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Crossovers are on nearly every car audio amplifier in existence along with a setting in head units and Digital Signal Processors. Component Speakers include them. But what is a crossover? What does high pass and low pass mean? Or what about band pass? What is butterworth and what is Linkwitz Riley? What is an active crossover and what is passive? In this video we learn all about crossovers and some tips for how to set them!

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Anthony Amalfitano says:

How does changing the crossover order affect the phase of a speaker?

Godfrey Daniel says:

Very educational! Thank you, so much for making this as plain as day. I now understand what I need to do to get the most out of my speakers, (which are still the stock speakers!) and keep them working great! Plus, when I do go for the upgrade, I will know how to tune them as well! Thanks again!

Josh Shughart says:

The cross over dip is that why Toyota for example have the tweeters out of phase from the mids?

Jose Delacruz says:

I took the signal from my front doors on my 2008 avalanche with a regular $10 converter whenever I turn on my car I have to disconnect the input output jacks to get signal. So I need a crossover or a lc2 converter or a epicenter or what?! Please help…!

scott nuftul says:

very helpful, thank you

Conner Peden says:


Class A/B Monoblock Subwoofer Amplifier


One Mono Pair (RCA Low-Level) or Multi-Pin (High-Level)

Subwoofer Crossover:

12 dB/octave with continuously variable cutoff frequency selection from 50 – 200 Hz. Non-defeatable

Preamp Output:

Pass-through type with RCA-type jacks

Bass EQ:

0 – +12dB @ 45 Hz

Remote Level Control via RBC-1 remote control knob. Provides adjustment from Full mute to 0 dB range (sold separately)

Rated Power 14.4 V:

175W x 1 @ 4 ohm

250W x 1 @ 2 ohm

THD at Rated Power:

1% @ 4 ohms

Frequency Response:

10 Hz – 150 Hz +/- 1.0 dB

Input Range:

200mV – 4V RMS (Low-Level)

2.0V – 10V RMS (High-Level)

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Mark Sweet says:

you made me fry my alt lol

Hector Ortega says:

Mr, CAF, But, if i electrically reverse the polarity on one of my m8drange, dont im gonna loose my stereo image from left to right speaker??.

Vaneater says:

Would I be able to take care of all the crossover stuff within a Pioneer deh 80prs HUs settings?

IT-911 PTY LTD says:

Awesome video!! I have a random question. I just installed a new 3 way crossover in my system and im getting the most insane Buzzing, Alternator whine and i cannot figure out what is causing it. ive tried different grounds for the amps and that didnt work ive tried grounding the RCA’s to the Head unit and that didnt work. If i run the RCA’s directly to the Mid Amp bypassing the crossover it eliminates the noise. Also now this is the strange part. If everything is run through the crossover and i put my back seats down (which the amps etc are mounted to) then the buzzing stops but if they are upright the buzzing is crazy. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

l34052 says:

How do I reliably set the cross over frequencies on my amps when they don’t have any markings on them, is there a cheaper way than buying an SMD CC1??

Yang Du says:

2*Fs crossover point for between door woofer and subwoofer seems a bit too high. I only have a 12-inch JL StealthBox in my Mustang to play the low frequencies. If I set the crossover point for my 6.5 inch door woofer to 2*Fs, which is 140 hz, the bass would sound boomy and muddy without the punchiness. What’s your opinion on this case?

Ryan Fahey says:

Mark, great video thanks!
Regarding the part about flipping the polarity and using two 4th order slopes with drivers to get them to sum flat, What is your opinion when the head unit has a phase setting? Should one still flip the polarity, or use the phase setting? Does it make a difference?

Moo Mooing says:

Thank you m8

Mark Deslippe says:

Good job, from Canada

ADR says:

so much good info in this video

Ashker Ali says:

Could you explain tuning alone with audio examples for better understanding….


Awesome video, need a bit of clarity though, can a 2ch rca input be output to all 10 output channels?

ThatMint240 says:

Thought this was an iDubz vid with that intro lmao

chavirian anthony says:

what if your radio has crossover built in where you can set specific Hz numbers for each door speaker and the sub seperately

Leslie John says:

please help me with this? if you can I am about to buy a system for my Mitsubishi Pajero 94: these are the standard size
Front: 4″, 6-3/4″
Rear: 6″ x 9″
Dash: 4″
Front door: 6-3/4″
Rear side panel: 6″ x 9″
looking at your video, I think I will need an active crossover as the tweeters are located on the dash, I don’t want to put in a sub but I would like the deep sound, I am planning to use 3 ways in the front and rear doors and rear area, and two way on the dash. I would like to use 1 amp to drive everything. I would like lots of top end sound, as I lesson to mainly Reggae, Soca, jazz, R&B and blues. Are there any special ways to set this up? and being in the Caribbean at times I can turn this up, however, when driving I would like to play this low with a nice rumble. I would even like to just sit in the Pajero on the beach or in the mountains and listen to music with a nice sound.
Any ideas how to set this up?

Anthony Amalfitano says:

How can you actively control a tweeter that is wired through the same speaker cable as your front speaker via a passive crossover?

fareed khan says:

Thanks, great info about crossovers….

Jose Maley says:

For a vehicle with all coaxial speakers and a subwoofer would you just set the the high pass for the mids/highs

HomesteadOC says:

If my amp is way more powerful than what the speakers can handle, does it make that much difference to use the factory included crossovers over buying a dsp? I have a focal ps165 set pioneer FH-P8000BT HU, and alpine PDX-V9 5 channel amp. Vehicle is an 02 ford escape no rear speakers, and havent picked a sub yet.

crxh22honda says:

What if they don’t get the fx.

_ LUNI _ says:

Man my subwoofer is silent during some heavy bassline. Idk why? Whats the matter
Plzzz help. Its like home theatre subwoofer

Haitham Mohamed says:

Excellent information in your video

Isaiah Daquioag says:

My amps have built in cross overs but my double din has crossover settings too, should i set the cross over on the amp same to the double din?

Nate Keating says:

So turn crossover to 80… thanks

Richard Cowtails says:

I have what i believe is a output problem with my rockford fosgate p1000-1bd sub amp.Do you know of a company that repairs these?

Razor Works says:

Wow….just having dropped a bundle on my new system, this information is definitely appreciated!!!

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