Build the BEST Car Audio System – Full process explained

Building a custom car audio system is very rewarding. When done right your install will have just the right amount of bass, silky smooth mids and nice crisp highs. But what does it take? In this video we walk through the entire car audio project process, from determining a goal and coming up with a plan, to installing and tuning.

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Edward Johnson says:

This was an awesome video! There’s one question that I have that the Internet has yet to answer… I’m doing some research on building a 1×15″ bass guitar cabinet, and I’m trying to figure out what frequency would be best to tune to. I play a 5 string, and my lowest string (B) produces a frequency of 31Hz. Should I tune my cabinet to that frequency? Or would it be best to go lower (~25Hz), or perhaps higher to my E (41Hz)?

The frequency response of the woofer is 38-3k Hz, not sure if that would be needed.
Ideally, I would love for my woofer to produce the fundamental of my low B, but woofers that can do that, at acceptable THD, SPL, and Sensitivity, are kind of hard to come by.


love your vids bro

Rajesh Bridgelal says:

whats the best way to position a port in an subwoofer enclosure? Facing the same direction as the sub or to the side?

Shakeel Faris says:

Hi. I have a four channel MB Quart XA1-800.4 four channel amp. The power is 100 watts x 4 @ 4ohms. I’ve not purchased the components yet as I’m still deciding what to get and what configuration to consider. The default would be to get the MB Quart BMW components. They operate at 75watt @4ohms. My question is, how do I get away with a more powerful set like the Hertz Hi Energy which operate at 125watts? Would I need to bridge them across the 4 channels? and what would that take my amps peak power to? Would I need to set my gains according to the 125watts of the components? Many thanks.

Cyan1d3PR says:

Perfect! Exactly what i was looking for. thanks!

Pikavadamopica Monteza says:

Hey im new here and i suscribe already so hi there!!! Any advice for a nubby? I need to know to know how to wire from de stereo to the amp and then from the amp to the speaker also if it has to be only with rca? Cuz my stereo is the one that came with the car looks like it doesnt have any rca just speaker wires! Please help!

Takyri B-Emaja says:

You should make a video with speakers brand you recommend like medium/pro/extra-pro it will help alot. the same for amplifiers etc etc

Bryan Chatmon says:

Budget systems, $500 upgrade, $1000…ETC… I see your a fan of RF, MAYBE SHOW US SOME OTHER CHEAPER ITEMS….

Clyde Turner says:

I’ve never performed a complete entertainment system install before so I’d like to get some advice from a Professional. I need some suggestions on getting started on selecting the proper AMP, speakers, and supporting hardware.

I own a 1989 Ford E-150 Conversion Van, I’ve completely gutted it to install some of today’s toys, I already have the Boss BVB9364RC System for my main system and some headrest monitors that I built housing’s for.

I’m willing and able to do the research, purchase, fabricate/build, and install myself; however, I know there is more to it than just “Plug and play – HELP!.

ArcadeDude44 says:

Good stuff, thanks

John Bertin says:

QQ. Would the DM-810 qualify as an RTA?

Harm Drenth says:

What kind of software would you recommend to tune a stereo system?

PSYk1ll4h says:

imma need help with my 15″ Fi sp4 and the rest of the system haha. it’s going to be interesting.

Keenan Eisermann says:

do you have a video explaining hertz CarAudioFabrication ?

Connor98 says:

I’m so confused rip

John D says:

Really enjoyed the part about tuning the gains and level matching. Another, more advanced techniques, would be to scope the gains.
I’m about to step back into the IASCA SQ game after years of being out…some of the lessons I learned the hard way are covered in a lot of CAF’s videos. I really enjoy watching these…sometimes one of his tips catches me and brings up old scenarios of hard knock experiences.
Great work on these videos!

Roland Schoenke says:

great video as always, took notes.


do I need a 5v pre out or can I get away with a DSP to clean the signal up?

madumal nuwan says:

i have Subwoofer w 2700+2 so i wont to know how many power amp i can use ?

ekim andersom says:

My advice would be to not spend anything on rear speakers, and spend a bit (allot) more on your front components.
Amps and subs are easy to add or change.
Just choose an awesome front system and install it the best way possible, then build and plan the rest from there.

Jorge Arteaga says:

Question on LOC’s. Can you put two LOC’s on the rear channels of a factory head unit so you can adjust subwoofer amp with subwoofer level control nob. So in total there would be three LOC’s. 2 for front and rear speakers going to a 4CH amp and 1 to sub amp.

Montieth101 says:

I have a 2002 camaro coupe and im trying to figure out how i could fit two 10′ pioneer premier series subs but still be able to use my t- tops…. Got any suggestions?

male nasty says:

hello c.a.f. my first step is isolation doors and after discuse about real music !! two sets hertz hi energy 16.5 pomped active with two amplifs 4×150 for midbass and 4×60 for tweeters drived by boss pioneer 80rs on front! second step is one kicker 15l5 acomplish with zx750.1 for wave bass..thanks alot from Romania head bass man!!

PunisherOfDeath101 says:

mobile strike commercials….

Michael Sans says:

First tier should be knowing the power your gonna need for the watts your are gonna get under a thousand or over big difference there.big three upgrade first do I need a battery or not

zorhis1996 says:

i had to get a stupid car thats hard to install audio stuff in so i cant do it myself 🙁 first car , shitty for audio

Ben Gauci says:

That lisp on my new sound system sounds awesome bro!

Jason Myjak says:

very nice video

travis mcgregor says:

Question for you. I’m doing an audio overhaul in my wk2, active components in the front, helix dsp, and a sub, also I have to keep my factor HU. So my question is rear door speakers…I’ve gotten mixed info and would like some input. I’ve been told they’re unnecessary to keep once upgrading to the level I am, is that true or is there some value in also upgrading those as well? I’m using audiofrog speakers and an arc audio 1200.6 amp. If I do keep rear door speakers I’ll have to purchase another amp to run the sub instead of bridging 5&6 on the 1200.6

Colin says:

Sound (no pun intended) advice once again, you experience rolled up in one thought provoking video.For thous of us who listen and learn a great road map to follow

Eric Salyer says:

so fucking boring

ElitePyro says:

Money is the problem

TR Killswitch says:

What is the average cost for Tier 1-3, I don’t care about accuracy, just need a general cost range

Tyler Schallert says:

Content cop anyone?

Don Heston says:

the way he talks is annoying as hell

jason canceran says:

you r my idol. always replicating your project with my primitive tools… hand saws..tnx

squidduck says:

Like this video a lot. After many systems in the past, I kind of find myself following these steps on my own. Presently waiting for final wiring and damping materials are; Audio Control LC7i to use my stock head unit, Hertz HDP1 for a pair of Hertz HX250’s, a Hertz HDP4 for 2 pairs of Hertz ESK 165s and a 2 pairs of Hertz ECX 690s….. thanks for the tips

H O IR i IZ O N says:

This is going to sound like a dumb question but If you run a sub at 4ohm or run It at 2ohm which will sound better, If both ways gets the same power? I guess It would be easier to say, do JL Audio Subs sound better at the higher ohms?

Gabriel Dignard says:

probably my fav channel on youtube! would be nice to learn more about different ways to power high wattage systems

Ely Powell says:

Tells you all the common sense stuff which everybody should know anyway but gives no info on what components to use with your stereo to get the best sound.

Jonny Miller says:

1:00 – post intro
1:40 – Phase 1: What Is The Goal?
2:34 – Goal Tier Breakdown
4:24 – Phase 2: Planning
7:06 – Phase 3: Purchasing
8:22 – Phase 4: Installation
11:26 – Phase 5: Tuning

rodney smith says:

okay here’s my question I have a 2006 dodge RAM 1500 crew cab and I want to install a amp for my speakers but I don’t know what kind of amp to get here is the speakers that I have and I am looking to send no more then 400 on an amp but cheaper is always better. I have JL Audio C2 – 350 x in my Dash their power range is 10-40 watts RMS (75 watts peak). I have JL evolution C2 series 5.25 component speakers in the front they are Peak 200 Watts per set or 100 watts each RMS 120 per set or 60 watts each. I have JL C2 -650 6.5 component speakers and they have the same wattage and RMS as the Evolution C2 in the rear. what kind of amp should I get?

Jesse Nurse says:

It’s very hard to take advice on the speakers to choose from you (product placement) when you payed to promote those products

deadlyassassin240 says:

Planning is the best part. As soon as I actually deploy my idea and it’s all perfect I already start coming up with new ideas just in time to tear everything out and start over. I think I might have an addiction…

Ali Haidar says:

Installing audio systems actually calms me down, of course a few curse words here and there lol. Especially building enclosures and taking my time to get everything perfect.


funky fresh rhyming!

Erzol Masandilov says:

Had to share this, Look –
Those high grade Hi-Fi Speakers are awesome, I just wish I could afford them! 🙂

Clyde Turner says:

P.S. – I’ve already re-upholstered my bench and seats but I’m waiting to cover the walls and doors after I decide on the right speakers. Also, I’m rebuilding my dash and eventually a newer style Steering Column will be installed for the controls.

Any assistance will be appreciated – Thank you!

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