Choosing a Car Audio Processor


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In this episode of Amplified we will be discussing some important features to look for when choosing a digital signal processor for your car stereo system. Doug will be talking about his experience installing the new Audison AP8.9bit. We will also be looking at some features of Audison’s Bit Tune tool set.


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oh yeah i remember this vid it put me off buying one because its shit altho it is good when setup 😉 still aint got one

kowboikilla123 yahoo says:

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rippleyaliens says:

I’m digging this. I have to say, this provided me with some critical info. Question.. How big a difference did this install make, with regards to sound quality?

Carl Miller says:

video boring

Nelson Benitez says:

>ALSO he has rear speakers/channels in an “audiophile system”… laughingwhores.jpg


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BassheadDick803 ! says:

DD audio, DSI-1

ISEE YOU says:

I have used a few and they all have their good points and bad points… Helix, Zapco, Mosconi, ARC, Rockford Fosgate, Audison, Mini DSP, JBL MS8, Pioneer ODR, Old Sony C90 with add ons and more. I currently use the Mosconi 6to8 V8 and have done well competing with it.

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Your going to need to keep a file with all the e.q. settings, drivers, etc. on each install, or its going to eventually sneak up on you, and bite you in the rear someday. Be kinder to your employees – friends, or it will be the same way as well.

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A Tacotunes EZ Q for the Tundra is plug and play. Takes 3 minutes. Only a union worker would mess with that crappy DSP.

dank9288639 says:

why the fuck is audison so expensive!? 500$ for 360 watts lol

Jesse James says:

so whats a audison bit tuner again!!????!!

Focus says:

Bit One………….. What the hell did I even buy? Hopefully it helps.

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sir, can you review deh80prs from pioneer? this thing has a build in dsp or something. also crossover for each channels.

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Mosconi new 8 to 12 selling Mosconi 6to8v8 soon at CES they had some killer shit coming soon!

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Audison Bit Ten

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olds4421971 says:

Before all that hassle…I used a expensive set of headphones, Beyerdynamic DT 1770 pro…and with my good computer BIT output setting to max..24 bit 192000..I listen to KNOWN top quality sounding songs over and over then play it in the car and set and tweak or redo….Ive changed EXPENSIVE speakers often for average /above average and let customer listen to / for them selfs…. I have laugh many times on how a pair Of Lanzar coaxial from 2005 sounded better then Focal’s

Bellski Tech says:

ARC audio PS8 is the tits!!

merkantelismo says:

Hey @Doug Bernards, how’d you find those circuit breakers compared to fuses? aren’t they too sensitive to fluctuations? Thanks!

Sandy Ravage says:

Watching season 5-6 now cus fuck it.. You know

gr8dryv says:

that’s some funny shit right there. Have you had any luck with the RF3Sixty stuff? I just gutted the .2 version from my system. Fucker never worked right trying to work with my Acura stock head unit. Lots of shop time and plenty of emails and calls to RF tech guys, no go.

H O IR i IZ O N says:

Here’s the thing you should rate what your putting in, so us consumers know if it’s a good product or not, I was left not knowing whether or not the audison amp/processor is any good

Phil Indeblanc says:

5XL! LOL I need a new blanket! That Audison sw looks a lot like the RF360.3
You could have mentioned what Toyota HU it is.
You could have mentioned that the DSP was not able to get a quality signal from the HU and not even a full range frequency out of it
You could have mentioned the right thing to do is ditch the stock HU if its an option.

ISEE YOU says:

Finally used some Audison DSP’s… garbage… They are so limited compared to the others out there. To many issues with quality control.

Jon Wells says:

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hunter callahan says:

watt do you think of the ssl 4 band eq cross its cheap and not as exact as your setup but it does clean up a lot of my bass issues


Doug, you are a funny ass mutha fucka lol

ISEE YOU says:

Helix DSP Pro MK2… and Mosconi Aerospace 8 to 12.. I have used both.. both are nice… the Helix is just really really nice.

Brett O'Berry says:

I just come here to read the whiners and haters comments. 😀

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