Full Car Audio System Installation – Speakers, Subwoofer and Amplifier

Learn how to install an entire car audio system by yourself! This system only cost $300….

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Installation Vehicle: 2016 Toyota Corolla

Products Installed:

Kenwood KFC-6995PS 6×9″ Speakers

Kenwood KFC-P709PS Component Set

Kenwood P-W120B Subwoofer Amplifier Bundle

Loom Tubing 3/4″

Recommended Amp Installation Kit:

Line Output Converter LP7-2

Klein Tools Crimper http://www.qualitymobilevideo.com/klein-1006.html?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=Video&utm_campaign=Kenwood_Install

Tesa 3/4″ Cloth Tape

Sound Dampening/Dynamat

Chapters of the Installation:

Finding out what size speakers you need: 0:51
Benefit of Speakers, Amps and Subs: 1:12
First Steps of Install: 2:04
Run Power Wire Through Firewall: 3:15
Removing Rear Seats: 5:10
Removing Rear Deck: 6:30
Making Custom Rear Speaker Adapter Plates: 7:15
Creating Wiring Harness for Rear Speakers: 9:15
Mounting Rear Speakers/Dynamiting: 10:50
Making Rear Speaker Connections: 12:45
Mounting the Amplifier: 13:30
Amplifier and Subwoofer Connections: 15:50
Wiring the Fuse: 17:00
Removing Front Doors and Speakers: 18:00
Making Custom Front Speaker Adapter Plates: 19:30
Assessing Tweeters: 20:35
Dynamiting Front Doors: 21:35
Mounting Speakers and Adapter Plates: 24:15
Creating Custom Wiring Harness for Tweeters: 26:38
Audio Samples of Factory System vs Kenwood System: 28:45


aldo jaimes segura says:

Excelente video por mejorar el equipo de audio en un toyota corolla, pero el siguiente video que sea en un mazda 3 o un mazda 6 de reciente modelo y cualquier version.

Krishna Prabhu says:

Bro please made with circuit diagram

Dylan Sanchez says:

So what happened to the tweeters?

onur akca says:

cleany working, cleany music, cleany video thanks for succesfull video;)

Senal Devasurendra says:

What’s the speaker wire shield you used ? Looks like a fabric material

Steve Jones says:

What would the labor run on an install like this?

Mattchu Moore says:

Can someone reply on how you’d go about adding two subs both front and rear speakers on a 4 channel amp

ericcantona1980 says:

Decent video man, very OCD like but how it should be done. I would class you as a very professional installer. Good work

Gerardo Reyes says:

Lol where the fuck has this video been? I paid a pro to install my speakers smh. Great video!

MG James FIN says:

1500 euro audio system, 500 euro car, feels bad man


Did you connect the speakers and the subs to the Amp? If so can you connect 2 speakers (Kicker 43CSC674) and 2 subs (Rockford Fosgate P2D2-12) to a mono amp (Rockford Fosgate R500X1D)?

Charlie Harper says:

go ahead.

Thomas Marshall says:

No clipping with the factory head unit on those mid’s and tweet’s? I’m seriously surprised. Newer factory systems don’t take well to high powered aftermarket speakers at all.

super horny lol says:

Kenwood amps are shit

mike malo says:


Gabe Ulrickson says:

Replace the stock tweeters. Makes no sense having the stock ones in there if they are never used.

F Ft Cv says:

Hi just buy these front speakers with the tweeter and cross over. How do you connect the crossover i have a honda civic coupe 2003.

myroom isverydirty says:

how much would this labor cost in new york? I don’t know how to do it myself (for now) I have a nissan sentra 2003 stock audio system.

Alex Rangel says:

Dam it’s a lot of work for these cars

Lazeem Taylor says:

How much would it cost to install it?

Hayden Misenti says:

could I connect the sub to the back of the other seat?

Sami_Got _Vibes says:

The cost is actually unbelievable

Richard Ahart says:

Very nice install!!!

jin5632 says:

Can I put only amplifier and speakers and not subwoofer?

Andres Alonso says:


Dakotah Bill says:

So you said it was around a $300 system. How much would that be to get it installed?

Questen Atwood says:

I opted for big bass instead of all of this. I have a 2002 f150 extended cab.

Two ct sounds 12” hooked up to a precision power 1000.1 in my custom box tuned to 26hz
Man these things are crazy!
I also got a new headunit
Everything came out just over 500$


Lorenzo living in the benzo

Dawid Superszybki says:

Omg, this car is shit.

Jacob Givens says:

Watching ur videos makes me hurt…u don’t explain well at all..u talk way to fast and ur videos are mostly u playing bad music and u working in fast mode…play less crap music and explain yourself more..u act like everybody knows what ur talking about..when u show how to wire up the four channel amp to factory wiring harness you never expkain what end of the connection go where..u just fly threw it as if again people know what ur talking about..I think ur a great installer but crappy teacher

Charlie Ennis says:

The only video that shows how to remove the rivets! Thank you!

Jon Meissner says:

Subscribed! Banger install! Shame it’s on those speakers, but seriously nice job!

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