in my 2005 mazda 6, love it

mazda2284 says:

i call bullshit , aftermarket is always better and always will be better , guys like me rip bose systems out of peoples cars on a regular basis , not always just because of a blown driver but because they want them shitty amps and shitty drivers removed and have them replaced with one of many quality aftermarket brands , if its really that good take it to a SQ competition and see how it stacks up vs REAL systems .

AL3KS S3RB says:

too bad their home speakers are absolute over-priced sh!t (when compared to other similarly priced products)

reyzuna says:

every speaker in the same order set will sound the same though

Lucky Mokoena says:

its in a shit car

Andy Star says:


abyde says:

A Bose system in a Nissan Juke…excuse me while I vomit.

Joshua's Recordings says:

If you never got better performance than Bose in a aftermarket setup, you NEVER did a good job or used junk components! 2:35 – 34 speaker, are they crazy. That must sound horrible. More speakers are not better.

BTW, my uncle’s truck has a Bose system (yes, they have been making them in “average Joe” cars/trucks for a while). It sounded terrible and was seriously lacking bass.

Not gonna get from an aftermarket (well tuned) stereo system. Are you drunk, high or just really stupid?! There is no way you are into car audio.

Nikhil Jain says:

can I fit this in my car

Andrei F says:

+Digital Trends Is the Bose system in the new 2016 Nissan Qashqai ?I cant find this infomation so im asking.Thanks

Filip A says:

Bose, no way. Only aftermarket Pioneer Car Audio!
Factory car audio, no matter if it’s Pioneer, Bose, Sony, Rockford Fosgate, whatever it sounds terrible…

meowmeow44444 says:

This is paid advertising.

Brayden Bledsoe says:

forget bose, I’ll take a alpine system instead.

Tom Hoskin says:

I currently have 2 Mazda’s with Bose systems and have had two previously before that.
Not worth the $$…You would think for the extra cash they could get it right!!!
OTOH…I am always listening on my QC15 headphones at work, which I highly recommend.

Raúl Eraso says:

En Colombia, dónde puedo solicitar instalen Bose System a mi honda?

Brayden Bledsoe says:

forget bose, I’ll take a alpine system instead.

DJ Brandon says:

Pay a 5k Bose Upgrade???
Nahh with that i can buy GOOD and LOUD speakers that will make Bose sound like trash lol

Andy Star says:


Billy Carter says:

my dad’s car system which cost a little less than $150 sounds better than a $300 Bose system. almost all home systems, especially Bose are overrated and overpriced and sound like pure shit. this guy must have did not know what the fuck he was doing. but don’t get me wrong there some good home systems but very few.

H O IR i IZ O N says:

Bose has went downhill over the last 5 years, no longer any good

Andy Star says:


stefce trajkovski says:

well ..not true– go listen to the acura rl it has 10 speakers 5.1 and so on.. its the worse speaker system..entry level cars have better sound..every bose system i came across in a car sounds like crap..alfa 147 and so on.. actualy in further investigation i got the rl speakers measured by a pro and they were exseptional in his words.. but the problem is in the all in one amplifier that destroys any source. the alfa speakers i measured and were not maybe the panaray system sounds good and its worth it by by far the lexus stuff is the best

Brayden Bledsoe says:

forget bose, I’ll take a alpine system instead.

PlatinumEagleStudio's says:

This goes to show you how capable Bose is at designing a true sound system. No wonder why Bose’s slogan is better sound through research. Bose has done extensive research and they know what they are doing in the audio field. Simply amazing. I own a pair of Bose 301’s and they sound fantastic. My music never had that much detail till I bought a pair of 301’s. Bose will always be in my mind the best audio engineering company in the world

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