First look CES 2018 Pioneer, Alpine, and Kenwood radio line up

2018 is here and so are the new radios. In this show we go over what we know about the new radios from Kenwood, Alpine, and Pioneer. We hope you enjoy.

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adrian moran says:

The other day I seen a car that was playing live t.v. it was the news how is this possible?

Andrea M says:

finally they are coming with capacitive screen with HD 1280×720 resolution! about time!

Stacksmusic says:

So if the wife and I are on a road trip, without HDMI, how are we going to mirror an Android to play movies onto it?

zagan1 says:

Also have wireless android auto

Mister X says:

Most of my cars had a Pioneer Headunits. I was looking to upgrade but I may get 2017 Pioneer model instead which should be cheaper now that the 2018 headunits are out. Or for the first time, switch over to Kenwood.

Joe Vete says:

11:02 Wait! Full HD is 1920×1080, which is 2,073,600 pixels.. but the specs say the display resolution is only 1280×720 which is still considered HD, but certainly NOT 2+ Million pixels. 1280×720 *only gives you 921,600 pixels.* For reference, previous Kenwood stereos had a WVGA resolution, which is 800×480 for a total of 384,000 pixels and so the new HD stereos will have 2.4x as many pixels which should drastically improve the display’s sharpness. Just wanted to clarify that these displays DO NOT have 2 Million+ pixels.

Andy Gall says:

Why no JVC kameleon?

James F says:

“I want to get it in my hands I want to touch it” lmfao you guys already know that’s what she said

Mike Jones says:

Were s the DSP…church ..hall ..stadium..concert

2BASS IS 2SLAP says:

Kenwood FTFKNW,✌out

Austin Gray says:

Any idea what happened with the Jbl legend cp 100? Great entry level head unit that was abruptly discontinued

jesus garcia says:

What is a good amp to pair with some Alpine type s 6.5 component speakers?

Kevin Lane says:

You guys are awesome. I have been a big Kenwood guy for a long time now, and I always buy used, but the new DNX995S may be the first brand new one I pick up.

Rob St.Helen says:

I have the Pioneer AVH2330nex love it

Mike Ochs says:

Was there any update to the Kenwood XR600-6DSP – like a bass knob added to it?

D.Green Photography says:

Great info fellas! Alot of info I needed to know!!!

Mark L. Tucker says:

I alway bought Kenwood I have a full Kenwood system that I’ll be transitioning into honda crosstour. However I want to dabble into the 10.1 radio world.

Paul G says:

great information!

Kurt Owens says:

Does the resolution increase in the Kenwood make it a better option than the alpine 9″ radio? I was going to get the Alpine ilx-f309 but that screen res bugs me. The 9″ would like fine in my vehicle while the 7″ would look factory

Michael Enochs says:

Can you guys make a video of dedicated built in GPS that doesn’t rely on an external device like a cell phone or wifi please? 80% of the radios out there, or even more, need WiFi or your phone to connect to GPS. What happens if your phone dies?!!!!!

Frank Salter says:

Love the kenwoods! Need to know.. Are these face plates detachable??

Jeff DaChef says:

The most important question, Is kenwood finally putting out 3 way network capability on their radios now? I hope they finish playing catch up and actually compete with pioneer on the actual audio aspect.

THEno1SonicFan says:

New Kenwood radios still lack hdmi. What good is the new HD screen without an HD input?

Don ellis says:

This better not be fake news

Marcus Stewart says:

To have true HI RES. Do you need everything changed to HI RES. Head unit speakers subwoofer and 5 channel amp

1boostup says:

@ 1:42 did you say 2v is what everyone is looking for lmao I always look for a 4v or higher rca output

rcandminilover says:

Cool,stuff guy’s.!!!

Khamarri Hill says:

I’ve had my pioneer single din regular head unit for about 4 years it’s still going strong only problem is it has a shortage in it so sometimes when I hit a bump it goes out. I may be moving to kenwood soon and upgrading to a screen

Michael Baker says:

Android radio is taking over and y’all aren’t covering it.

iKing PR says:

when is Kenwood releasing the radios?

Darmo says:

Hi There 🙂 great video! In the UK when it comes to affordable 2 din Apple/android head units, we have the option to buy either the KENWOOD DMX-7017DABS and the Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB from Would you help me to identify what the model equivalent of these units are in the US as I think both brands have given them different model numbers for the UK Market.

Thank you!

rollincoal2003 says:

Is that LIL Wayne’s Hispanic brother

Shane Kweens says:

Love the Stinger shirts. Great channel guys!

zagan1 says:

I don’t think there’s a new car sold with a cd player anymore

James Barkley says:

When is the 2018 line releasing around spring time??

Andrea M says:

what about the new SONY 500 ?

1boostup says:

I have the kenwood ddx595s and I can say the older model was better do to rca output! The new model starts to lower sub output after half volume the older version didn’t do that

Bill Peirce says:

U guys are exhausting to listen to.
Had to stop the vedio a 1/4 of the way into it.

lakorai2 says:

WAhy do car stereo manufacturers still use garbage TN panels, resistive displays and super low resolution screens? IPS @ 1080P should be the standard. I can buy a $99 Android tablet with a 1080P IPS display

bog1e says:

You guys should check out these kind of a cool way to integrate android in a bunch of vehicles. Good stuff gentlemen!

Cyber Trucker Road Show says:

I have a question; I got a deal on the Kenwood dnx-9703s (nos) I wanted hdmi anyway.
I noticed the plug for the USB had pins in place but no second USB, is it possible to get a Kenwood dual USB pigtail and it work like the DDX-990**s ?

Michael Enochs says:

Pioneers website is confusing! You’d think the higher the number in their model number would be better and maybe in some cases it is but I cannot distinguish what to get! I’ve been looking now for 6 months on a new radio and I don’t know what to get. If I’m dropping $600-$1000 it better have built in navigation and Android auto but also have a sleek design with no buttons or buttons on the bottom. Buttons on the side means less screen. I’m so confused on what to get.

Glacier Don says:

Kenwood it is….

fourtrax10 says:

Top single din that has HF and easy to use for a mom? Alpine CDE172bt?/UTE62bt

Max Salinas says:

You guys have to be the stupidest in making videos.
2 millions?
Police total joke

Raul Cornejo says:

I have a question, what do you recommend for a great stereo for a 1997 Honda Civic? I high end stereo? Thank you for your time, I’m Raul.

James F says:

Which brand stereo has the cleanest signal out. I want to crank it as much as possible without clipping. My current clarion is pretty good. It can go 30 out of 33 before clip

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