China Car Stereo – Are Chinese Head Units worth it ?

China car radio : or TUVVA KSD7843b Are those cheap car radios worth it ? i think definitly yes !
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Amazon review: This is the first car stereo i have bought and i did a lot of looking. Similar products on the market are 5x the price but the Tuvva has all the same features. Basically it looks great, it sounds great and it works great i cant find a fault with it.
Also id like to add that you can bypass the parking break sensor so you can use the dvd screan while in motion but i wouldn’t advise it. All you have to do is attach the earth wire to the chasis, first stereo i have bought and i managed it fine.


Dubsy Dubs says:

That’s great, while driving you can watch the dickheads watching tv while driving and crashing on youtube.

flohdaniel says:

Watching films while driving… idiot.

Out Of Place Ninja says:

They sure give you a lot of wire to work with, must not be too shitty. My last car I tried to switch out the stereo and they gave so little wire to work with that I had to reach into the tiny single DIN slot with my big man hands and it just didn’t work. I looked and I looked and there was no other way to do it. Haven’t bothered with the new car.

komputerkid12 says:


namon2345 says:

Chinese car stereo is cheap but it can use for 1-2 years and buy new one. After first year,Disc Mechanism will search longer before and can’t read DISC. If you don’t reset button after change battery,The headunit button will not respond and can’t push to poweroff. I prefer OEM factory radio instead.

john says:

So this let’s you see movies. Nice Idea but I’m in .ca. I think this is illegal in .ca. In .ca you can only see movies in the back seat.

Fastfregga says:

lmao at the hiding numbers

LJ LEW says:

What an ugly looking cheap piece of shit

HNRichard says:

I really wanted those single din Pioneer/Clarion LCD on my car! but the price is too expensive. So I bought the cheaper double-din Pioneer AVH-X2850BT. Overall it’s still a great unit though

Steven Garcia says:

” dishplay “

G666Gg666G says:

Got an double din Chinese android headunit, its the best thing i ever had, Spotify, YouTube, watching porn, gps… Way better than this head unit

Domi nik says:

Wieso host nid Hitradio Ö3 angmocht

Challenge: Playstation auf der HeadUnit

stezo2k says:

I wonder if the sound quality is as good as my Pioneer. The interface may not be great but it has some great features. Hdmi in is great

antoni cruzjr says:

Seen radio way cheaper like 60 dallors

Chris Jimenez says:

do these have hi pass filters and low pass filters?

epin san says:

hahaha..fuck you apple.. i love that word’s

Kavindu Gilshan says:

But the problem is how long it will work ??

Maybe 6 months ?? :/

Mahin Alam Emon says:

“F*k u apple” epic xD

TRe' CooL says:

Why u did not try what formats movies can play from usb

Lamster66 says:

I need a flip down for my SAAB send me your old one LOL

JukkaCSGO says:

Blocking your Button for the Hazard Lights. Nice, you are officially stupid.

Skill Dudel says:

Ein wiener!!!!

Robert Mccaffrey says:

Cool thank,s

Cristian Briggs says:

Pioneer has a single din CarPlay/Android Auto for $500. Pretty cheap considering it has both options. My double din with just CarPlay was $400. And before you say it’s too expensive here are things to consider. 1. You don’t ever have to touch your phone while driving meaning no more tickets for texting and driving. 2. It make you a safer driver because you’re no longer distracted by your phone. 3. If you have an iPhone you just talk to Siri using commands (pretty sure android auto is the same except you don’t talk to Siri.

LuDno says:

That Vauxhall Vectra is fucking ugly

Daniel Auen says:

hahaha, i spent $15 on my new radio! for a 1984 celica gt, the factory one was junk.

Snuup Dog says:

endlich mal ein guter österreichischer youtuber

Mohd Ismail says:

Really cool review.. appreciate it bro!!! Keep up

Jamie Reid says:

Haha, do you seriously think your Vauxhall Vectra would smoke civics? No way, it’s really heavy, slow to rev, has low horse power and is still a family saloon. The 2.5 V6 is not fast, so stop talking shit.

Limbos says:

“I can call here my Mom”

Englisch Level: Legendär.

robert Retek says:

Cooles video

SuicidaLx says:

Oh yes, i love when a driver says “rear view camera, i dont need it, its bullshit”. Of course its bullshit, if you cant park your car, dont even drive it.
And oh yes, Vectra GSi

NorcraftGaming says:

Ue Megaboom Markus ..

Norbert Szabó says:

I have once a Hyundai Head unit. One of my best unit i have in my car! Cost around 30 US Dollars so very cheap. Now i have a Clarion CDA-9883 witch is also excellent quality but was 199 Us dollars. One word for the Akai unit: very poor, just a piece of crap, all modell!

A анонимный says:

A V6 Vectra?! Oh my god.
Where do I get one?! Holy shit.

I had one, 1.4L. It was weak as hell. Double clutch was a must. Big body, weak engine. Then again, bigger displacement models were not even popular in my country, so there is that.
Anyhow, a V6 sounds like a fucking beast, son.

Lollox 1234 says:

Hallo Mann, wie geht’s?

#チモムマツ' says:

Let me save 15min of your life. No, they isint worth it

james42519 says:

you made the one mistake a lot of people make and should never do. cut the factory wire harness. never do that. adapters are cheap on stores and online. get a adapter that plugs into the factory plugs on car and splice that onto the radio connectors. you went to store for a adapter for antenna you were right by them. that is the right way to do it. never cut factory connectors ever. also never use tape and stuff. use solder for all connections and heatshrink around that.

Mo City Beau says:

No am fm tuner?


Thank you for taking the time to show me this awesome tutorial. You did well.

Mosuserver 1.6 says:

Are yoy from Austria?

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