Cheap Stock VS $1500 Stereo System – is it better?

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Poway, CA

Outro done Ryan Ruckuss:

Music by: Joakim Karud and Jeff Kaale



1500 my ass

Aiden Moon says:

a sippie is when your like hey can I have a sippie of that drank mang

Tech Maniac says:

no sound check? wtf is this video for then

Corbin Burger says:

Miley☹️ should have kept the same color

Adam Honda98 says:

a little sip

Trystan Hoffmann says:

Yo I’m starting a custom 3D printing company. Let me 3D print Calvin memes and such

Wewen Kia Pride says:

@tjhunt what is the title of the outro music??

Noah Sullivan says:

A drink lol?

Arly Gonzalez says:


- - says:

That’s NOT carbon fiber, it’s called kevlar…

ThatOneGuy8199 says:

how do you youngsters have so much money to do all of this

Ryker Hubbard says:

It’s nmd* not mnd

Boxerliferz says:

BRZ stock system is terrible. I spend a great deal of money getting a system with a custom fiber glass sub. In my opinion, this should be one of the first things you do to the car. That stock sound is just awful lol.

Anton Wong says:

y still on OEM speaker. u shud buy after market staff for more best quality sound like Focal, Ciare,DLS, Bewith speakers.

call of duty player with friend's says:

add my Snapchat its damion99111

Jens Kristian says:

Zippi= zipplock

Devin Stephens says:

Which car do you have it in bc they don’t have them for Nissan

Jackson Phillips says:

Love watching old videos in the garage

JerseyRAT says:


klonkis2JZ says:

*installs sound system*
*doesnt show us what it sounds like*

MR. Mannen says:

Aint a sippy a siptie?

Bud Thats My Real Name says:

Everyone keeps commenting on his rims… I agree their ugly, but do you remodel the inside of your house first for comfort? Or paint your house and do your lawn for looks first?

Im sure theres a select few who would do the lawn and paint first, but most of you would agree with remodel the inside for comfort first

Besides, most of you dont even own a brz or frs yet

George Dodson says:

blow job dick sucked

RussGotSauce says:

Sippie: Basically you getting head but just the tip.

Josh McCormick says:

SIPPY CUPS!!!!!!!!

cabasse says:

so stupid, lol. the stock system is actually quite fucking far from garbage. (rubber surrounds, poly cones, cast baskets on the woofers?) that’s better than bose! sure, the OEM audio system is better… not $1500 better though. believe it or not, the stock system is actually DSP tuned to work with the drivers and cavity they’re in already!

trump are you drawing attention to your hands again?


Could of put a way better system in this car and upgraded the battery for less the 1500

Hayden Ward says:

Nice ass nmds

Blake Unrein says:

I like thecar

James The Homosapien says:

Rims are feeling like Game of Thrones.. Just like winter and dragon.. Those rims are not coming! haha

Max Cazac says:

Calvin shook 2:40

Jay J says:


Kieran Alonzo says:

Just wanted love ur channel broooooo

Jack Sedita says:

Subscribe to my channel at “JackSedita”

Dhilan Shah says:

Why buy an 86/FR-S over a BRZ or a BRZ over an 86/FR-S?

Jinwu Ahn says:

My dude just said mnds lmao

coby braun says:

Hold up, he said “mnd’s”. Bruhhh

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