Is Apple CarPlay Worth It?

Is Apple CarPlay Worth It?

Is Apple CarPlay worth the money? When it came out people were amped, but now that companies like Pioneer are selling it, anyone can get their hands on it.

Pioneer NEX 5000:

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Talent: Phil Esposito
Cinematographer: Phil Esposito
Producer: Andrew Ferreira


Evon Elsie says:

Thanks for your very clear explanation, CarPlay seems does not look as good as I expect.

Amar Mann says:

Is this model compatible with iphone 7+?

Manuel Olaguez says:

Done not play DVDs??????sucks

jeff Webb says:

With an iPhone 7 and a 2018 Audi S5- ABSOLUTELY NOT for me. The Audi has more than sufficient “tech” to get me around town and beyond with Audi connect. You have two competing systems getting into the way of each other. Just let my iPhone use standard bluetooth for hands free calling and leave the rest alone!

Alex Parker says:

I know this is an old video, but please start giving Apple heat for how closed off their CarPlay app ecosystem is. I understand Apple wants to force us to use Apple Maps, but it’s unacceptable in 2017, especially when we are talking safety-related features that exist in other apps (Google Maps) and not their own.

Fel says:

hi MOM

Keno Badogomba says:

Android Auto is better

Cam says:

I mean, If your head unit doesn’t have GPS built in but has apple car play, maps works as a pretty good alternative I guess.

Monica Littles says:

I have a ford but the screen is small and it haves CarPlay button and it didn’t work

I'm Early says:

Mom 127 times? Loool what do you guys talk about?

Barni Lőrincz says:

Back when Techsmartt videos were informative :'(

Turboxide says:

Wow techsmartt used to make some really nice content.. what the fuck happened?

zacksutt says:

Android Auto’s UI is much better…you would think Apple would have the better UI.

NC Styles says:

I need this for my Mazda 3!

Freddy DoWap says:

This video sucks

Xyooj Vaaj says:

I got an 2014 pioneer flipped up HU. I was thinking of updating to a newer HU with CarPlay but since there’s so limited option for it, I probly won’t upgrade. I wish it has the option to play your videos/movies stored on your phone and the ability to access sirfi to connect to the internet.

k z a says:


kelvin lopez says:

can you watch youtube with CarPlay?

meowmeow44444 says:

I have a feeling it’s not all apple’s fault……They’re probably limited by what they can integrate into the existing system. I’m sure it would if the hardware was blank and the only OS was either android or apple….not this over lap BS.

Markus says:

Is it possible to watch youtube or videos thru smartlink?

mary mulligan says:

Wow…. You call your mom a lot….. My son never calls me………. Unless he is looking for something

Andre N says:

Can you fast forward the song? Can you drag the progress bar?

Chuck Hall says:

Good intro and review of Apple Carplay. It is nice to see the faults of a technology app once in a while. Thanks for the video.

Shawn Cicero says:

avh4200 pioneer with apple play is a complete different animal, apple did get it right there

Luca Pavanelli says:

Ciao a tutti qualcuno sa perchè nella mia pegeout208 nn c’è carplay ?

Car Audio Inc says:

I’m just laughing at your Android analogy.. shit’s been solid for a LOOONG time.

Nature Boy says:

Siri sucks. It should be a system tool, and shouldn’t need a connection to the web in order to work!

OPTiMiSM says:

your dad is phil Esposito?!

Jordan Jones says:

Wow he show what road he lived or worked on lmao

AP Kid says:

Who the hell is this guy
Where is Keaton ??????

Paul Espinosa says:

Hey Phil, are you related to the great Phil Esposito the legendary hockey player? Great video by the way.

Марина Казакова says:

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Pudge says:

You call your Mom a lot.

Pokemon90156 says:

Wow gotta love Keaton to call him 215 times and can’t get enough of ur mom so gotta call her 127 times. That’s some real love

Kurupt 830 says:

Can pandora be played on this device

Quinton Markett says:

wow this video is on a mk4 which is what i drive and im looking at the same sterosystem

James Wilson says:

Can Spotify be replaced with Soundcloud?

TheRadKad Fazo says:

this was definitely a failed project, unnecessary.

Francisco Revelles says:

This guy is awesome!

Daniel Fl. says:

I love Apppe Carplay in my car. Works fantastic + it looks good!

Pathfinder767 says:

When did the word “button” start getting pronounced “bu-en”?

Mason Squires says:

Who the fuck is phill?

Jackob Ez says:

That quick reply tho Maa Mannnn

Guillaume Gaudreault says:

You should do a comparison between the head unit’s own iPod compatibility and car play.

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