Choosing Door Speakers
Today I figure out which speakers that I want to install into the front doors of the F150. And I start designing my new speaker adaptors to be cut on my CNC router.

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Kris White says:

The tweeter would sound better up in front of u

Kevin Grandes says:

This guy video to funny but the end you get lost u never know what the fuck he did

ThePeoplesChamp says:

What is the guitar song at 4:00?

Josh Hawn says:

Faded in every video aha imma go to his shop

Drunken Hamster says:

Miles easier to take off door panels on my ram. This shit looks stupid. Lol.

jeremy clarckson says:

You are funny sir !! 🙂

ortegaUSMC says:

This video fuckin sucks.

That 2 Door Hoe says:

that smacking was fucking annoying

ThePeoplesChamp says:

If you want something that was build in Mexico… Just slap Raffa’s mum’s ass and hang on tight!

John Viera says:

What DSP do you recommend?

ThePeoplesChamp says:

I won’t lie. I came here for FATTY MIDS. I really dig the editing too. You’re a funny dude

maiden4me says:

OMG just put the damn speakers you want and get this fucking video over…

Ivan Mend says:

Love the video man keep it up

Carlos113ese says:

Get to the point. U fuck around 2 much


Advisio- your hyperlink for CT has incorrect syntax.

Gabe P says:

you’re lit bro. so true about doing shit for yourself opposed to doing it for someone else then charging double… lol

Benny Salas says:

I will be doing a build on my 2014 Honda Pilot. Rare build but it has the room I need and I’m tired of the Tahoes and Expeditions So that being said DOUG, I do not want to remove the OEM radio because it looks neat and I do not want to lose the OEM functionality like steering wheel controls and what not. I dont have deep pockets for an Audison but i did snag up a Audiocontrol LC7i. What are your thoughts on this method? I will be running CT AT1400.1 on 2 Soundqubed HDS2.108 (8″) and CT AT-60.4 for the mids and highs.

ThatOneGunGuy says:

2:17 Built Ford Tough!

Phelan Miller says:

This is my car. If it was your car, Id hack the door up. I wouldn’t even make a spacer, I would just take the air saw to it and zip some dry wall screws in there and charge you double. Take me 15 minutes. Classic, nice!!!

J R says:

This guy is hilarious

cesar polanco says:

You literally make my day with your way of making your videos comedy and excellent diy work. Your editing is great.


this kid has way too much time to edit and it still sucks ass and to top it off hes corny as fuck/.

Joe Byam says:

I like your sense of humor bro, but I was watching for information, as I’m sure 99% are… spend way to much time playing around. Your video would be much better if you paid attention to the job. Not talkin shit, just constructive criticism. Thanks for the upload though!

Cory Walls says:

So what’s your opinion on BOSS audio?

Esau Moreno says:

Are u stevo o brother

mexiko24572 says:

Ct sounds is trash. Should of pick a brand better

Kris White says:


Anodyne says:

I’ve fought the urge to close the tab showing this video about 6 times in the first 2 minutes because of the production work. Why dude. Why? Just be informative, clear, professional and you’ll help a lot of people.

Also, your video is labeled “choosing the right door speakers”, yet you speak almost nowhere about door speaker options and what’s smart to use in specific instances. Not helpful 🙁

Rufus Tv says:

You lame asf

leon baugh says:

this is the first video of yours ive watched…….subbed instantly…..had to……love it

George De La Cruz says:

Stupid ass video no help at all

Stuff stuff and More stuff says:

What’s ur guys opinions on the illusion audio speakers? I might be buying two pairs



Christian Specht says:

Wasting time posing and chewing gum.shut it down was interested in the content if it wasn’t for the pompus gum chewing tool

JRLM says:

Youll never find any one this talented in NYC… Fucking depressing.

John Viera says:

You should try these out and let us know what you think. Looks like it gives you nice efficiency but not in the lower bass region. But if it bumps your midbass and the highs it might pair well with a subwoofer system.

Michael Eden says:

Funny guy but lay off that blow.

Tshais-2014 says:

Now I know why 1.5k dislikes this video.

Kurt Flanigan says:

Dude, I fucking love it!! LMAO

Herb Wandrei says:

This video was too torturous for me I had to sign off

Ivan Mend says:

Lol funny shit man

Youngonegaming23 says:

chevy doorpanels come out in 5 minutes unlike the shitty fords

Kris White says:

Would u actually do to someone else do it in 15 mins

Victor Bolanos says:

the way this video was cut, was fucking amazing

Kaleb Matsen says:

Dude ur fucking great love the video

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