Installing a Car Audio System? What wiring DO YOU NEED?

You want to install a car audio system, but you’re not quite sure the different types of wires and connection parts you will need, here is a total overview on an advanced system!

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Yeury Producing says:


fatalfriend says:

1k watt amp to 2 500 watt subs @ 1 om. any suggestions for the wiring (speaker and power) and fuses? Thanks!

lilgaybooi says:

I need some help whit my build i got a 12” in the trunk and 2 tweeters and 2 speakers front only its old car.(volvo 240)
I tuned everything perfect to one song… but when i try another sog its way to much bass and sound like shit… i found 3 songs i love the sound on but other then that shit…. what to do???

Verby D says:

You should be a teacher.

Just Chillin says:

They need to make their plastic baaes for theit distro blocks thicker, mine bends easily when installing feels too flimsy

MAY03LT says:

Them ground link terminals are pretty cool. I’m rocking mismatched d-blocks and while they do the job it does kinda bug me, specially now.

cracklingice says:

Am I the only one that thought of King of the Hill and ‘propane and propane accessories’?

Kyle Noray says:

0 Dislikes! Hope it stays that way. Literally no reason to dislike

trevino lawrencio says:

hi,can yoy please explain how do i know what guage of wire do i need to use for what application?

Jose Hernandez says:

wow, so many wiring makes it harder to in stall even a simple system

Matthew Scott says:

The ground fuse delete thing is neat. Hadn’t seen that before. If I ever redo my system or do someone else’s I’ll be sure to go with some of these products.

Steve Gross says:

Hey, question! Have you used KnuKoncept’s Ultimate battery terminal? If so, can you review it? Im not sure how it connects to my battery, but looks like it could be a good solution. Their model number is UBT-840P

VINNY5674 says:

I been using NVX for my projects might switch Knukonceptz nice stuff

Craig Voisin says:

Been using KnuKonceptz for a few years , they are the best when it comes to wiring products .

Immortal says:

Can you run a ground from your head unit to your amp to help ground noise? I have good equipment and tons of grounds, power, etc. Good quality wires and amps too, but still get a little engine whine through the highs. Ran rca’s away from power wires too.

Ever Zamora says:

Diggin knukonceptz! If you ever get a chance get into there kolossus ofc wire. Aint no joke


what the heck is with 4 gauge butt connectors not even coming close to the size of 4 gauge wire?

Mad-Maxx says:


Muthomi Mbae says:

I have a question is there a difference between the kac-8106D monoblock and the kac-5001D monoblock both from kenwood .Thanks again for the lesson on wiring i’m still wondering if i should still hook up my mono amp to my comp psu those tiny wires i fear they may melt under high gain values….. Suggestions

Ramon R. says:

Good job mark.

William Price says:

Quick question: How much extra power wire etc, do you plan in your builds?

William Price says:

I’m going to look at knukonceptz products. Thanks for this video.

FullOTime says:

The knuconceptz website doesn’t seem to have those ground links. Can you tell us what the model number is for those?

Jose Miguel Bello Valera says:

I liked your magic word LOL SHA-BOO-BAH-LOO am I correct?

Jesus Padilla says:

Cool explanation, although I prefer Stinger for power and RCA and JL Audio for speaker wire.

Zo Pound says:

What’s up,
So I’m trying to have a audio shop install (4) 6.5 door speakers (125 rms each speaker at 8 ohms),(4) 12’s in a custom box(1k rms each speaker, and at 1 ohm). A 2,500 4 channel amp, and a 4k mono amp for the bass, powered by two batteries in my 01 Tahoe powered by my pioneer 4200 nex radio…so which amp kits or anything else I’ll need would u suggest for me so that when I go to the shop all they’ll have to do is hopefully just Labor?.

Jeffrey Cattelino says:

Nice video I went with Rockville audio 4awg ofc for my small audio build on my genesis coupe still need to edit my installation vids and post them on my YouTube.

CarAudioFabrication says:

Thanks for watching this video, you guys ROCK!
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Patrick Walker says:

A new video yay!!!

Travis Evans says:

I don’t always use Ferrules but I’m pretty sure you do you didn’t mention them.

John Buckland says:


The_Zombie says:

Can you use the same wiring setup on a old Japanese car. Mine is a 1979 Toyota Corolla

Lucky Rooster says:

Wire porn

Alex Esnaira says:

Primer comentario otra vez arroz jajaja Saludos

Metal Spark says:

@CAF I was wondering if you’ve ever thought of making your own battery (with the lithium kits being sold online now days) I’ve seen many applications including upgrading battery power for those kids mobiles to make them go faster or have better power exchange do you think this is possible for extra power packs for amps and other stuff you may need in larger builds? This is all hypothetical and simply to satiate my own curiosity if anyone reads this and knows about electrical systems in a way that can be explained to someone with not electrical background I’d appreciate the info and input 😀

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