Boss Audio Review Crap Vs Quality

i really do love this deck, just wished for the price they put more into it…


Luis Vega Nava says:

I have a boss 7 inch single din radio. And was looking to upgrade, glad I saw you’re honest review made my mind up, to spend a little and get a Pioneer AVH-2300NEX.

coffeeguy says:

i had a chinese unit in my mazda3, same issue..poor radio quality and interm glitches. the interface looked the same

Rick James says:

Cut your nasty ass fingernails and eat a dick.

ChickenIsRaww says:

LOL, your review it’s great. You should do some reviews on other products

Garry Iwankow says:

Work for Apine , Pioneer think so what do you expect for 150 dollars not 1500 dollars give them a break

simpson simpson says:

stop using expletives this is a public review

BigBoy205 says:

That’s your aux making that sound

jthonn says:

buy the dash kit for your car and it will look right.

Loon E says:

Wtf u expect for 100$? Cry baby

Monofonik Music says:

Your deck isnt connected to Bluetooth. Or paired better yet. The symbol shouldn’t be flashing…

AznKevDo says:

mine came with a ds stylist

Trottinbig says:

Dirty car and a negative attitude please don’t do any more reviews.

krasht1 says:

This is a really bad review ! Just from watching the video, I saw settings that were wrong and the strange noises that you experienced were most likely from a poor wiring job !

Nicholas Brown says:

Well if you were not such a fucking RETARD – My guess….. Your stupid cuck ass probably hit it. Because holy fucking shit broke ass phone… Blaming a broke ass phone … and a shit ass aux cable – this soyboy probably didn’t even connect his fucking antenna hahaha – MORON! YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT – You can’t Bluetooth while the aux cable is in – get a fucking CLUE you shit ass cunt – you cry about 100 bucks lol and 80 bucks – drink bleach and eat some more tide pods pussy

Ruben Patlan says:

I have no problem with mine and I got two Rockford going

franjapardo1 says:

you needed an adapter man

Tyrone McCoy says:

I heard this rating so many times l hated listening.
I got tell y’all he is right. It’s crap, it doesn’t hold the stations.
I could live with that, but the sound quality sucked even
after adjustments of the equalizer. It’s terrible.

BigBoy205 says:

Or someone did a bad install

David Henri says:

Poor review. Just dragged a used Boss radio out of a spare parts car. Changed setting and scans radios fine. Bluetooth works. Going to install the rear back up camera next weekend. All radio remotes I throw in the trash…..this one was lost. Head fit perfect with no gaps. Reused the install kit and set it up proper. My expearance has been with JVC, pioneer, clarion when they were good. The touch screen is ok after getting used to it, a little laggy interface but is a fine deck. Everything so far works good. Plays movies well too.

Frank Barretto says:

You are a cry baby! you get what you pay for. If you don’t like it so much, send it back and spend some real money on an Alpine system.

prime tyme says:

That’s a bad install and it would have fit if you dash kit with the brackets to hold the radio

Ramo's Vids says:

OMG that radio is such a piece of crap you should kill yourself

sackis psimas says:

You are a funny guy man! Like your video and you explain it good, I would definitely not buy that stereo! Thank and keep up

Roger Baker says:

Why don’t you put on a “big boy” pants and try to put two words together without putting the *F bomb* in the middle. I agree with a previous viewer, move out of Arizona, get yourself a Job that pays enough to buy an Alpine DD stereo with speakers, and put the set in that filthy pig sty you call a car. Boss offers offers a decent stereo for the money. If you ask me, it is better than a bottom feeder deserves.

JasonWW2000 says:

It looks like your radio tuner was set to “local” and that’s why it was only looking for the most powerful stations. If you live in an area where you have a lot of weak radio stations you need to set the radio tuner to its other setting which is like “distance”.

Matt Scott says:

Get what ya pay 4

techplus lab says:

Don’t bother with negative comments below,I understand boss audio is indeed super shit quality! No matter what you connect, radio interference should be damn minimum. BT connection should be automatic and these are some fking basic things and this shitty brand did not get these right!I had another boss audio stereo and it has same issues too,besides amplification isn’t even comparable to cheap Chinese stereo I have at home,even for its price,its still a huge disappointment! Just ignore the bed comments,but honestly you could have made video a bit shorter.

Wesley Siegman says:

Lmao this had me crying . first can we bad install it’s not the radio that gave it the gap it’s the installer , second by a quality aux cable not a Walmart special and last the phone turns your volume down on Bluetooth automatically it’s a Samsung thing . I gave it a thumbs up just because it made me laugh so hard

DanoKruz says:

Bad install, bad antenna, bad everything here…..My BOSS Audio works perfect !!

Tom Umholtz sr says:

What model is this? They have a bunch of other units that seem a lot better out of the box and home installed.

Headwaters says:

I just got a Boss BV9358B and the thing is a TOTAL PIECE OF SHIT! It has the same problems. I think that this is a very fair review. On top of these same problems, when I put my truck in revers, the picture for the back up camera sucks. It’s like looking at a TV that has bad reception.

startreking says:

Take off the outer metal mounting bracket. That should solve the poor fit. I took off mine and the stereo fits nicely into the bay.

loganq says:

Great honest review!

Scottie Luther says:

U need how to wire up the right way

Mervin Felton says:

This is only $67 on amazon. You get what you pay for, you can only be mad at yourself. But you could’ve gotten a way better boss model for $95. You got the cheapest touchscreen model they make lol.

Jeff Brown says:

I installed mine myself and it sounds amazing. Much better than the Bose that came installed. Dont knock Acura, much better than what you’re driving.

Marco A. Caudillo, Jr. says:

Yes, this is an entry level unit, but the fact is you get a lot of bang for your buck. It’s not Boss’ fault you live in the middle of nowhere, have a crappy antenna, no amp, and stock speakers. Do yourself a favor, move to a new town, get a new car, get a better job, and buy an expensive head unit. That’ll fix your problem.

Mr Reign says:

Why are you not using Bluetooth.

Joel Torres says:

Your car is the shit, the radio is very good for the price. Learn how to do a review please.

pumasgoya says:

Too much profanity.

Killa Bee says:

Fuckin return it. U do have consumer rights.

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