How bad is the $20 car stereo from Walmart? Install | Review

I was enjoyably skeptical buying this. I figured the video would be a fun disaster. I was wrong. This budget radio stereo was quite impressive for reviving an older daily driver.
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the garage 1533 says:

do not charge your phone in that usb port

Coty Riddle says:

It’s not 120 Watts. its actually 12 watts per channel and 16 watts peak. Be prepared for the damn thing to glitch too… like you will need to remove power from the stereo completely to reset it. dealt with that pos for 3 months ripped it out and put a pioneer in.

Austin Durden says:

wtf. I’d tape it up either way. its easier that way

Micheal Scott says:

pioneer bluetooth head unit and speakers are better. If anyone is looking for good affordable sound.

Mr. Wonderful says:

Dear Rob,

We want the 4-Rotor


All your fans

Alexander Hammond says:

I have the same head unit for my truck. It’s awesome

billybullfrog says:

water damage

Guero510_98 says:

POS Honda POS video

Suh Duh says:

Never cheap out on a headbunit. Amp quality and power, better dac, better radio reception, great eq, Android auto and apple carplay( double din touchscreen only), and high voltage pre outs for sub amp or external amp.

Big-Rig says:

My first install were speakers from pep boys, and a cheap sub setup from a buddy.

flying banana says:

Dang now I want to listen. To sail

Tudds says:

I bet a McDonald’s 4 piece nugget weighs more than that new radio ⚖️

thebestofall007 says:

This unit sounded good, but the problem I had with this unit is the weak tuner, even with a good antenna. The stock unit in my 1984 Holiday Rambler RV picked weaker stations up better for some reason. This must be a DUAL issue. The sales clerk told me of the same issue of the CD player version of this unit (the next model up that looks like this one).

Jerry Bone says:

Just because it’s budget doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do the wiring correctly.

N1Nj4_T3rR0r1sT says:


jose _Leo815 says:

For a budjet build great but id consider souldering the wires and using shrink tube so they dont come loose over time with moisture. also id buy a 4 channel am rated at about 50 watts rms x4 so they sound amazing beleive me. id also buy later on to sound deadening the doors. shoot me a message or an email if you need help with your system. i promise i will help you to get the best sound for your money 🙂

Wildchild_inc says:

Do people still steal car stereo systems these days?

Koolblue900 says:

Yeah I had that radio as a temp because when I got my car it had no radio lol. Just empty box and wires. Now I have a full pioneer set up and it was only 90bucks from Walmart for 4 speakers and head unit

Matthew19002 says:

Lol new head unit I expect moresound quality cause that stock one sucked

brandon maxwell says:

Needless to say?

Eric Salyer says:

Walmart has same radio for 20bux
I have one in my work car

Celtic Wind says:

Yo its awesome you decided to scale it down and go with a cheaper car. Always loved the insights for the cool tach display and crazy mpgs lol enjoy it!

Sam Wilson says:

A good sub even without heavy bass will definitely help your experience

flowgy says:

do not splice 12v wire, WILL CAUSE FIRE

Cjyeah27 - Audio/Tech says:


Btw nice Beard and Hair!
Wish that i could grow beared like that lol.

Moto Man says:

that stuff is not bad man id buy it to and i have.
help out a local with his channel and subscribe.

Habitual Linestepper says:

Penis at 6:48

Nicholas Boullester says:

I have the exact same head unit, I installed it to replace an aging sony that came with the car (it was $600) and the bluetooth it awesome and works great, also the sound is much better. for only $20 it was a steal.

I did have to splice mine in because previous owners are lazy, stupid or cheap and unable to keep the stock plug.

coolman9i6 says:

Ur gorgeous

Unknown says:


End Political Correctness says:

Rob seems like a good dude

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