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Matt sat in the back seat with the Canon XSi camera capturing our back-to-front-and-back-again fading demo by moving the camera’s built-in microphone forward and backward along with the fades. We’re listening for sonic improvements (detail, tone quality, dimensionality) when we fade to the JL Audio components up front from the stock GM speakers in the back. Check it out and see if you can hear the difference. Find out more about aftermarket car speakers visit http://www.crutchfield.com/i-rYTVcz06/lg_399/Car-Speakers-How-To-FAQ-and-Shopping-Guides.html.

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Brick Layer says:

Would love to hear you say “…mmm, kkk…” from South Park – thanks for the video. 

MzRedd28MusicLive says:

I have 06 Audi a6 Quattro 3.2l course have Bose. like music loud sound when windows down wana add MTX 9500 15″ or Sundown

Jason Gib says:

My boot/trunk is way way bigger cavity than my door hahaha silly people you driving a Mercedes Benz smart car with no boot lmao

Joshua's Recordings says:

The factory speakers have much better mid bass. Paper cone speakers handle mid bass much better than most other kinds of speakers. Also that is why paper cone speakers are still used for professional systems (they are also more sensitive). However, you can tell they are cheap junky speakers. Overall your aftermarket speakers sounded much better.

Shody Larkins says:

Great!! Nice instillation

Carlo S says:

hello Crutchfield I want to keep the factory look of my car so in essence that means keeping the factory radio butt I want louder better speakers. will I be required to put a converter and an amp just to power the speakers or can it be done with a factory radio. will they make a big difference having an amp or just having them run off the factory radio thank you much appreciated

Dylan Smiley says:

My 07 Peterbuilt had factory speakers. and there where pretty stout. the bass was amazing on it. and it sounded from outside like the truck is falling apart cause the bass from them. no distorition what so ever

LRCM Gaming says:

Wow! This a 100% proof that high end after market speakers sounding better is not associated with the placebo effect when you replace the stock speakers an average vehicle (not counting high end cars).

Corie Burk says:

Am i the only one that found the factory speakers as less shrill and overall better sounding? Sure the JLs wer more detailed but that doesn’t always equal accuracy. There’s more to music than just 1KHz and up…

Loving Chandler says:

Cool guy.

koala earraper says:

go hi matt and i

Skullcandy says:

What in the classical music bs is this?

Billy Carter says:

it would be easier to tell in real life

VinylBeatz says:

Stock sounds better tbh

Ash Finkter says:

Your videos are such *BULLSHIT!!!* Everyone knows that the rear speakers are complete *SHIT!!* in every car!! Fucking scammers.

Bobbo Tron says:

im listening on my phone and i can tell the difference . those symbol crashes in the front tho

jewllake says:

you will always get a better sound from the fronts b/c the door is larger and the speakers have more volume to move air.  A better test would have been aftermarket speakers in the rear and stock in front.

Kevin McWilliams says:

Even premium factory speakers that come with the upgraded systems are crap compared to aftermarket. They may have just a slight bigger magnet, handle more power, and don’t dry rot after a few years, but are still bottom of the barrel compared to what those companies that include the speakers with a premium sytem, offer on the aftermarket.

tgas79 says:

It would make sense that the rear speakers sound better or have a better “acoustic quality” as the camerman with the phone is recording from the backseat.

Rams Fan says:


Bricksmama says:

Great song. It really comes alive with those new speakers. “Rich” is the word I was going to use and then you said richness. lol

para mediccine says:

“thanks for … the great HD camera for us” ….. 720p………

romansten9 says:

rear was way better.

Gravecb7 Accord says:

I still have my factory speakers in my 97 Accord and they sound loud people can hear my music from far loud and clear I don’t have an amp or subwoofers but I do have a JVC Aftermarket head unit cd player usually factory speakers last longer then aftermarket speakers next year I will be getting Rockford Fosgate Punch P3 subs 2 12’s for my Accord though because I want nice clean deep thumping bass I wanna be heard from far

Waste Land Nation says:

How much the door speakers cast

shaqueal says:

Don’t give a good sound test. Because the factory speakers are behind the camera, so you really can’t tell the different. Now before anyone says it my speakers I am using active studio monitors with a Focusrite 2i2. I thank it’s more of how much the audio is picked up in the mic and the back rear speakers are behind the mic so you really can’t hear the difference

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