DEH-80PRS – Pioneer’s Best Single DIN – Made For Audiophiles

Pioneer’s DEH-80PRS was released in 2013, but how is it still one of the best Single DIN radio’s on the market???

Pioneer DEH-80PRS

Axxess ASWC-1 Universal Steering Wheel Control Interface

Pioneer DEH-80PRS Product Highlights
⦁ Single-DIN in-dash CD receiver
⦁ Custom color illumination
⦁ Built-In MOSFET 50W x 4 Amplifier
⦁ High quality components for optimal sound quality
⦁ Auto EQ/ Auto Time Alignment
⦁ Pandora support
⦁ 3 sets of 5 volt RCA outputs

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C.C says:

What would you say is better audiophile wise this (deh-80prs) or the new mvh s501bs? Mfd is like August 2012 or something very close on the deh 80prs and like Oct 2017 for the mvh 501, is the 80prs still best even after all these years? Appreciate any info!

Ryan Moore says:

and what’s the price..

Tom552 says:


Iron Man says:

Awesome stereo KoKY remote control for the Price

Noob Implants says:

I would have chosen this if flac was an option and no i dont want to sit there and convert TB’s of music to WAV thanks though.

Wade Hensley says:

People, FLAC isnt that big of a deal. WAV is also a lossless format, and can be stored on an SD card the same as FLAC. So unless you are pirating your FLAC files, just rip your CDs to WAV, put em on SD, and call it a day.

ekim andersom says:

Its not the best, the 99 is the best

Anand Vaid says:

I have this..Rockford amp to JL sub..
Jl amp to Phoenix gold mid n tweets.
Bigger battery an alternator…car fully dynamtted…it works

Giuseppe Molinaro says:

Alpine…Nuffield said

Christopher Alden says:

Is Pioneer ever going to put out and updated version of this radio? It’s hard to find a single din with these features; time alignment, etc. It’s probably the only radio I want to put in my car, but it’s sooo outdated at this point.

ruben romano. says:

Bluetooth??? To?

DopeyFresh says:

This is far from the best these days, even the deh-s5000bt offers so much more than this pos.

Dan Norris says:

I’ve had 2 of these and btooth died on both.

Dejay Venom says:

Has pioneer ever made an update to this unit?

neogryph says:

lol… CD player.

Jordyn Kennedy says:

Any advice on the best double din for audio quality???

Bart Swisher says:

I have this head unit and in active mode with the right components and amps it has unreal sound quality. If someone can’t make this unit sound great, they don’t know what they are doing. Don’t use the auto eq/time alignment, do it manually. If you don’t understand time alignment, crossover points, slopes, driver gains, and eq settings, then this is not the unit for you. This is the 2 way active little brother to the P99RS which is 3 way active. The 80PRS is 1/4 the price of the P99RS and does 90% of the same features.

Kyle Fonrose says:

Is there any new pioneer double din deck that is as good as the 80prs and suitable for competition?

Doug styles says:

Over priced….just like EVERYTHING that only uses apple shit

Tough Nation says:

How is it compared to the Sony MEX-N5200BT ?

Darmo says:

A good unit bit the best single din audiphile units havent been updates since 2013, currently the 80/99prs and the Alpine 178-bt are still top dogs and they are 2013 products! If i was starting a build today i would get a simple headunit that has an optical out, hook it up via the optical cable to a DSP such as an Audison bit one HD and do all my processing in there.

micromem says:

I know its fair few years older, but I wonder how my trusty P9600MP stands up to this model.

natureslogic 707 says:

This is the best single din head unit you can get in 2017 under $ build quality but the cleanest crisp sound and loud AF no distortion..

Daam Daddy says:

What is the Bluetooth ver for this unit

B2 Audio Japan says:

Good for the cheap price but most will run DSPs, this doesnt play lossless etc.. save yourself the headache and go tablet.

Denise Anderson says:

i had this and nothing compare in quality to alpine

Reign Mack says:

firmware upgrade was a complete pain in the ass

Alex Cardenas says:

does this have steering wheel control?

ThegreatDmarcellin says:

i really wish they made something like this in a double din form factor

Ernestom5 says:

20 years old softwear paired with a squeaky, plasticky front panel. The USB ports and the bluetooth can not save the batch. Time to move on, Pioneer…

seon wilo says:

hey man grate job, but holy shit dude take f$%king brake man, u need a glass of water…hahahha…anyways nice vid bro…

Zachary says:

It is a CD/Media receiver. This right now is the best you can get in car audio. This was released in 2012? While ago but still the best. Even better than alpines flag ship HU to date.

Vaneater says:

Do you think double din touchscreen HUs are even worth it? Like honestly how often are you gonna be screwing with it while driving. I don’t use the radio a ton while driving I j leave it. Yeah fuck it I’m not gonna get a touch screen one I’m gonna get one like this single din.

Whitefox2298 says:

Seeing it list 11.6 volts made me cringe haha

kennith rogers says:

I hate this design. Open face plate. find and push eject button. Reinsert a CD. Then close face plate. That’s to much to do while driving. And just how long is that face plate gonna take all the pushing and opening. This design is flawed. Don’t by this. If you listen to alot of cds, your gonna hate this thing. Also it’s always dirty from all the freaking work you have to do just to listen to a CD. There are other brands that have this flawed design. Get something else. Thumbs down for recommending this Dangerous piece of crap to us. Keep your eyes on the road, not your stereo.

Green Life says:

So it has 3 RCA preouts. If I want to add one active tweeters in front, I need one set for those, one set for then front mids and then one set for subwoofer. How to run the rear door speakers then? says:

Dunno how old you peeps are but this reminds me of the dolphin pioneer looks like same settings just with bluetooth usb. Yr2000 modified lol or 2003 cant remember

Zachary says:

3 min into this vid I have to shut it off too much music and too busy for me.

DreadfullMind says:

I have a Pioneer P88rs2… Good as this unit but much more better built, beautifull and high end look

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