Coaxial vs. Component Car Speakers

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In part 1 of our car speaker informational series, we discuss and review some of the differences between coaxial speakers and component systems. Using the Kicker KS650 coaxial speakers and the Precision Power 356cs component speakers as an example, we give you a closer look at these car audio speakers. Hopefully this will help in learning more about car speakers, as well as choosing your next set of car speakers.

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Kit Truong says:

Kenneth Ochoa – yes cuz you want to mount the tweeters closer to you that’s if you like crisp sound!

Nelly Love says:

What set up would you suggest for a 96 Chevy Suburban?

rob h says:

Realistically, if they put the components crossover with a coaxial, the coaxial would almost always sound better than the components because the high + mid are together. But, Sonic goes with the flow of public misinformation, or, as the Nazis said, disinformation, by continuing to lie to the public to make money, or go with the agenda.

Boon Yao says:

Hello I got a question here,
If I already installed a amplifier to my car, does my car still need component speaker?

Electronics For Fun says:

l think component speakers are better even thought they are more cumbersome. reason l think this, is because the cheaper coaxial speakers do not have a built in x-over so the same power going to the mid bass driver is the same power going to the tweeter. there are a lot of people who don’t know the difference and, they buy the cheap speakers because they still sound good but at higher volumes those tweeters will be working for there pay checks. component speakers don’t need a x-over if you power them with there own independent amp, but that is another amp you don’t need.

Sml132 says:

Co-Axial, not coaxle!

wordizzle10 says:

whats the difference between component and regular speakers??

MadMan says:

he seems pretty wild.

scooter21ba says:

can i install component speakers without tweeters?
only speakers connected to crosover?

Tim Tereshchuk says:

What if my car already has a separate tweeter? Would I then only need just the mid-range speaker without the crossover?

Anil Pothera says:

I am using Sony XAV 68BT (55Wx4), Can I use JBL GTO 649 component and Infinity referance 6502ix in this unit without an external Amplifier? Does it give better result then factory speakers? anybody help please

David Hogan says:

Thanks great video

Shawn Wilson says:

I have the 2004 Kicker ks6.5 component set in my 05 Silverado single cab got both band new a few months a part

Kenneth Ochoa says:

I’ve seen many people put their coaxial speakers in the back of their car under the rear windshield. Could/would it be better or even best to possibly get both a coaxial and component speakers but have the coaxial in the back and component in the front?

Eddy9lives says:

Can you have half and half? I have a sedan so would it be a good idea to have component in the front and coaxial in the back?

rippenburn says:

It’s fucking co-axial, not co-axle.

IngeniousOutdoors says:

Coaxial* not fkn co-axle.

BestTranceMusicCom says:

Thanks for this informative video. Looks like I’m gonna go Coaxial in my car.

Random videos by Joe says:

could i just use a car speaker in a box at home?

Jr plz says:

Montebello, Calif. — Precision Power (PPI), the popular amplifier brand of the early ’90s, was purchased from Directed Electronics by Epsilon Electronics on Nov. 7 for an undisclosed sum.

Epsilon also owns brands including Power Acoustik, Farenheit, SPL, Kole Audio and Soundstream Technologies. The company said the purchase will help Epsilon bolster its high-end market presence. Epsilon VP Gene Norvell noted, “We’ve had some technologies we’ve wanted to bring forward related to sound quality. So we were thinking of bringing it out under Soundstream or another brand. PPI was a natural fit because it was always about its sound quality.”

This new technology may be shown at International CES, Norvell said.

Directed purchased the brand at the end of 2001, along with the Orion and ADS brands, but was said to have focused on Orion at the expense of PPI. Norvell said, “I don’t think Directed put the same focus on PPI as they did on Orion.” Directed did not comment on this specific question.

Tj Hernandez says:

can you still connect an amplifier yo a coaxial Speaker

evilwatermelon99 says:

What if I wanna add a subwoofer to the component speakers? Are there crossovers that split the frequencies three ways?

ricky stewart says:

can you tell me switch one will be better I have a 2016 honda pilot elite model looking for something really nice plz help me out

michael mixon says:

Coaxials are definitely the best for the money!

genithlol says:

Informative, thank you!

Erzol Masandilov says:

What do you think about this High-end System?
Look –
Damn it just looks superior!

Fucknuts says:

this guy talks in circles

jimmyxchang says:

helped a lot!! thanks

UrUnforgettable says:

Do all the component woofer center come cap twist off ?

jman781 says:

I have never heard any coaxial that doesn’t have bass distortion. Components for serious audiophiles!!

Big Al YouTube says:

Hey I have a 2003 toyota highlander, which would be better coaxial or component speakers?

Samuel Mason says:

Basically. You choose whichever allows best placement in your car, as both will offer the quality you are after?

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